Trending: 16-in-1 Utility Knife Multitool

For multi-tool Monday plenty of readers had their eyes on this multi-functional utility knife. At its core it's a retractable utility blade housed in a low profile multi-function stainless steel frame. It makes for a compelling and efficient way to add tons of functionality to your carry without much bulk, while saving your main EDC blade from cutting through tape and cardboard thanks to its replaceable blades. In addition to its blade, the 16-in-1 tool features both Phillips and flathead screw drivers, a bottle opener, ruler, pry tip, a bit driver, scraping edge, and a 6-size multi-wrench. For ease of carry it features a keyring or lanyard attachment point as well. Best of all, it's fairly affordable at under 15 dollars, so it's no wonder why it stood out as a popular trending tool this past week. Check it out at the link below.

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How Tim Leatherman and Our Readers EDC the FREE P Series

The allure of seeing someone's everyday carry doesn't stop at the actual gear they have in their pockets. It's also just as interesting to learn where it all goes and how they carry their gear. EDCers are a creative bunch, and often come up with clever solutions to make carrying and using their essentials that much quicker and easier. In the same way, Leatherman's new FREE series of tools aim to be that much faster and easier to use. In this round-up, we're highlighting how members in our community shape their EDC around their new FREE P series tools, as well as taking a peek inside the pockets of Leatherman's founder himself, Tim Leatherman. For some great ideas on what to carry with the new Leatherman FREE P series tools, check out these awesome submissions below.

Leatherman Signal in 3 New Colors

Discreet, all-black gear has its place in certain EDCs, but a pop of color here and there has its own advantages, too. Whether you're using your tools in the great outdoors and could use the extra visibility, or if you're after a more approachable looking kit, a little color goes a long way. And if there's one tool that looks even better with a fresh new coat, it's Leatherman's outdoor survival multi-tool, the Signal. Besides its eye-catching good looks, the new colorful Signal features a slew of functions specifically for the outdoors, backed by its made-in-the-USA quality and a 25-year guarantee as a high-visibility companion for wherever adventure leads you.

Designed with the outdoors in mind, the Leatherman Signal features both emergency functions along with the usual suite of Leatherman's all-purpose tools. Its adventure-ready features include a ferro-rod for starting fires, a built-in hammer for stakes when pitching a tent, an emergency safety whistle, a diamond-coated sharpener for field maintenance, and a carabiner clip for easy attachment to your hiking pack. A 2.7”, 420HC combo blade confidently can handle your food prep, rope work, whittling, and more thanks to its beefy liner lock. In addition to a saw and usual set of openers and pliers, the Signal also features premium, replaceable 154CM steel wire cutters and a customizable bit driver to round out its functions.

The Signal stays fairly compact at 4.5” when closed, with a manageable 7.5 oz weight to keep things light without sacrificing the essentials. Its included pocket clip also makes it easy to carry should you decide to promote it from a weekend warrior to your daily driver. The Signal is now available in three vibrant new colorways: Aqua with red accents, Cobalt with burgundy accents, and Grey with neon accents. Grab one in your favorite color combo at the link below.

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Review: Leatherman FREE P2 Multi-tool


When you dig into the numbers, it might surprise you to learn that the most-carried multi-tool in our community by a large margin came out twenty years ago. Despite its age, the Leatherman Wave has yet to be dethroned as an essential EDC crowd favorite. 

So, how do you make what's arguably the best multi-tool even better? That's the challenge the designers and engineers at Leatherman spent the better part of the past five years trying to solve. Their answer: the all-new FREE collection, a complete overhaul of the Leatherman lineup of tools designed from the ground up as a modern evolution of the EDC multi-tool. They're jam-packed with new technology and innovations aimed to deliver unmatched durability, quicker access, and easier operation than ever before. 

After meeting the Leatherman team at their headquarters in Portland, OR for a deep dive into their next wave of tools, we tested our review unit of the FREE P2 for a couple of weeks to gather early impressions. In this review, we'll see if the new Leatherman FREE P2 will really click with modern day EDCers.

The 10 Best Pry Tools in 2019

When you need to pry things apart or gain access to closed spaces, there's really only one tool for the job: a pry bar. But traditional pry bars are usually too big to carry every day, and even if you could tolerate the weight, lugging one around could give people the wrong impression about your intentions. In the absence of a pry bar, a lot of people resort to using their EDC knives to wedge things open in a pinch. Not only can that ruin your knife, it could also get you injured in the process. Thankfully there's more than a few compact, dedicated pry tools available for your everyday carry. In this guide, we'll highlight some of our favorite EDC pry bars that you can pick up today.

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10 Unique Multi-tool Designs That Break the Mold

When you picture a multitool in your mind, what does it look like? Chances are it's something along the lines of the traditional “butterfly” or Swiss knife design. Since multi-tools in general are usually designed to pack in as many functions as possible, they tend to get too bulky, heavy, and complex for a lot of EDCs. Luckily, there's been plenty of innovation in multi-tool designs recently. More and more modern tools break tradition and put their unique spin on specialized functionality, changing the way you can use or carry a multi-tool. In this guide, we're highlighting our favorite multi-tools with unique designs.

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Ti Hex-Bit Driver Ring

"This adjustable titanium band not only looks great, it’s perfect for guys who normally skip jewelry because it’s strictly decorative. That’s because this ring doubles as a driver for any 1/4″ hex bit. The set includes the ring, 4 hex bits, and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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