My Everyday Carry

Motorola Droid RAZR HD
Jawbone BT HD
iPod Nano 16GB
Spyderco Creditcard Knife
Aluminum card wallet

w/ money clip
Ralph Lauren Polo lanyard
8GB thumb drive
Cross mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen
Bertucci field watch

I travel a lot, so the knife can’t make it with me as much as I love it, but the everything else is invaluable: I have much, much more, but that kit is reserved the Zombie apocalypse! 

My Everyday Carry

iPhone4 with slim black hi-gloss rubber case (micro-fibre cloth carried between case and back of phone).
Freecom 16GB USB databar
Papermate ComfortMate Ultra 1.0M black
Moleskine diary
Old Solo watch I found in an antiques market
Keys, with 4sevens Quark MiniX 123, Gerber Shard, and Leatherman Style
Leather Wallet, which I’d like to replace, but can’t find anything I truly like.

TuffCut Shears

with lanyard on handle - to secure safely in pocket (looped over earpieces of stethoscope) as I’ve lost countless pairs.
Casio F-91W. This replaces my wristwatch and sits on my belt (“naked” from elbow down policy at work). It’s bum-basic, easy to disinfect and cheap to replace.
Peli VersaBrite 3. Clips onto loops on my shirt/fleece – really useful for leaving my hands free for completing paperwork/or not falling down steps at night with poor lighting and hands full.
Leather belt radio clip.
iPhone FM radio transmitter. Allows me to play my iPod via the ambulance radio.
Pen torch (for pupillary responses)…as no one likes 100 lumens in the face.
Fenix LD10 R5. Love it, although have contemplated replacing with a CR123 battery powered torch, but AA’s are supplied free at work.
SAK Spartan, endlessly useful.
Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope.

submitted by Matt542

First off, really like the site. Perhaps similar to others, I have a slight pre-occupation with little gadgets, and an awareness of the objects I carry with me on a daily basis. I found your site while looking to replace the LED Lenser K3 on my keys, and have since then lost a substantial amount of time trawling through previous submissions.  Anyway, I finally decided to photograph my EDC, but have also included those objects I carry on my person on a daily basis while at work (UK Paramedic). Thanks for the site, and keep up the good work.
Upper Row is my additional carry when at work. Left to right:
The lower row is my ‘true’ daily carry, from left to right:

Editor’s Note: Hi Matt, thanks for the kind words, and for sharing a carry unique to you profession for us to enjoy. Your “true” EDC is set up just fine — Fairly minimal, good utility on your keychain and you managed to do it despite the more strict UK knife laws. Your work carry is especially interesting and refreshing to see! The retrieval cordage on your shears is very clever and looks like it would work great to quickly let you get to work, which is important in your profession as a paramedic. The LD10 should stay in your carry if you love it and batteries are free, in my opinion. Some CR123 lights are much brighter but these days you can even get away with something like the EagleTac D25A clicky, which is very compact and bright for a 1xAA light. Otherwise, everything looks great. The one thing that struck me was that you didn’t include a ‘rescue tool,’ with a glass breaker, seatbelt cutter and so on, but if those aren’t necessary in your line of work, forgive me. Thanks for sharing!

My Everyday Carry

submitted by thejafe

I was attracted to these items because they work well and are extremely robust in both design and function. I consider this to be a “minimalist” carry although each individual items is quite beefy and fills the hand nicely.
Spyderco Para 2
HDS Tactical Clicky (140 Lumens)
Seiko SKX007 on Zulu Dive Strap
Apple iPhone 4
I’ll also be adding smaller backups to my keychain and I’ve detailed those future additions below. 
Fisher Trekker Space Pen
Arc AAA Premium Flashlight
Leatherman Micra
Stay tuned!

Editor’s Note: I totally agree with your assessment that this carry is minimal, but beefy in execution and design. The SKX007 is a great offering from Seiko, the Para 2 is a super solid EDC blade, and the Tactical Clicky is feature-packed and pretty much bombproof. I appreciate the durability, robustness and quality over quantity themes in this EDC. Your keyring remains minimal as well, and of the gear options you’ve listed as your backups they make excellent complements to your current carry. I’m curious as to how you keep a wallet or how you attach/pocket your keys, but with such few items and access to pocket clips I imagine you handle it just fine. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

My Everyday Carry

submitted by starstreak

Great blog!
I’m japanese photographer. here’s my carry :

Sinn UX S GSG9
Sony Ericsson Xperia arc
Leatherman Style PS
Nitecore EX11.2

Editor’s Note: Thanks for the kind words. Also, thanks for putting a brief description of what you do and where you’re from to put the carry into perspective. It makes sense that you carry a bladeless multitool due to Japanese knife laws. I see you keep your light on a wrist lanyard, which is nice for retrieval and retention when in use. If you want a different carry solution, there are actually some aftermarket titanium pocket clips that carry nice and deep if you’d want to go that route. Lastly, the real standout of this carry is that Sinn! Looks great all around, thanks for sharing.

My Everyday Carry

submitted by j-vergara

Hey, long time follower of this site. My carry pretty much stays the same through the years as I add or remove a piece here or there. This time I added a timepiece to my carry.

4Sevens Quark Mini 123
Spyderco Persistence
Seiko SKX007

Editor’s Note: Nice selection to add to the carry… The SKX007 is one of Seiko’s more popular offerings and makes for a nice EDC watch. Your other pieces, the Quark Mini123 and Persistence are also some common choices, albeit because they perform well for not a lot of money. These are definitely some pieces of kit to check out for newcomers to EDC. Thanks for sharing.

My Everyday Carry

Spyderco Black Manix 2, The Hill-side Chambray Handkerchief via The Good Pocket
Editor’s Note: Fellow reader, Alex Kohlhofer, was inspired to start his own EDC and even set up a blog to document its changes and development. It’s always great to hear from people who’ve gotten some good ideas from this site, hopefully some of you guys can find things to take away from Alex’s site too. Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

My Everyday Carry

submitted by Scott Keelin

Maxpedition Micro Wallet (thin, durable, and lightweight)
Inside my wallet I put a “pocketmod” notebook ( - It is made from only one piece of paper. I transfer my notes to evernote at the end of the day.
Fisher space pen “bullet” - uncaps and transforms into a larger pen.
Streamlight “penlight” - very bright and uses only one AAA
Chapstick - Blistex w/SPF 15 (probably my most crucial edc)
iPhone - I use a silicone case from that looks like a retro cassette.
Benchmade 530S Pardue - Very light and extremely sharp
Nite Ize S-biner #3
Love the site. Thanks for the awesome ideas everyone.

Editor’s Note: Hi Scott, nice loadout there. Your carry exemplifies a thorough, lightweight carry system. The pocket mod notebook is also a nice little hack for people who need paper but don’t want to carry an entire notebook. I might actually give that a shot one day. My one piece of advice would just be to be careful using that older style of the S-Biner so you don’t lose any keys off of it… but it looks like your keyring is fairly lightweight as well so it might not pose an issue. Keep it up and thanks for sharing!

My Everyday Carry

submitted by autofoci

Apple iPhone 4
Case-Mate ID iPhone Case
(carries driver’s license & Visa)
Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Super Talent 8GB Pico C Flash Drive

Leatherman Style Multitool

Coach Bleecker Watch

Editor’s Note: Cool, this is closer towards the true minimalist end of the EDC spectrum. Not a lot of bulk but you still have a timepiece, some light, a multitool and data storage on you. This is a good example of showing how you can add a few things to your keys or something and have access to tools adding nominal bulk — the Style and Pico C are around the size of a key each, anyway. To newcomers to EDC, I recommend going this route and start EDCing on your keys or something you already bring with you, it gives you room to expand into carrying more if you dig the concept, but doesn’t weigh you down if you find less frequent need for such tools. Thanks for sharing!

My Everyday Carry

submitted by Atvaark

Nice blog! Here’s my stuff:

Leatherman Blast
Moleskine notebook + pen
4 GB USB key (credit card format)
iPhone 4 (used as flashlight if needed)
Archimede Pilot automatic wristwatch
vintage wallet (probably came from my grandparents or grand-grandparents, seems to be made out of some kind of lizard skin and is virtually indestructible)

Editor’s Note: Hey, great watch! That credit card flash drive is interesting as well — does it fit in your wallet (which by the way, looks like it could possibly be slimmed down a bit, but you seem to like it lots and it holds sentimental value…)? I’d also recommend maybe a pen with sturdier materials, but I realize some prefer disposable pens in case they lose them frequently… Anyway, cool stuff, thanks for sharing!

My Everyday Carry

submitted by tactpractedc

Some new items to the pocket family:

CZ-75 D Compact 9mm Klarus NT20 2xCR123 light.

The Griptilian isn’t new, but it has a permanent spot in the jean pocket.  The Klarus is really nice.  Really solid build, the UI is straight forward, and I really dig the side button.  The NT20 has a variable strobe, which is a nice feature, as it seems to add a bit more confusion at the target.  From what I understand, my boss told me that one of the head guys from Fenix left to start Klarus, which I can see in the quality, seeing that we never get returns.  The CZ is just a tank of a gun.

Editor’s Note: I’d been wondering about the Klarus line, thanks for the info. Looks like a good tactical setup, hopefully you’ll never be in a bind to have to use it… Thanks for sharing.

My Everyday Carry

submitted by helloimrichard

My first pocket dump. I’ve finally got all the pieces I like for an everyday carry, so I decided to do my first pocket dump. These are the usual items I carry on a daily when I’m not at work.
Closewise starting with top left corner:
- Fossil Chronograph Watch
- iPhone 4 inside Incase Smoked Snapcase
- Boker Plus Credit Card Knife used as a money clip
- Paracord Bracelet with button fastener
- IMKING Coin Pouch (Purple) with extra lighter/change
- Spyderco Tenacious 
- SOG Power Assist (Black Oxide)
- Surefire E2D LED Defender 
- Sharpie
- Paracord Keychain with car/house keys 
- Silver Zippo Lighter
I’m definitely going to keep updating this as I go, but for now, I’m pretty content with my daily carry. 

Editor’s Note: You’ve done a good job for your first — it shows you’ve done a lot of research as well, which is great. Your EDC trinity has great bang-for-buck items in it, which I feel is important for primary EDC tools. I’d suggest picking up a stainless steel Sharpie too. It’s durable, hefty and takes refills (it would also look great with that Zippo). I like your backup gear, they’re unique and multifunctional (paracord lanyard, Kubasek knifeclip) but I have a feeling in the later iterations of your EDC you’ll slim it down a little… that’s what I ended up doing, anyway. Thanks for sharing and keep it up~

My Everyday Carry

submitted by OCEDC

Moleskine Note Pad
Fisher Bullet Pen
Maxpedition Micro Wallet
SAK Cadet
Spyderco Dragonfly2
4Sevens Q Mini 123
Smith Super Method Glasses
Swiss Army Watch- Don’t know the name
Keys- Spyderco Bug and County Comm Light

Editor’s Note: I like your core knife/multitool/light combo. Lots of functionality in small packages to help you cover bases while keeping your carry slim. Looks good! Thanks for sharing.

My Everyday Carry

submitted by Jeff

Just received my new Spyderco Ambitious and 4Sevens Quark 123 Tactical and thought I’d finally share my EDC!

The EDC of a College Student
+ Moleskine daily planner
+ Sharbo X Multi pen [Side note: I bought it because of your rave reviews. This is literally my favorite (and most expensive) writing utensil.]
+ Borgo Etruschi wallet
+ Zebra Mini T3 pen (clips into wallet, uses the same ink cartridges as the Sharbo X)
+ Assorted keys with Countycomm Derlin Capsule (I hide a $20 in there for emergencies)
+ Droid 2
+ Spyderco Ambitious (Best sub-2.5” campus legal knife!)
+ 4Sevens Quark 123 Tactical (no clip)
+ Paracord bracelet
+ Timex Ironman watch (Sinn watch will have to wait until after graduation)
+ Countycomm Diplomat Pocket Organizer with personal hygiene and school supplies

PS:  Keep up the awesome work. Your site has made me totally rethink my EDC system. As a fellow college student, I would be interested to hear how you carry your Leafstorm and mini123. What is your preferred carry method and how comfortable is it? I put the Ambitious in my left pocket with the Droid 2 and pack my keys, Sharbo X, and Quark into my right pocket.  I also prefer gutted paracord pull cords over ungutted.

Editor’s Note: Hey Jeff, nice carry! Some great choices all around. That mini Zebra pen clipped to the wallet is pretty clever, I’ve seen some people do something similar with those Fisher Space Pens but it’s smart to have a backup that takes the same refills as your primary pen. I like the Pocket Organizer especially for your school supplies and such, I really need to assemble a few of those as my pen collection grows… As for how I carry, I usually just clip the knife to my back right pocket and hang my keys (Mini CR2) off my belt loop. I don’t really like pocketing keys as they’re usually bulky, and I can live with the sound of them clacking. I just make sure my clip’s key retention is up to par. Thanks for sharing.

My Everyday Carry

Victorinox Swisstool Spirit S & Lamy Safari
Picked up the Swisstool for myself and my roommate got me the Lamy for my birthday ^_^. Swisstool is quality — just wish it had scissors on it. Otherwise, feels substantial and I like the grip both open and closed. The Lamy is super lightweight and cool too. I just don’t know how it will hold up in pocket carry, clipped, because the cap pops off (no screw top), so there’s the risk of it uncapping and bleeding into your pocket… Oh and sorry for the dust, my DIY lightbox has been collecting some. Should I buy an entry level DSLR and try to step up my macro photography game?