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Metal Shop Raw Metal Bullet Pencil

Protect the point of your pencil with Metal Shop’s raw brass and aluminum bullet pencils. Originally given away as souvenirs by agricultural companies, the bullet pencil has transformed from novelty to necessity for pencil lovers. Insert your favorite wooden pencil into the machined casing and get writing. If you happen to make a mistake, its large eraser allows for quick corrections. When it’s time to pack up and go, cap the pencil and secure it to your pocket using its integrated clip. Hand machined in small batches, each Metal Shop bullet pencil comes with a numbered card including the date of manufacture and signed by the machinist who made it. If pencils aren't your thing, be sure to check out the available pen insert as well.


My Everyday Carry

Twist Bullet Pencil

Bullet pencils are an almost-forgotten writing utensil that protected pencils from wear and tear and added features such as a clip and an extra eraser. Metal Shop CT and Huckleberry Woodchuck are Kickstarting a revival of this American artifact while putting a modern spin on the product. CNC-machined aluminum or brass bodies can be customized to your preferred tip style while lending durability to your pencil nub of choice. Now with a pen add-on, the Twist is available for just 4 more days, and then it’s history… again. 

My Everyday Carry

Motorola Droid RAZR HD
Jawbone BT HD
iPod Nano 16GB
Spyderco Creditcard Knife
Aluminum card wallet

w/ money clip
Ralph Lauren Polo lanyard
8GB thumb drive
Cross mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen
Bertucci field watch

I travel a lot, so the knife can’t make it with me as much as I love it, but the everything else is invaluable: I have much, much more, but that kit is reserved the Zombie apocalypse! 

My Everyday Carry

submitted by beyadika

Here is the typical load out for me:
-Fallkniven U1 Slipjoint knife, smooth bone handle, 3G steel
-Keys with Photon light and Alox Swisschamp
-Notebook, Lamy Fountain Pen, Cross Rollerball pen, and 0.5mm Pentel Pencil
-Seiko skx007 on  leather strap
-Vagabond Traveler Leather Wallet
-Fenix LD10, great single AA flashlight

Editor’s Note: Nice, full loadout. I can see you have multiple tools (pens especially) for specific tasks. The redundancy here also serves to add extra versatility, which is great if you have no problems carrying a little more. I like the Fallkniven, it’s a great gentleman’s knife. I’m not sure if it would fit, but you could try replacing the little lanyard on it with some paracord (gutted if necessary) as that would likely still be stronger/more durable and multipurpose than the thread you’ve got on it currently. I like the simple single piece of hardware to keep your keys together, and your minimal but practical keychain tools. The SKX007 is a classic and it looks good on the leather. Keep it up and thanks for sharing.

My Everyday Carry

submitted by Jerome

My pocket EDC:
Rotring 600 Roller Ball
Maratac AAA
iPhone 4
MAKR one wallet
My Bag EDC :
+ Gerber Multitool
+Camera (either Canon G9 or FujiFilm X10)
+Larger Moleskin notebook + Caran D’Ache pencil

Editor’s Note: Interesting carry, nice and streamlined too. Everything looks good together and should work cohesively, though if I had to make a suggestion I’d say maybe look into the Spyderco Ladybug SS to replace your KISS. It’s another small minimalist knife that would fit your aesthetic but has better steel, but no pocket clip unfortunately… Otherwise, keep it up, and thanks for sharing!