8 Back to School Pens and Pencils to EDC

Although laptops in the classroom are quickly becoming the norm, an EDCer stays prepared with a pen in pocket just in case. When it comes time to jot down notes, plan your schedule, or tackle some homework, having a pen you enjoy can help you ease back into the school year a little more smoothly. This year has seen some great updates for popular pens, so in this round-up we’re showcasing the best you can carry in and out of school.


"This absolutely teensy writing instrument is perfectly at home on a keychain or zipper. Measuring just 50mm long, it’s about the length of two paper clips. It’s nearly indestructable, and its tungsten carbide tip can even open packages in a pinch. Available in..." (via The Awesomer)

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Is the Zebra F-701 Worth It in 2019?

The best pen is the one with you, but if it's the one you accidentally walked out of the doctor’s office with, you might want to up your game. You know the one: the cheapie, plastic ballpoint pen that's uncomfortable to write with and disposable by design, doomed to the garbage bin once it's out of ink. You could opt for a machined metal pen with that buy-it-for-life durability for EDC duty, but those can get spendy real fast. There is, however, one all-metal, tried-and-true clicky pen that doesn't break the bank: the Zebra F-701. It's been a crowd favorite for years, and after some more recent updates, it begs the question: should you still buy one in 2019?

Inventery Interchangeable Pen & Pencil

"Inventery’s aptly named Interchangeable Mechanical Pen and Pencil is a handsome brass body that accepts both Schmidt 9000 EasyFlow M pen and Schmidt DSM 2007 pencil refills. It has a removable clip, a click cap and an eraser cap. It’s available in..." (via The Awesomer)

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The 10 Best EDC Pens in 2019

An important part of what it means to be an EDCer is self-reliance. So instead of being that person asking to borrow a pen next time you're waiting to put your name down at a restaurant or filling out paperwork at the post office, consider adding a pen to your set of daily gear. It's quick and convenient to use, especially compared to fumbling through your phone for a specific note-taking app. We're not talking about fancy luxury pens either. The best pen for everyday carry is the one you have with you, and that usually means it's durable, reliable, and pocket-friendly. In this updated guide we're highlighting our top 10 picks for the best EDC pens available today.

The Best Bolt-Action Pens for 2018

So you want to carry a pen, but you're worried about it leaking or breaking? Those are valid concerns that rule out so many pens as EDC options because they're not durable, pocket-friendly, and easy to use enough for EDC. We suggest a “bolt action” style pen, which draws inspiration from the channel and bolt system of a rifle to extend, lock, and retract the refill. Bolt action keeps your pen from accidentally extending in the pocket, avoiding leaks. They're usually built from EDC-worthy metals for durability, not to mention the action itself is fun to fidget with. In this round-up, we're highlighting a few new bolt action pens from 2018 as well as some tried-and-true classic picks.