Mighty Streaming Music Player

If you're someone who spends a lot of time in the gym, pounding pavement, or blazing the weekend trails, the Mighty player will appeal to you in exactly five words: streaming music without a phone. While Spotify has changed the landscape of streaming audio, the hardware that plays it just hasn't been able to keep up. Oftentimes your only option is to lug along your cumbersome phone on your run or workout, leading to unintentional projectile devices. Mighty Audio have taken to Kickstarter to fix this simple but pervasive problem, and the Mighty is their vision.

The Mighty is a 1.5” square device that clips onto your clothing and stays there by weighing only 0.6 ounces. Its shell resists the sweat and water that comes with your most vigorous activities. Going completely wireless for its operations is no problem, both for syncing to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and playing out of wireless earphones or speakers. On the tech front, the Mighty companion/sync app plays well with both iOS and Android. It packs 4 GB of memory, enough to store up to 48 hours of music, with battery life currently rated for at least 5 hours of continuous playback.

There's plenty of time to back the Mighty on Kickstarter at the link below and be on your way to wireless music freedom.

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Fenix UC30

Making use of the more powerful and higher-capacity 18650 cell and reducing the need of a charger to a single USB port on the light, Fenix have made their 2015 UC line attractive and useful as everyday lights. The UC30 is their entry-level model into the series, but don't get it wrong — it's just as powerful and fully-featured as its brethren. At 5.1" x 1" and weighing only 4.4 ounces, the UC30 has 960 blinding lumens throwing for 669 feet and running for 120 hours at its 10-lumen low setting. It has four additional modes including instant strobe, and its micro USB port ensures its included 18650 battery goes the distance. Fenix's UC30 is the light for your EDC if you're looking to save on space but not on power and features.


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Cielo Stainless Steel Pill Holder

Efficiently storing small items for everyday carry and use has always been a challenge, and an Altoids tin can't always get the job done. Cielo is a brand dedicated to solving this problem, and their Peacock Collection bridges the gap between storage form and function. Their pill holder is a stainless steel container that comes either with or without a split ring attachment, making it easy to wear around your neck or stow on a keychain. Its multifaceted exterior and rectangular cap also provide better retrieval and grip for opening and closing. At a total height of 2.2 inches and weighing only 1.3 ounces, the pill holder is an attractive carry option that takes up the least amount of space needed for your essentials.


Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II Wolf Grey

Large enough for your EDC essentials and then some, the sensibly-sized Pygmy Falcon II is an excellent option for your everyday carry backpack. Military styling and construction on this compact bag look even better in the new “Wolf Grey” color way - a dark grey bag with black MOLLE webbing and straps for attaching pouches and clipping gear. 1000D water-resistant nylon, heavy-duty YKK zippers and double-stitched stress points are just a few of the details that result in an overall rugged pack. With its two external mesh side pockets and front organizer compartment, keeping your gear organized and accessible is easy. Whether you’re in the bush or on your commute, the Pygmy Falcon II is up for the trip ahead.


Seiko Monster Dive Watch

Known in the watch world for its blindingly bright lume, the Black Monster is a staple in EDC watches. Seiko has updated one of their most unique diver’s watches with improved aesthetics and a new automatic movement. The substantial steel bracelet, scratch-resistant crystal and rugged construction result in an EDC watch that you'll never want to take off your wrist. The Black Monster’s Japanese movement has a hacking seconds hand (meaning you can freeze the hand for to-the-second time setting) and can be wound by hand. The heavily textured bezel not only looks great, but allows for easy setting even with gloves on. The feature-packed SRP307 is available with several different dial colors. Choose black to keep a low profile, or make a statement with the bright orange model.


Doane Paper Small Idea Journal

If a pocket notebook is too small for your writing needs, then consider something more substantial like the Doane Paper Small Idea Journal. The 5.25 x 6.875” size is compact enough to fit easily in your EDC bag, but roomy enough for all of your sketches, notes, thoughts, and more. The 100 sheets of bright white paper inside are ruled with Doane’s trademark grid+lines ruling and perform well with a variety of writing instruments. Taking notes in the field is a breeze thanks to the rigidity of the heavy chipboard covers. Folded over, they provide support when there isn’t a flat surface around. Heavy-duty twin ring Wire-O binding allows the Idea Journal to lay perfectly flat and ensures that it will last a long time. Pair it with your favorite pen and get writing!


J. L. Lawson & Co. EDC Top

Fidgeters rejoice! As much fun as it may be to fiddle with your EDC knife or lighter, it may not always be appropriate in public. J.L. Lawson & Co have crafted a pocket trinket to keep you occupied. The EDC top is manually machined from solid copper bar stock to ensure balance and quality. The wear-resistant tungsten carbide tip is hand-pressed into the top’s body. This method of construction prevents wear and allows the top to easily reach a spin time of 6 minutes. If you’ve been looking to add something unique and fun to your EDC, check out the EDC Top available from our friends at Huckberry.


Patriot Pen

Dimond Point’s Patriot Pen is a sleek writing implement with a rugged twist. This military inspired pen is machined from mil-grade 6063 aluminum and boasts optional knurling on both its grip and cap, a distinctive muzzle brake-style tip, and a large powder coated spring steel pocket clip. It’s also hard anodized for durability and easy to refill thanks to compatibility with the ubiquitous Pilot Dr. Grip ink cartridge.

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Victorinox SwissTool CS Plus

Victorinox's tools have proven themselves worthy of every task for everyone, every time, for over a century. The SwissTool CS Plus is a change of pace from the company's standard folding tools, forgoing the signature red scales for a stainless steel double-handled body, tipped with pliers, and packed solid with tools. The SwissTool has 38 functions providing a toolbox's worth of utility, from bits and drivers to food canister openers and saws. A locking mechanism also ensures safety in your daily tasks, especially with its complement of blades and cutters. At 4.5" long and 10 ounces, the SwissTool is a compact tool for your EDC, while its lifetime warranty and Swiss quality ensures "everyday" isn't an exaggeration.


Ventus Caspian Watches

Origin stories for crowd funded watches are long past redundant at this point, especially if you search out for these projects. What I really care about is how the watch looks, and is it a good enough value to jump in and take a chance. With the Ventus Caspian Watches currently funding through April 25, the watch looks great and the value seems to be there.

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Common Fibers Carbon Fiber Slim Wallet

Put carbon fiber's strength, chemical resistance, and feather weight to good use and protect your essentials with Common Fibers' slim wallet. It takes advantage of its material's aerospace-grade stiffness to house four card slots and still stay lean enough to fit in any pocket. Common Fibers also included RFID blocking in the wallet's durable rip-stop interior to ensure your cards stay protected from both natural and man-made threats. If pure black and gray isn't your thing, it also comes in one of three interior colors to better match the rest of your carry. Give the Common Fibers slim wallet a spin if you're tired of the same old leather or metal but still need a capable container for your cash.


EagTac D25AAA Mini Flashlight

Not to be left behind in the AAA race, EagleTac have refreshed their compact line with their new D25AAA models. The lights are powered by CREE's XP-G2 S2 emitter, with a powerful max output of 145 lumens and six hours of runtime on its 12-lumen low setting. They also have great carrying versatility, with options to hang from a keychain, clip to your pocket, or mount via their rear magnets. The D25AAA line also comes with a Nichia 219B Hi-CRI emitter which outputs 115 color-friendly lumens reminiscent of the afternoon sun. With long runtimes, strong output, a choice of tint and color, and options to carry your way, the D25AAA is a natural fit for any EDC.


Octovo Titanium Comb

The last comb you’ll ever buy? Definitely. Unless you lose it. Octovo’s Titanium Comb is milled from lightweight Grade 5 titanium — the same that’s used in high performance aerospace, marine, and motorsport applications. It also sports two tooth sizes and is both durable and corrosion-resistant. Its sleek, raw finish couples especially well with the included Chestnut Italian vegetable tanned leather sleeve.

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Suigeneric Waxed Canvas Watch Straps

One of the quickest and easiest ways to breathe new life into your favorite EDC watch is by slapping on a fresh strap. For New York-based men’s accessories company Suigeneric, stylish straps are their specialty. Their newest Spring collection features bright, striking patterns to match your warmer weather fit. But it’s more than just their looks that make these cotton fabric straps special — they’re waxed and sewn by hand. The result is a more rugged, water-repellant material that held up enough for sailors to use back in the day. The slightly faded finish they take on goes great with well-worn military timepieces too. Check out their Spring collection to pick up something new for your wrist, or browse their keychains for other dope patterned waxed canvas to tuck into your back pocket.


DQG Fairy Brass Mini Flashlight

DQG Designs' mission is to pack the most powerful light into the smallest form factor using the best materials on the market. The Fairy is a tiny 30mm light that clocks in at a feather-light 0.36 oz despite its brass hardware, but don't let its size fool you. It puts its XP-G2 emitter to work, and with its 10180 li-ion battery the Fairy pushes out an impressive 120 lumens on high and 3-4 hours runtime on its 10 lumen low. There's also no need to worry about finding the Fairy in the dark, as it has two slots on its tail that can house 1.5x6mm tritium vials in your favorite color. Get a giant of a light in a Lilliputian package and see what the fuss is about with all the brass by adding the Fairy to your keychain.


Orient Mako

A great dive watch under $150 teaches you many things. You appreciate how automatic movement removes your dependence on a battery, and how a well-maintained watch can keep on ticking for a lifetime. You benefit from the watch's more rugged construction with better quality materials than your garden-variety department store quartz. You learn to love lume, and enjoy taking the watch with you everywhere, land or sea, thanks to its underwater resistance. The Orient Mako teaches all these things and more, and with its classic design, no-nonsense face with day/date window, and stainless steel case and band, this is the perfect timepiece to get your feet wet with.