Prometheus Preon P1 MkIII Flashlight

When you put together manufacturing prowess, over a decade of experience in pioneering flashlights, and the latest in flashlight tech, you're bound to get something special. And it's hard to describe the Preon P1 MkIII as anything but, with all the history behind it. Born out of the partnership of Prometheus Lights and Foursevens, the Preon represents a quality tool that only makers of their caliber can produce. Needless to say, it's one of the most refined AAA lights you can buy today.

The Preon P1 MkIII's exterior is a subtle fusion of both companies' design languages. On first glance you see the familiar Foursevens Preon, with its machined ridges and tapered middle barrel to accommodate your preferred grip method. Then there's the Prometheus screw-in titanium clip: a clip so good it sells on its own for other flashlights. Finally there's the materials the Preon comes in: Electroless Nickel plating and CR3 (Tri-Chrome) + PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating over 6061-T6 aluminum, both technical solutions Prometheus have used to give their lights a unique total coating that doesn't mess with the light's rear click switch operation.

In spite of its looks, the Preon P1 MkIII isn't meant to be just pocket candy. It comes with the latest and greatest Nichia 219C LED, rated at 92+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) for the closest approximation to natural light you can currently get. It also allows for a higher current than its 219B predecessor, meaning it can more efficiently produce and hold its 100-lumen output. The Preon also comes with a programmable user interface, letting you pick from 6 configurations that make use of its 7 modes. An included NiMH AAA battery also gives the light a stable and rechargeable power source so you aren't wasting disposable batteries on your light (or harming it in the worst case).

While the Preon P1 MkIII marks the first steps of Prometheus and Foursevens, it's clear that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and shows the clear influence and experience of both its creators. Learn more and pick one up for yourself in your choice of finish direct from Prometheus at the link below.

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Prometheus Beta-QR Flashlight

When deciding on a new EDC light, it's important to think about how it'll fit your everyday carry. You might find an amazingly powerful, multi-battery flashlight and think, “Wait… How am I supposed to carry something like that?” All that power might be overkill for your needs anyway, and it comes at the cost of bulk and weight. That’s not the case with the Prometheus Beta-QR. It hits the sweet spot for keychain lights, with just the right mix of size, accessibility, and ease of use.

Despite it being small enough to keep on your keychain, the Beta-QR packs in an impressive amount of features, including in its physical construction. It comes equipped with a patent-pending quick release mechanism that's strong enough to keep the light attached to your keychain, but easy enough to release for quick access. You can swap out the quick release hardware for an optional titanium pocket clip too, should you want to keep your key setup minimal.

The light's precision-machined body features a unique ribbed pattern for improved grip. Inside the head, there’s a color-accurate Nichia 219 LED that has three brightness modes: a 1 lumen firefly mode, a 15 lumen low mode, and an 85 lumen high mode. Operating the light is super simple: it takes a single AAA battery and turns on and off by twisting the head.

Upgrade your keychain light with one of the best all-around EDC lights out there. Check it out at the link below.

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10 Copper Essentials to Put Patina in Your Everyday Carry

Adding gear made of copper to your EDC is a great way to add luster to your loadout. Like a good pair of leather boots, copper only gets better with time and use, developing a personalized patina that tells the story of your experiences. As one of the denser tool materials, it adds a nice heft to your gear, giving a solid feel when used. Copper's material properties allow better heat dissipation for tools like flashlights or electronics, keeping them cool and safe from damage while running. Needless to say, it's also one of the most beautiful and unique metals you can find on everyday items.

We've put together ten of the coolest copper products on the market, so check out our list below to find one to color up your carry.

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Scout Hook Keychain

The keychain, with its jumble of keys and essential tools, is usually the first area in a person’s EDC to be explored, and often the last to be perfected. Available in nickel-plated or stonewashed brass, the Scout Hook is a simple yet stylish and functional suspension hook/bottle opener hybrid that allows for many carry options to solve the dreaded pocket bulge. Higher pledges in the Kickstarter campaign match a brass Prometheus Beta-QR light with the Scout Hook, providing a great starter combo for any keychain.

Prometheus Lights Beta-QRv2

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High CRI LED Push/pull quick release operation 10lbs holding force

Prometheus Lights Beta-QR

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High CRI LED. Push/pull quick release operation. 10lbs holding force

Prometheus EKO

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Prometheus Alpha aluminum pen

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