The Force Is Strong with These 6 EDCs

Every year on May the 4th, the Star Wars community shows their love for the franchise with events, commemorations, and most importantly, merchandise. This pun on the series catchphrase “May the Force be with you” gives fans a chance to celebrate and geek out about their favorite movies, and for EDCers, that means showing off their favorite pieces of (mostly) practical Star Wars gear. Whether it's as simple as a toy or a keychain to add a small bit of flair or a design integral to the entire loadout's aesthetic, the Force is strong with these EDCs from our community. May the 4th be with you.

8 EDC Gadgets for Your Inner Star Wars Fan

Star Wars mania is in full swing (it's even on cans of soup, coffee creamer, and tons of unrelated merchandise). But that doesn’t mean you need to give up practical gear to show your excitement for the most hyped movie of the year. Whether you want to rep the Light Side with some all-white gear, or your allegiance lies with the Dark Side in an all-black everything setup, you’ll find capable gear to do it in a more subtle way in this guide. Which side will you choose?

Lego Star Wars 851659 Boba Fett Key Chain

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With the most formidable bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe guarding your keys, you have nothing to fear!Let Boba Fett guard your keys!