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It's Flashlight Friday, folks, and the trending torch for the week is none other than Nitecore's innovative TUP. As part of Nitecore's popular T series, the TUP stands apart from the rest with its slightly larger and more substantial build, significantly higher output (1000 lumens!) and unique OLED display. At just 2.76" long and weighing 1.87oz, it's sized to ride on your keychain, while powerful internals give it performance rivaling lights of much larger size. For instance, its CREE XP-L HD V6 LED pushes up to 1000 lumens out to 180 meters through total internal reflection optics. Electronic switches on the side control the output down to a 1-lumen Ultra Low mode, all powered by an internal 1200mAh, micro-USB rechargeable battery. Useful info like mode, battery level, output, and more can be seen at a glance on the light's OLED display. It's all housed in an HAIII anodized aluminum body for light weight durability with an included pocket clip and integrated keychain attachment point for multiple ways to carry. Check out this high-tech keychain light at the link below.

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Nitecore TUP

Just when you think flashlights can't get any smaller or brighter, something revolutionary comes along. At first, it was the Nitecore Tube, with its novel form factor and impressive output for its size. More lights followed with the TIP and TINI improving upon both performance and portability. But now Nitecore's latest TUP flashlight hits new milestones with a whopping 1000 lumen output and an OLED display. It brings the sheer power and versatile features you'd expect from lights twice its size to an all-new design that's fit for your keychain.

The TUP marks a shift in the direction of Nitecore's T-series, this time opting for more power and functionality in favor of ultra portability. Its rectangular form makes space for a slew of new features. At the business end, a CREE XP-L HD V6 LED sits behind TIR optics to achieve a 1000-lumen max output that throws out to 180 meters. It's powered by an integrated 1200mAh, micro-USB rechargeable battery. The battery provides up to 70 hours of runtime, comparable to a light that takes two CR123a batteries, but in a size closer to that of a single cell flashlight. The light uses two side switches to control its digital lockout and usage modes, stepping down from its 1000 lumen max to its “ultra low” mode of 1 lumen. Relevant information is displayed on the light's unique OLED display, showing voltage, battery level, brightness, runtime remaining, modes, and more. It's especially handy for power users who want to know every last detail about the light they're depending on in their EDC.

Despite all these features, the TUP is impressively pocketable at just 2.76” long and weighing only 1.87 oz. It comes equipped with a deep pocket clip for multiple ways to carry as well as a keychain attachment point that can withstand up to 30kg of pull force. Its HAIII anodized aluminum body comes in both black and grey to match most EDCs. You can pick up this pocket rocket from Amazon at the link below.

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