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The Minimalist neck knife is the best I’ve found. I was using the Ritter MK5, which, was good for the meantime but it didn’t have great ergonomics which the CRKT necker I now carry.
The slim bill fold I picked up at a garage sale for like 2 bucks! It is very slim and there’s a clip inside to hold cash as well as a pocket for cards.
The Leatherman Wingman is great - good quality - solid - and has most of everything you need from a multi-tool. The 1 thing it may lack in that rare case you might need it is a saw blade. If you need the saw blade, you can give up the scissors and buy the Leatherman Sidekick.
The Spyderco Delica 4… my precious. This piece started it all. I had this before I knew EDC was a thing. I can’t imagine a better blade to have on you at all times. The Emerson wave for quick deployment is the reason why (among others). If you haven’t seen this knife in action, youtube it. It’s method of deployment is quicker than any knife on earth.
Button compass is perhaps overkill but you never know right???!!!
Mini Bic for obvious reasons.
The Nite Ize micro is just a good small flashlight to carry. 16 lumens I think. There are probably better lights to carry but thats what I have for now.
Natural lip balm for dry crusty conditions.
iPhone 4 because I don’t feel the need to upgrade every time there is a new better phone - call me crazy but thumb scanning technology is not where we need to be headed. JMHO
Awesome website - thanks for all the ideas!

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