The Best TSA Approved Multi-Tools for Travel

The Best TSA Approved Multi-Tools for Travel

Traveling through airports never goes as smoothly as you'd hope to begin with, but getting your favorite multi-tool confiscated by security could be the unwelcome cherry on top. Still, multi-tools are some of the most versatile items you can carry, and going anywhere without one can leave you feeling woefully unequipped. Your best bet is to have a small TSA-friendly multi-tool for when you travel (even better, one you'd find useful even when you aren't). In this guide, we've rounded up 10 EDC tools designed to fly with you this travel season.

5.11 Tactical Norris Sneaker

For many people, the “C” in EDC not only stands for “carry,” but also, in a large part, for “commute.” Whether it’s heading for school, checking in at work, running errands for the day, or blazing trails on the weekend, we all spend a lot of time on the move. This makes what we wear equally as important as what we carry, especially underfoot. While best known for their EDC bags, 5.11 Tactical also sets the bar high for performance clothing, and their new Norris sneaker is the latest addition to their line of tactical apparel. With a relaxed style, comfort-focused design, and durability built into every feature, it’s an excellent addition to the everyday commuter’s wardrobe.

While on first look the Norris looks like a casual high-top sneaker, its secret lays in its sole. The encapsulated outsole is made by Vibram Marbani—a pioneer in rugged footwear technology itself—with XS Trek, giving the shoe a solid balance of traction and durability within the forefoot and heel zones. This means solid footing particularly for wet surfaces, ensuring your safety even when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Speaking of solid footing, inside the Norris an Ortholite footbed keeps your foot supported and comfortable for even the longest treks. Adding to the tactical technology in the sole is its ASTM-certified puncture resistance thanks to an extremely durable Welmax board, which guards your feet against up to 1,200 newtons (290 pounds) of force.

The heavy-duty construction continues into the shoe’s upper, especially in its toebox area, where climbing-grade rubber protects your toes with extra durability. The suede strip along the front also isn’t a mere accent, as it comes with water-repellent and stain-resistant properties which are welcome features for this “high-traffic” area of the shoe. Finally, a padded tongue and ankle collar round out the upper’s design, ensuring all-day comfort no matter where (or how far) you’re headed.

The Norris is a lot more than a regular sneaker, giving you tactical boot performance without the heavy footprint they leave behind. Pick one up from 5.11 Tactical at their site below.

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Tactica M250 Hex Drive Toolkit

Tactica M250 Hex Drive Toolkit

When a multi-tool bills itself as small and light, there’s a risk it means it lacks features and ergonomics in favor of being compact. Tons of features can make a tool big and bulky—especially so with screwdrivers. Even then, EDC tools tend to only cover the two most common types of screws: flathead and Phillips. If you wish you could conveniently carry a full screwdriver set that’s easy to use, the upcoming Tactica M250 Hex Drive Toolkit might be for you. It manages to fit a plethora of bits into a thoughtfully designed package for everyday carry in both form and function, all while easily fitting within the palm of your hand.

The Tactica M250 is a portable all-in-one screwdriver solution that leverages its shape to minimize its footprint while providing you the best experience when it comes to actually using the tool. It starts with its engineered composite body: just 2.95“ long but with enough space to fit an impressive 12 screwdriver bits in the frame. Aside from six variations of the standard flathead and Phillips drivers, the M250 also comes with three hex bits and three Torx bits as well, making it great for opening up your electronics and gear and performing maintenance when needed.

The design of the M250 allows for easy access of those bits, as they pop right out of the frame when you need them. At the tip of the tool, there’s a hole for the bits reinforced by stainless steel and enhanced with magnets so the screwdriver bits don’t fall out when you’re working. For bigger tasks in perhaps more cramped situations, the M250 comes with a bit extender as well. And when you’re done using the tool, you can slip it into its dedicated holster, which allows for easy clip on carry. It even sticks to your fridge at home with magnets when you’re not on the go.

The M250’s mix of metal and composite material in its design truly makes it stand out from the pack. Typically, tools like the M250 are made entirely of titanium to save on weight, but the engineered composite in the Tactica M250 is actually 40% lighter than titanium. Indeed, at just 41 grams fully unloaded, you’re barely notice the tool in your pockets. The composite material also helps prevent it from scratching your expensive phone in your pockets too, something titanium is more ought to do if you’re unlucky.

With its small footprint and sheet number of applications, the Tactica M250 represents a one-stop-shop solution for tackling any screwdriver task you might face, no matter where you are. And because it’s TSA-compliant, you really can take it anywhere. If this sounds like the tool for you, make a pledge today at Tactica’s Kickstarter page. Tactica has a years-long history of delivering innovative tools via Kickstarter, and their M250 is worth your attention. Check it out and secure one for yourself today at the link below.

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Trending: CRKT CEO

Trending: CRKT CEO

Rounding out the week of trending gear, the CRKT CEO secures its spot as this Saturday Slicer. It stands out with its letter opener-esque slim and narrow silhouette which sits discreetly in your pocket thanks to its tip-down, ultra deep-carry clip. It deploys manually via thumb studs on smooth IKBS bearings, locking into a liner. The 3.1" 8Cr13MoV, flat ground, plain edge blade gives you plenty of cutting edge to work with, coming to a narrow tip for precision work. Its glass reinforced nylon handles provide a solid, ergonomic grip and keeps weight down to just over 2 ounces total. For an excellent EDC in and out of the office, check out the CEO at the link below.

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Vincero Altitude Pilot Watch

It usually costs a pretty penny to get a quality everyday carry watch on your wrist. It takes a lot to to get the attention to detail and the features that put a watch above the cheap dollar store deals you might find elsewhere. But this isn’t always the case. Take Vincero for example, a company that uses small-batch manufacturing processes that ensure that you get a quality timepiece every time. And with their new aviation-inspired pilot watch, the Altitude, they’ve packed in a great-looking watch with a quality movement at an excellent value. There's no better time than now to upgrade your EDC, as Everyday Carry readers can save up to 25% on a new watch from Vincero for a limited time.

Legibility is the name of the game when it comes to pilot watches, and the Vincero Altitude delivers with bold white arabic numerals against a deep blue dial. And no matter where you find yourself, you can rest assured that the Japanese Citizen Miyota Quartz movement in the Altitude makes for a very reliable time-teller. For added durability, the watch crystal is made out of hardened sapphire to resist scratches and provide excellent clarity. The watch itself is resistant against water down to 100 meters. The 43mm watch case is made out of a brush silver-toned 316L surgical grade stainless steel, which is good for people with skin that might react to the alloys found in cheaper alternatives. The strap is made out of quality top-grain Italian leather, but if you prefer you can also choose a durable Cordura nylon strap as well.

Aside from telling the time, the Altitude packs quite a few quality of life complications that are absent in lesser watches. For frequent travelers, the Altitude sports a dual-time readout, letting you keep track of a different time zone when you’re away from home. There’s a night and day dial that works similarly to a sun and moon complication, but without all the visual noise that brings. When you do find yourself in the dark, the lume on the hands and numbers let you read the timepiece accurately in low light. A date readout lets you keep track of the calendar as well. Finally the numerals on the bezel make for an ad-hoc timing mechanism as the second hand sweeps across the face round and round. And on the back side of the watch, there’s a bit of embellishment where Vincero has placed a bit of historic Roman-era marble and the famous words of an old Roman general for a bit of inspiration.

But what’s most inspiring about this watch is its affordable price: it can be had for less than $200 shipped anywhere in the world. And for a limited time you can get up to 25% off everything on Vincero’s website in celebration of their 5th anniversary. Check out the Altitude at the link below and save on a new watch while you still can.

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Orient SK Diver Retro

Orient SK Diver Retro

If you have your eyes set on adding a vintage watch to your EDC, you usually have to search used goods stores and auction sites hoping to find your perfect match. And chances are that you’ll strike out because there’s only so many originals out there still ticking away. Thankfully some watchmakers are bringing back their vintage models for purchase today. Take the newly reissued SK Diver Retro from Orient, a popular watch brand in the EDC community for their excellent value and timeless designs, for example. It brings back classic retro style from an original 1970s design with present-day performance upgrades, making for a stylish timepiece that holds up in your modern carry.

The SK Diver Retro has a unique aesthetic that’s slimmer and rounder than other diver-style watches, even today. With a case diameter of 41.7mm and a band width of 18mm, it’s sized just right for most wrists, trimming a lot of the bulk that tends to dominate the diver watch category in general. The slimness of the SK Diver Retro extends to its integration of an inner rotating bezel around the face, letting you keep track of your remaining air should you find yourself at depth with its 50M of water resistance. The watch face is distinctly legible with multiple color options (red, champagne, and blue) as well as bold dots for the hours and a day-date display for your convenience.

Inside the stainless steel case you’ll find an upgraded 22-jewel automatic, hand-winding, hacking movement with one more jewel than the original upon its release decades ago. This allows you to recharge the power reserve on the watch both through your natural everyday movements while it’s on your wrist and also through deliberate winding of the mechanism. The “hacking“ mechanism allows for seamless synchronization down to the second, because it allows you to stop the movement of the watch at will.

The newly reproduced Orient SK Diver Retro lets you get a classic timepiece in your hand without the hassle of trying to find a vintage piece. Plus, unlike a used watch, it comes with a 1 year warranty in case anything goes wrong. Make things easy for yourself and snatch one up today at the link below.

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Mountain Bag
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Dango D01 Dapper Pen Wallet

When it comes to taking notes, nothing beats having real pen and paper in your hands. But organizing pen and paper in your EDC can be a challenge: small items tend to get lost in the shuffle, especially when carried loose in your pockets. Plus, with limited space in your pockets anyways, consolidation is a good thing. For instance, you already carry a wallet, but what if your wallet could also hold your preferred notebook along with a pen as well? That’s where something like the new Dango D01 Dapper Pen Wallet comes in handy. The Dango Dapper Pen Wallet lets you carry three EDC essential items in one compact package, complete with a custom aluminum pen and a notebook as part of the deal.

The D01 Dapper Pen Wallet is a compact bifold front pocket wallet on steroids. For its compact size, there’s plenty of space, as each of the four pockets in the wallet accommodate up to four payment and identification cards (16 cards total). There’s a grippy silicone band for added convenience, especially if you carry folded cash. The wallet is made out of water-resistant DTEX material, resilient against the elements and the occasional bar table mishap. The durability extends to the CNC'd and anodized 6061 aerospace grade aluminum chassis of the wallet itself, setting it apart from the standard bifold and giving the Dapper Pen Wallet structure. Physical protection isn’t all that the Dapper Pen Wallet extends to you: its built-in RFID protection also helps keep your card information safe from fraudsters skimming for data in public spaces. And you can pick up Dango’s separate MT02 multitool to further expand this wallet’s capabilities.

The other half of the bifold is dedicated to organizing your stationery, and while it’s compatible with many popular EDC pens and compact notebooks, Dango goes an extra step with this package by including a custom pen and notebook with every purchase. The machined aluminum pen accommodates Fisher Space Pen ink as well as Schmidt 4889M ink refills and slots into the spine of the wallet for a consolidated carry. And in case you’re the kind of person who constantly loses their pen, an integrated lanyard hole helps with retention options for both the pen and the wallet itself. The included notebook is no slouch either, with 48 dot-grid pages bound together with red stitching by hand and placed within a thick quality cover.

If you’re looking to integrate a pen and paper into your everyday carry, the D01 Dapper Pen Wallet is a complete starter kit that lets you jump right in. And even if you already carry these things, the smart design of this package lets you consolidate your carry into a competent all-in-one solution that saves space in your pockets while being immensely useful and functional at the same time. Check out the link below to find out more about the D01 Dapper Pen Wallet and make it a part of your own EDC today.

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Trending: Kershaw Method

Trending: Kershaw Method

This past week, readers were keeping tabs on this Jens Anso-designed, Kershaw produced folder for Flipper Friday's trending gear. The Kershaw Method blurs the line between sleek and rugged, falling into a sort of "tactical gent's" aesthetic with the performance to match. 

Its 3" black-oxide coated blade matches its black 3D-machined G10 handles for a discreet, all-black-everything look. The blade deploys on KVT ball bearings via a flipper tab for swift and smooth action, securing into an inset liner lock which helps bring the weight down to just 2.1 ounces. A custom backspacer allows for lanyard carry while an included right-side pocket clip makes for easy and accessible pocket carry. 

Best of all, the Method packs in plenty of Anso's design DNA into a smaller, affordable package. You can grab one for under $25 at the link below.

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