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Prometheus Design Werx Ti-FS Mk2 Survival Lighter

Prometheus Design Werx Ti-FS Mk2 Survival Lighter

"This unique lighter from Prometheus Design Werx is precision milled from a 6AL-4V titanium billet. Its deeply-textured body pattern is reminiscent of a grenade, and provides an excellent grip for opening and closing. Its screwtop lid connects with an O-ring seal to keep moisture out, and has..." (via The Awesomer)

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Dango Pen Tray

Over the years Dango have been making a name for themselves with much more than just thoughtfully designed and overbuilt wallets. They’re on a mission to upgrade every aspect of your EDC, all featuring the same high-quality materials and manufacturing. Just recently, they’ve made their literal mark with a pair of machined pens, and with this latest release, they’re giving you the perfect place to store and display them.

The Dango Pen Tray employs a 6061 aerospace aluminum construction, giving it both a sturdy and lightweight build. Machined into its chassis you’ll find three slots of increasing width, meant to hold three of your pens vertically. They’re designed and explicitly measured to hold all three of Dango’s pens and markers–the Pioneer/Mini Pen, the Executive Pen, and the Permanent Marker–but offer plenty of room for your other favorite writing tools.

While it makes for a premium display for your pens, the Pen Tray also comes outfitted with a horizontal slot for extra versatility. This space is useful as a horizontal stand for your phone, to hold and display pocket notebooks, business cards, or even your very own Dango wallet. The made-in-the-USA tray measures 5.5”x 2.5"x1", making it the right size to hold most regular-length pens but not too big to overwhelm your desk space. To help it stay in its place, the Dango Pen Tray also comes with an anti-slip rubber footing.

So if you want a well-built, elegant piece to hold your stationery and go-to writing tools, the Dango Pen Tray might be the next best addition to your desk. You can pick one up in Satin Silver or Jet Black at the link below.

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The Best Waterproof Wallets (Buyer’s Guide in 2022)

The Best Waterproof Wallets (Buyer’s Guide in 2022)

Water can be your best friend on a hot day. But it won't be so kind to your favorite EDC wallet, even if it's made with the best leather. While materials are essential for any item in your everyday carry, you should also keep carry conditions in mind. For example, you don’t want your wallet bleeding dye into your pants or peeling apart after getting caught in a rainstorm or spilling your drink at the bar. One way to ensure your valuables stay nice and dry is to pick up a quality waterproof wallet.

This guide will highlight waterproof and highly water-resistant wallets that won’t leave you peeling apart soggy bills.

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Top Picks from Pelican to Start the Summer

The coming of summer brings a big change in weather for many parts of the world. Whether you’re seeking better climes or a way to deal with the heat, Pelican has you covered. From wallets to cases to drinkware, you can find a way to upgrade your everyday carry and storage options. This guide will introduce you to some of the solutions Pelican has in store for you this summer season.

G5 RF Wallet

Many wallets tout their durability, but few can match what this wallet can do. The Pelican Personal Utility G5 RF Field Wallet features bombproof construction thanks to its lightweight aluminum shell held together with a snap latch for security. On one side of the wallet is an elastomeric strap that can hold essential cards, and on the other, a mesh compartment handles cash and other small essentials. And with its o-ring sealed interior, this wallet ensures that its contents remain dry, making it the perfect wallet for summer adventures.

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1020 Micro Case

The 1020 Micro Case brings a Pelican hard case's legendary security and durability into one of their most pocketable sizes yet, at 5.3×3.6×1.7". It has enough space to fit your delicate gear or electronics while being protected in a watertight, crushproof, and dustproof shell. With IP67-rated water resistance and a rubber liner, this Micro case stands up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. It even includes an automatic pressure equalization valve to balance the internal pressure while keeping water out. It's the best option for keeping your expensive items safe from water when you might get soaked.

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14QT Personal Cooler

The Personal Cooler brings Pelican's entire experience with protective equipment to bear with commercial-grade, 1.5"-thick polyurethane walls and a gasketed lid to ensure your favorite beverages and perishables stay frosty. Its 14QT capacity can hold a few ice blocks to maintain temperatures. At the same time, an inner tray offers more organization and a rigid rack to store more items like extra items you picked up on a quick grocery run. There's even a built-in bottle opener with a magnet for a complete and convenient package for your favorite bottle-capped brews. Get the summer party started and keep it going with Pelican's 3-year warranty.

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1535TRVL Air Travel Case

If you’ve had one too many luggage bags broken while traveling, it’s time to upgrade to the 1535 TRVL Carry-On Case. It’s carry-on compliant, giving you go-anywhere convenience, and rolls for carrying comfort through train and airport terminals. But unlike standard luggage, the 1535 has an extremely durable, watertight, crushproof, and dustproof external shell that’s the signature of Pelican’s hard-use cases. It’s far more sturdy than the hard-sided luggage on most store shelves. The 1535TRVL also comes with TSA locks integrated into the press and pull latches, built-in lid organizer and can be customized with any of Pelican’s signature interior solutions like Trekpak™ dividers, padded dividers or Pick N Pluck™ foam (sold separately).

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Dayventure Tumbler Series

The Pelican Dayventure Tumblers offer superior cold and heat retention in their sleek and sweat-proof shells. A unique leak-proof and locking insulated lid made from Tritan copolyester keeps liquids safely inside while retaining their temperature. At the same time, 18/8 pro-grade, double-walled, and vacuum-sealed stainless steel construction helps seal the deal. The Dayventurer Tumblers are also designed to fit 99% of all car cup holders. That means you can enjoy your cup of coffee as you go out on a day trip or an extended road trip to parts unknown while having a solid bottle that can withstand any adventure you find yourself in. You can pick between a plethora of colors to suit your style and three sizes to choose from in 10oz, 16oz, and 22oz.

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The 15 Best Tactical Water Bottles in 2022

The 15 Best Tactical Water Bottles in 2022

You might wonder if investing in a high-quality water bottle is worth it. After all, water already comes packaged, and you could find cheaper options if you want to fill your own bottle. However, that might not be a good trade. If you opt for a standard bottle, you'll likely end up with a lukewarm beverage that might even come with unwanted tastes. It could also be clunky to handle and carry.

But most importantly, we all know where millions of plastic bottles end up: in the ocean. Even without other drawbacks, this alone should make everyone reconsider their choice.

With a tactical, insulated stainless steel water bottle, you'll have a reliable and reusable container to take with you on all occasions. Whether you want to carry cold or hot drinks, a stainless steel bottle keeps the liquid fresh like a thermos. Best of all, you'll contribute to preserving our environment. Here are some of the best water bottles you can find on the market today.

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Our 5 Favorite Father's Day Gifts from Gerber

If you’re struggling to find the best gift for your dad this Father’s Day, our friends at Gerber have you covered. For decades, Gerber has made quality everyday carry tools, and their newest and most innovative EDC tools have your dad and his needs in mind this year.

Gerber Dual-Force

The butterfly opening Dual-Force takes its inspiration and aesthetic from the Center-Drive that came before it, while introducing a new plier design not yet seen in modern multi-tools. This is where it gets its name—the pliers operate with a 2-position slip-lock design and larger teeth for better leverage, giving it twice the jaw strength and grip force and even better control. Pair this with a layered jaw construction, and the Dual-Force is a serious contender for an actual dedicated pair of pliers. Your dad might have his trusty pair of dedicated pliers somewhere in his garage, but now he can make it a part of his EDC.

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Gerber DoubleDown

For the dad who loves the great outdoors, the Gerber DoubleDown is a great gift. One look at the foldable machete clues you on its design heritage as a butterfly knife. The mechanism allows Gerber to make a sizeable outdoors knife take up less space than a traditional folding knife had it employed a more standard full-tang design. Safety is at the heart of the knife’s design, with a unique quad lock system that requires all four locks to be engaged for its twin handles to move. There’s even a built-in safety detent that stops the blade as you close it, giving you time to get your fingers out of the way of the edge as it moves. The DoubleDown can transition between being a knife, a machete, and a hatchet all in one tool, eliminating the need to pack all three when your dad heads out on the trail.

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Gerber Custom Fastball

The Gerber Custom Fastball offers made-in-the-USA EDC quality for a premium addition to dad’s collection. It's a particularly great option for Father’s Day because you can customize it to make it uniquely dad’s own. The Fastball features a 3” S30V blade with a flipper opening for easy one-handed operation. Putting the knife to use is an effortless experience thanks to its smooth one-handed flipper deployment made easy with B.O.S.S. Tech ball bearings in the pivot and a precision detent that lets you "lightswitch" the blade open and closed at a whim. If you opt for a custom knife, you can choose between 14 different handle colors or even swap to carbon fiber or copper handles if the aluminum handles don't suit dad's preference. And there's an extensive library of engravable illustrations to choose from for that finishing touch.

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Gerber Lockdown Pry

If you’ve ever seen your dad try to use a knife blade as a pry tool, this is his gift. The Lockdown Pry sports a 3.87" length while closed and a 2.5" plain-edge main blade that locks into place with a secure frame lock. It features fix additional tools, including a chisel, file, scissors, and even a dedicated exchangeable #11 craft utility blade that lets you do precise cutting tasks without dulling the main blade for frequent use. As its name suggests, the Lockdown Pry features a pry bar built right into the multi-tool handle, giving dad convenient access to its primary functionality while letting him carry the compact package with ease.

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Gerber Custom Savvy

Gerber’s new Savvy knife is as sleek as its name, with a slim profile packed with premium features. It’s designed as an ambidextrous, one-handed pocketknife with an extra-smooth deployment and part of Gerber’s made in the USA line built with care in small batches, making it a special gift for dad. The Savvy’s larger 3.5” blade comes in a premium 20CV blade steel, best known for its exceptional edge retention and corrosion resistance, in a wharncliffe blade shape that allows precise cuts. A pivot lock with anti-rotation washers provides secure blade support and a frictionless deployment through a thumb stud. Its handles come in aluminum or carbon fiber scales, or you can go full custom materials, colors, and laser marks for dad using Gerber’s Custom shop. Last but not least, a textured pocket clip and lanyard hole let dad carry this classic knife with modern features according to his preference.

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The 16 Best Concealed Carry Belts in 2022

The 16 Best Concealed Carry Belts in 2022

Having a quality belt is crucial for everyday concealed carry. The best concealed carry belt should be discreet and comfortable while firmly attached. It shouldn’t flex, loosen, or bend while you move. But simultaneously, the belt should be unnoticeable on your person.

Of course, choosing the best EDC belt can seem nigh-impossible given all of these considerations. You don’t have to spend hours searching for the ideal option. The following list presents the best belts for everyday carry currently available on the market. Here are our top picks.

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