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Our Favorite New RovyVon Flashlights

RovyVon has made a name for itself over the past few years with their compact flashlights that offer lots of power without the bulk, and with unique feature sets seldom seen on everyday carry lights. In 2021, they've expanded their product line to offer everything from EDC-friendly compact lights to tactical penlights and even some massive output lights that offer a no-compromise solution to needing to do work in the dark. To introduce you to the new options available from RovyVon this year, we've rounded up our favorite models that deserve your attention in this guide.


The S3 is a pocket-friendly portable EDC light measuring only 2.74 inches in length, with a detachable pocket clip that secures it in your pockets or on your gear. But don’t let its size fool you, as it features a triple LED design (in CREE XP-G3 for Cool White or Nichia 219C for Neutral White) that puts out a maximum output of 1,800 lumens to a distance of about 413 feet thanks to its unique Finnish LEDiL optics.

The internal 16340 battery is replaceable and recharged via USB-C, and you can check the battery level at a glance via the side switch which is also responsible for the S3’s 5-mode interface including SOS and Strobe. The standard model sports an attractive aluminum body but it’s also available in a super-premium titanium body if you’re looking for the ultimate version of this flashlight to round out your gear.

Check Out the S3

H3 Pro

When it comes to closeup work nothing beats having a penlight, with the familiar shape allowing you to put the light exactly at the right spot when you’re doing inspection or precision tasks. The new H3 Pro improves on the idea of a penlight and gives it more practical (and tactical) capabilities, with a 600-lumen output from a CREE XP-L LED that throws a beam up to about 393 feet. And the business end of this 7075 aluminum-bodied flashlight comes with a defensive strike bezel that works well in emergency situations.

The side switch lets you navigate the output all the way down to a 0.5-lumen Moonlight that lasts up to a reported runtime of 56 hours. But for quick access to Turbo you can use the H3’s tailswitch, which comes with momentary activation as well. The built in 14500 battery is rechargeable, but in a pinch you can power the light with standard AAs you can easily source.

Check Out the H3 Pro

S2 Elite and Premium

If you absolutely need a massive amount of light output for serious outdoor work (or play) you should check out the S2 Elite, featuring 2 x CREE XHP 70.2 LEDs switchable between flood and spotlight use, and powered by 2 x 21700 li-ion batteries. It’s able to output a max of 10,000 lumens out the front and comes with a beefy aluminum handle that helps with heat dissipation for maximizing runtime before things get too hot.

For added convenience the Premium edition of this searchlight comes with 3 x red and 3 x white auxiliary side LEDs and USB-C rechargeability which supports a max 30W input via PD Quick Charge and even two-way charging for your other EDC devices. And with the magnetic tail, you can mount this monster light where you need it and get to work, even at a distance.

Check Out the S2 Elite

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COAST Slide Focus Flashlights

COAST Slide Focus Flashlights

If you haven’t heard of COAST before, you’re missing out on all the quality everyday carry gear they manufacture. In particular, their LED flashlights have offered impressive build quality and features as well as great value for money. Their newest flashlights feature USB rechargeability and a unique focusing system that makes them a versatile choice for EDC, ushering in a new generation of modern lights with the performance and tech to match.

Each of the new lights in COAST’s Slide Focus line feature similar build quality, overall design aesthetic, and features. At the center of their design is the namesake focusing system, which lets you fine tune the pure-beam focusing optic at the emitter with an easy push or pull at the head of the light, which you can easily operate one-handed. This lets you fine tune the beam of the light from a wide angle flood for close-up area illumination all the way to a concentrated spot beam for identifying objects in the distance. The primary differences lie in the various sizes, battery capacities, and power outputs that each light brings to the table, but all of them have a unified design with an aluminum core, grip-enhanced handle, and tail switch operation. The Slide Focus line has a light that’s suited for most situations you’ll encounter on the daily, and we round up what makes each light special below.

The two smaller lights in the line best suited for everyday carry are the XP6R and the XP9R, leveraging the use of included rechargeable cells, or lithium CR123A primaries in a pinch. The XP6R is the smallest light in the group, measuring just 4 inches long and only 2.6 ounces in weight total. It features a dust resistant construction and a max 400 lumen output out the front powered by a micro-USB rechargeable protected ZX310 battery or 1 x CR123A cell. The XP9R features a more potent 1,000 lumens at max output, and dual fuel capability with its ZX850 USB-C rechargeable battery or 2x CR123A cells. This model measures 5.12" long and 5.6 ounces in weight, still plenty manageable for handheld use and convenient carry.

Check Out the XP6R

Check Out the XP9R

The first of the two larger models is the XP11R, an IP54-rated, rugged, full-sized light featuring a Turbo mode that goes up to 2,100 lumens. It's protected ZX1000 rechargeable battery can be recharged onboard with the USB-C port built under the XP11R's tailcap, and for added convenience this model features a battery life indicator on the tail switch so that you always know when the light needs to be charged before critical operation. And in an emergency you can power up the XP11R with easily-accessible 3 x AAA batteries.

Check Out the XP11R

The XP18R is a large, duty-sized light that offers the highest output and runtime of the line, with a max of 3,650 lumens out to 330 meters on Turbo, or an extended runtime of 58+ hours on Low. The XP18R also features the ability to lock the Slide Focus system at your desired setting with an additional twist motion. Like the XP11R it comes with a rechargeable ZX960 battery you can top up onboard with the port under the tailcap (which also has a battery indicator in the switch), but it also supports an alkaline battery cartridge that fits 6 x AA cells when needed.

Check Out the XP18R

Trending: Nite Ize DoohicKey

Trending: Nite Ize DoohicKey

An oldie but a goodie, the Nite Ize DoohicKey is still a popular tool. Its small size makes it perfect for keychains and because there’s no blade it’s travel-friendly too. You’ll be able to bring a bottle opener, box cutter, and flathead screwdriver with you wherever you go and thanks to its carabiner clip design carrying it is a breeze.

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Aerocrafted Vector Titanium Pen

Whether its for hygiene or convenience, it’s better to keep your own pen in your EDC than deal with borrowed pens in public. Besides the sheer practicality of always having a reliable writing tool by your side when you need it, carrying a pen to be proud of makes the writing experience that much better. Thanks to its gorgeous design and all-metal construction, the Aerocrafted Vector Titanium Pen is as stylish as it is tough.

Leave it to Aerocrafted, a California-based company of aerospace engineers, fabricators, and pilots, to design a professional-level EDC pen with a high-speed, streamlined aesthetic built with top-notch materials. The Vector Titanium Pen features a combination of Grade 5 titanium and self-lubricating bronze. Together these materials are crafted into a pen that offers a unique feel in the hand while remaining compact when capped at just 3.35 inches long. Removing and posting the cap on the end of the barrel brings its total length to just over 5 inches, giving it a more balanced feel in hand for comfortable writing sessions. And because it uses a Pilot G2 Mini gel ink cartridge, it’s easy to find refills and it writes very smoothly on pretty much any paper you need to write on: from flimsy newsprint for crossword puzzles, to high-end stationery for all your journaling and planning.

There are two versions of the design, and the primary differentiator is whether you prefer an integral pocket clip or you want a lanyard hole for easy access to the pen when it’s deep in a jacket pocket or a bag. You could even attach it to your keys at that point to make sure you always have it as part of your everyday carry.

The sleek and compact design of this Vector Titanium Pen make it a great choice if you’re looking to add an all-metal pen to your everyday carry. If you’re interested in picking up the made-in-USA Vector Titanium Pen, you can head to the Kickstarter link below and make a pledge in order to secure one for yourself while supplies last.

Check it Out

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Lochby EDC Kit

Lochby EDC Kit

"Keep yourself and your stuff organized with Lochby’s complete EDC kit. It includes a matching waxed canvas tool roll and pocket journal, along with a Karas EDK v2 aluminum pen, and ruled and dot grid notebook refills. Choose from brown or..." (via The Awesomer)

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Handgrey Easi Titanium Key Ring

Handgrey Easi Titanium Key Ring

If you’re not using your keychain to carry smaller gear, chances are your EDC isn’t reaching its full potential. The reasons for opting out of keychain-based carry are understandable though, and they usually point back to the weakest link: the split ring. Traditional steel split key rings are so inconvenient they may as well be a single-use item: pry them open (and potentially break a fingernail in the process), slide your keys on through, start twisting, then hope you never have to swap out keys again. Handgrey have dedicated years tackling this design problem of how to make the key ring easier to use, and have thrown their hat in the ring back in 2018 with their innovative, lateral-splitting KNOX titanium key ring. Their latest project, the Handgrey Easi, debuts after three years of development as an evolution of that design to make frustrating key rings a thing of the past. The Easi key ring leverages the unique material properties of titanium in combination with an elegant clasp design, resulting in a new way to carry keys that’s easier than ever to use.

There are two key factors that make the Easi key ring live up to its name compared to traditional steel split rings: the materials used and a unique hook and clasp design for the ring’s opening. Because titanium alloy is naturally springy, it can return to its original state after stress or tension is applied. And unlike a traditional split ring, where the ring is halved along the entire circumference of the ring, the Easi is split on a perpendicular plane to create a small gap between the ends of the ring. One end has a hook, while the other end has a hole to clasp through, thus closing the ring. When the ends of the ring are not clasped together, the ring’s shape is naturally “open.” When you press the two ends of the ring together and hook them, the ring closes, and titanium’s natural springiness to return to an open state creates tension between the two clasped ends, further strengthening the closure as they try to pull apart.

This action is not only intuitive and quick to perform, but it also affords other benefits over the traditional method of prying, sliding, and rotating gear onto a split ring. Opening the ring is also a deliberate enough action that it’s unlikely to come undone by accident when you’re out and about, so you’re at less risk of losing your keys without the bulk and complexity of a locking mechanism. You don’t need to pry the ring open, which can save you some time and strain on your fingernails. And by not needing to twist your keys or gear along the entire circumference of the ring, you avoid scratching the surface of your gear or encountering any fitment issues. The Easi’s clasp mechanism is especially useful for thicker EDC items (for example, the tail end of a keychain flashlight) that can’t otherwise clear the gap of a traditional split ring. And because titanium is springy and can retain its shape better than steel, you can occasionally open the Easi to create a larger clearance for bigger EDC items or multiple keys at one time without risking “overprying” the ring open so much it can’t close again.

Handgrey offers the Easi key ring in two different shapes—circular or a rounded square “Omega”—in just one 28mm size for the initial Kickstarter run. While this shape and size should accommodate most people’s EDC needs, Handgrey has their sights set on offering multiple sizes of the Easi as stretch goals. If you’re looking for any and all opportunities to min/max the functionality of your EDC, the Handgrey Easi might help your keychain reach its fullest potential. By making the humble key ring easier to use and more functional, you can carry more gear, streamline your setup, or attach gear to different places in your setup to suit your needs.

As an added bonus, Handgrey’s previous carabiners and accessories are available as addons at a special steep discounted rate. Be sure to check out the Handgrey Easi and learn more about it at the Kickstarter page linked below before the campaign ends on November 5th, 2021.

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Trending: BigIDesign Ti Pocket Pro

Trending: BigIDesign Ti Pocket Pro

For today's trending gear, we're featuring one of the best and most versatile investments you can make for an EDC pen, because all too often, you're stuck with using the one cartridge it comes with. BigIDesign's Ti Pocket Pro, on the other hand, offers a completely customizable experience. It seamlessly transforms to fit over 80 different ballpoint, gel, and rollerball refills, all while maintaining a pocket-friendly design.

The Ti Pocket Pro is BigIDesign's most compact pen yet, measuring in at just over 4” with a Parker-style refill and a little over a half inch longer with a standard rollerball. The Ti Pocket Pro stands out from the pack thanks to its small size and ability to accept over 80 of the most popular pen refills out there. The key is in its tip mechanism: it's almost like the adjustable clutch on the end of a drill. As you tighten the grip, the clutch clamps down onto your refill of choice. The best part? It gets a just-right fit for a secure, wiggle-free writing experience. On the pen there’s also a beefy, ridged grip section, a sturdy pocket clip, and of course, solid grade 5 titanium construction. Pick it up in your choice of 4 finishes at the link below.

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Base EDC (2021) c/o Altas 2.0
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Trending: Opinel No.09 Carbon Steel

Trending: Opinel No.09 Carbon Steel

The French Opinel series of knives has remained virtually unchanged since 1890, proving that you don’t need to fix what isn’t broken when you have a great product. And for over 100 years the key to the Opinel knife is its simple, effective, and affordable design. The 3.5“ clip point blade on the No.09 model ensures versatile capability for cutting, slicing and even piercing tasks. Thanks to its carbon steel composition, the blade holds an edge for longer and also offers ease of re-sharpening, in exchange for a bit more effort for maintenance to resist rust and corrosion. The No.09’s blade secures in place thanks to Opinel’s signature Vibrolock ring: twist it around when open and you’re good to go. Varnished beechwood handles offer sturdy, affordable, and light weight at 2 oz in total, while offering a natural feel in hand. Pick up this EDC classic at the link below.

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VogDUO Tech Collection

All too often tech essentials for everyday carry can come with a blacked-out industrial aesthetic that can look out of place in a professional setting. After all, who makes tech gear with a touch of class? It just so happens that our friends at VogDUO have extensive expertise in doing just that, by taking their tech essentials to a whole new level. They've integrated naturally obtained, genuine Italian leather into the mix, hand-stitched with traditional methods and low emissions, ready to complement your overall look. It’s a perfect match for anybody who prefers sportscoats, traditional gents knives, and heritage accessories that are built to last and build a unique character over time with use. To introduce you to all that VogDUO has to offer, we’ve put together this roundup to help you out.

65W GaN Charger

With a maximum output of 65 watts and USB-C power delivery compatibility, this classy charger has enough juice to power a full-sized laptop off its main port. At reduced output, it has enough to charge up to three mobile devices and other tech accessories from all the ports at once, including a standard USB-A for legacy cables and devices too.

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Leather Case for AirTag

The Apple AirTag is one of the best tracking and location devices for your lost gear you can EDC today, but the standard holder you have to get for it leaves a lot to be desired. If you want to carry it in style, you can preorder VogDUO’s leather case for the Apple AirTag, which encases the locator in an attractive premium Italian leather fob with integrated key ring for easy attachment to your keys when you need it. The full-covering design minimizes the exposure of the tag itself, reducing the chances of it getting lost or stolen.


Leather Stand for Smartphones

No space is too small for working from home or even while on the move. VogDUO’s folding Premium Leather Stand means business when you're ready to get to work, and integrates well with Apple’s MagSafe charging system, and it provides a classy way to hold your iPhone up on your desk. This is thanks to its vegetable tanned exterior which also adds stability to your device when it’s on the table.

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Leather Case for AirPods Pro

VogDUO’s premium Leather Case for the AirPods Pro encases your truly-wireless Bluetooth earbuds in an attractive case. It also aids with retention, helping make sure they don’t fall out of the charging case when you’re not using them. The lightweight design and loop attachment point for a keychain, hook, or lanyard means you can EDC your AirPods with ease while securing them when you’re on the go.

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10,000mAh PD Power Bank

The red contrast stitching on this 10,000mAh super slim power bank fits in well with the red accent on its side, but it’s not all looks especially once you get under the hood. The added leather keeps your phone and devices from scratching while stowed in a pocket or bag. Its aluminum alloy shell also offers durability without heavy weight, and the electronics inside enjoy current stabilization to prevent overcharging and other safety issues not found in cheaper, less professional power packs on the market.

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Trending: Incase Reform Backpack

Trending: Incase Reform Backpack

The Incase Reform is a low-profile minimalist backpack designed to protect your expensive devices no matter the urban jungle adventure. Its exterior is made out of durable 300D heathered weave nylon paired with abrasion-resistant 840D nylon. On the inside you’ll find the Reform’s main feature, a cage designed to carry up to a 13“ MacBook or tablet made from Tensaerlite, a highly impact-resistant material. This cage covers the entirety of the device and features faux-fur lining all throughout, protecting it from potential scratches. The bag measures 18” tall and has a total capacity of 17L, more than enough for a day’s EDC in the city. The Reform features adjustable padded straps as well as a padded back panel with a ventilation channel for optimal back comfort. And once you get to your destination, you’ll appreciate the Reform’s ability to stand upright on its own. Pick one up at the link below.

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