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Dango M1 Maverick Spec Ops

When tasked with securing your most valuable essentials, an EDC wallet carries with it the pressure of being durable, organized, hard to lose, and easy to use, all at once. Even more so when it's tasked to carry important identification, like a badge. Fortunately, Dango's flagship wallet, the M1 Maverick, can carry that load—literally—thanks to its bomb-proof design and vertical orientation for easier visibility, access, and handling. And with a new badge adapter and neck lanyard, it's ready for every EDC duty.

At the core of the M1 is a vertically-oriented, CNC-machined aluminum frame. It features loop holes at each of the four corners to serve as attachment points for keys, tethers, or lanyards to wear as a badge holder. An internal metal RFID blocking card cavity holds up to 6 cards, held in place by a silicone cash strap. The Spec Ops version seen above is the M1's definitive incarnation. It's built around the same aluminum chassis, but it's coated with a durable Cerakote finish you'd find on some firearms and tactical gear. Instead of leather, it sports Dango's DTEX material: a rugged, flexible and weather-resistant non-leather synthetic textile. This version also comes equipped with Dango's new MT04 tool. It's specially designed for emergency situations, complete with functions like a seat belt cutter, oxygen wrench, serrated and sharpened edges, and more.

The badge adapter and neck lanyard complete the M1's functionality for use as robust identification display. With the combined functionality and toughness of the M1 and MT04, you'd never be able to go back to a regular generic wallet or badge holder. The badge adapter itself is a plastic card you slip into the M1's card slot, and its partner lanyard is an adjustable cobra weave made from 95 paracord and unravels into up to 20 feet of rope for additional utility. Dual metal loop-spring clasps can latch onto the corner points of the M1, or to themselves for a more compact length and carry.

Dango's usual attention to detail in their designs as well as the highest quality fit and finish make the M1 the ultimate wallet or badge in your service. Be sure to check out the M1 wallet in two colors here, the badge adapter and lanyard sold separately at this link, and the Blue Line bundle that includes everything at the link below.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Dango.

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Victorinox Alox Limited Edition 2019

Victorinox Alox Limited Edition 2019

At this point, the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife is as much a cultural icon as it is a multi-tool. It’s one of the few mainstream tools that has found its way into the pockets of people who might not even know what EDC is. With so many different models the SAK has been a practical go-to tool for decades, and the yearly limited edition releases have only reignited their popularity in the community. This year, some of the most carried tools on our site are getting the limited edition treatment yet again coming in a unique champagne gold color.

One of the tools getting a fresh new color is arguably the company’s most versatile piece in the Pioneer. Of the three limited edition models, the Pioneer is the largest. But at 3.7 inches in length and just half an inch thick it’s still perfectly sized for your pockets. Despite the built-in metal tools and the tough Alox scales, it weighs only 2.5 ounces. You’ll get a reliable pocket-sized tool that can handle most everyday tasks without weighing you down or raising too many eyebrows in the office.

Its classic design packs 8 different functions into something that fits in the palm of your hand. You'll get a can opener, screwdriver, reamer, bottle opener, and of course, a 2.5” blade for daily cutting tasks just to name a few. As nice as they appear, it’s also worth mentioning that the gold-colored Alox scales aren’t only for looks. The scales are also treated with an additional layer of protection against corrosion and everyday wear and tear.

If the Pioneer is too big for your needs, you can go with the more pocket-friendly limited edition versions of the Cadet and Classic models as well. Whether you plan on adding any of these tools to your daily rotation or simply like collecting Swiss Army Knives, it’s hard to argue against any tool with such a proven track record. Make sure to pick one up for yourself by clicking the link below.

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