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Dango A10 Adapt Wallet with Phone Adapter

EDC is all about streamlining and making your everyday gear more efficient, and what better way to do it than by combining two of the most-carried items in your kit: your phone and your wallet. Dango makes it easy with their new series of A-Series Wallets that come with a streamlined, tool-free, and modular design that facilitates changing out the features of your wallet to fit your particular use profile for the day. And with the brand’s new A10 Phone Adapter Plate, combining your essentials in an easy to carry package for EDC is easier than ever.

At the core is the Dango A10 Adapt Wallet. It’s the smallest and most compact model in the series, giving you tool-less modularity in a slim, RFID-protected, sturdy aluminum wallet. It features an anodized and precision-machined 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum chassis. This accommodates up to four cards in its main cavity, protected by an RFID-shielding plate. On the other side, an open, unshielded card pocket is perfect for your ID and travel cards that you use for quick entry into buildings and offices, as well as any NFC compatible cards that can be used for point-of-sale registers and public transit access. This 4.1" x 2.7" x 0.6" package weighs 2.3 ounces and functions great as a rugged, but minimalist, cardholder wallet.

However, it doesn’t stop there. At the heart of the A-Series’ modular design is an innovative quick-release system that uses a polymer sliding back plate. This rail system precludes the need for tools as it interfaces directly with different wallet modules in the constantly expanding A-Series ecosystem to expand your capacity and functionality, depending on your needs for the day.

The A-Series Single Pocket Adaptor adds a card holder extension to the A10, giving you two card slots while retaining the compact profile of the main chassis. Meanwhile, the Adapt Bifold Wallet module transforms the A10 into a bifold that expands capacity by up to 9 extra cards, while only adding 1.2 ounces. Finally, the Adapt Bifold Pen Wallet module adds the functionality of a bifold plus a 48-page notebook and Dango’s write-anywhere aluminum pen that uses a pressurized ink cartridge for a smooth flow on any surface, in all conditions. All modules use Dango’s precision-cut, textured, and flexible DTEX fabric. It’s a non-leather material they developed for better durability, water resistance, and abrasion resistance.

The new A10 Phone Adapter Plate is the latest addition to the A-series ecosystem, and makes it easy to attach and combine your A10 wallet with your smartphone. This slim, 3mm thick polymer baseplate attaches directly to your phone or its case via 3M's 200MP removable adhesive. This kit also comes with a removable steel plate that uses the same 3M 200MP removable adhesive to add a metal surface to this mount—allowing it to interface with any magnetic mount such as those used on car phone holders and similar accessories.

The combination of the Dango A10 Adapt Wallet and its Phone Adapter Plate give you a modular system for two of your most important EDC Essentials. And if you happen to be using an iPhone, check out their line of Covert Cases as well. These make for the perfect base to install the A10 Phone Adapter Plate, creating a seamless system for your daily carry kit. Check them all out via the links below.

Check Out the A10 Adapt Wallet

Check Out the A10 Phone Adapter Plate

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Gravel Explorer Toiletry Bags

Gravel Explorer Toiletry Bags

We spend a lot of time picking the right everyday carry travel bag and luggage for our trips away from home, but often times we forget about how we’re going to carry our essential toiletries around for when we get to where we’re going. They’re called essentials for a reason, but too often we toss them into a random sealed bag, or worse, they lie around loose in the main compartment of our carry-on. A specialized toiletry bag like Gravel’s new line of Explorer toiletry bags lets you pick the right size for your trip every time, and holds everything in its proper place. No excess, no mess, and all convenience for your next (future) getaway.

The Gravel Explorer toiletry bags feature a full clamshell opening and zippered mesh organization spaces on the panels that let you sort our your essential personal care items in places that won’t shift as you move between locations. For instance, there’s dedicated space for your electric razor which can also fit taller items, a water-resistant toothbrush pocket, a secret small pocket for smaller valuables like a ring, and even a large outer pocket for even more configurability.

There’s also a clear and removable pouch for your liquid items, letting you keep them in a TSA compliant package that will let you speed through security checkpoints in the future. And you can hang the bag up on a coat hanger or hook fully deployed for added convenience. All of the bags are made out of durable nylon fabric with zippers made for daily use, and Gravel stands by their craftsmanship with a lifetime warranty on all of their models.

Each of the three toiletry bags weighs under a pound, so they don’t add significant heft to your carry. With plenty of thoughtful organization, the bags ensure your next trip doesn’t involve shampoo exploding in your main compartment and soaking all of your clothes before you even get a chance to wear them. Click the link below and check out more about Gravel’s Explorer line, and pick the right one for your personal travel EDC today.

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NEBO Flashlights Black Friday Preview

As fall sets in, the nights get longer, and the more it becomes important that you have a reliable LED flashlight in your everyday carry. It’s times like these when you don’t want to find out the hard way that your cell phone can’t actually light your way home when you’re in a pinch. NEBO prides itself on innovating in the EDC space at an affordable price, so if you’re looking to make an upgrade, or you’re just getting started, make sure to check out NEBO’s line of powerful and USB-rechargeable LED flashlights, work lights, lanterns, and headlamps for EDC. And if you’re looking to save on your purchase, you’re in luck because Black Friday deals for NEBO lights start earlier than you might think.

Beginning on November 3rd you can save up to 50% off select LED lights. Each day brings something new to the table, so make sure to keep on checking NEBO’s website. It all starts with a NEBO GLOW Tumbler Handle, a unique holder that pulls double duty in carrying your hot drinks and lighting up the way to your room or illuminating your desk thanks to an integrated pair of LEDs. Readers who order a NEBO GLOW get a FREE 20 oz TRUE Tumbler for the perfect pairing. Their Black Friday sale will also feature a $10 discount off their best-selling Redline 6K. As its name implies, you get a stupefying 6,000 lumens max out the front with that torch, with closed-loop temperature control to make sure things don’t get too hot, and micro USB rechargeability for your convenience.

On November 17th, you can get 45% off NEBO’s SLYDE KING Emergency Prep Kit. The prep kit is a full solution for lighting in an emergency, including a 10 watt collapsible solar panel, a 10000mAh USB power bank, a rechargeable plasma lighter for fire starting, a bright work light, a 500 lumen flashlight, and charging cables. Last but not least, the biggest part of the sale arrives on Thanksgiving Day on November 26th, where 12 of their products will be even more deeply discounted to celebrate the season.

NEBO’s Black Friday month of sales is something you’re not going to want to miss, because it’s a great way to pick up one or more of some of the industry’s best LED lighting solutions at a fraction of the price. All orders over $25 ship free, and you should check their website (and sign up for their email alerts) regularly to make sure you don’t forget. Check out NEBO’s products at their site at the link below.

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Trending: Olight Perun Mini

Trending: Olight Perun Mini

The Olight Perun Mini is a compact and versatile headlamp that offers the utility only right angle flashlights can, while providing high lumen output and convenient charging. Its 2.42" long, 1.83 ounce, IPX8-rated aluminum chassis is small enough to take anywhere. The included Olight 16340 3.7V 550mAh battery charges via the brand’s proprietary magnetic charger, and allows the Perun Mini to push up to 1,000 lumens on Turbo. This steps down to 250 lumens after a minute, which it can hold for 1 hour and 25 minutes. The electronic switch lets you access a 2-lumen Moonlight mode that runs 4 and half days, a 15-lumen Low that runs 25 hours, a 65-lumen Mid that runs 6 hours, and a 250-lumen High that holds for 1 hour and 38 minutes--plus the aforementioned Turbo and SOS. A magnetic tail cap and the included clip lets you mount the Perun Mini on any metallic surface and gives you multiple options for carry: keep it securely in a pocket or attach it to your bag or strap for hands-free walkabout use. The included mount lets you turn it into a useful headlamp in a pinch. Check out this versatile headlamp at the link below.

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Black Ember SHADOW Backpack

Black Ember SHADOW Backpack

Whether you’re headed to the office, going out on a hike, or traveling to places both near and far, the last thing you want is for the gear and clothes in your pack getting wet because you got caught out in the rain. Hauling your essentials in a waterproof bag is even more important when you factor in the value of your expensive electronics like your laptop, tablet, and camera. But you don’t need to go big and bulky or sacrifice features for waterproof convenience thanks to the EDC enthusiasts over at Black Ember. They’ve been making quality everyday carry friendly packs for years now with their own distinctive technical look, and they’ve put everything they’ve learned into their new SHADOW minimal waterproof pack. The end result is a slim and sleek water-proof pack built for all your essential tech and ready for any adventure.

A lot of bags bill themselves as suitable for slim EDC, but when you actually put them on your back you find they’re bigger and more ungainly than you thought at first glance. That’s not the case with the Black Ember SHADOW, which was designed at the outset to let you carry 22 or 26 liters of gear in a sleek and streamlined package enough for both urban travel and outdoors carry alike. And it’s able to do this while being seriously waterproof, water-jet tested at IPX6 rating to resist liquid ingress at up to 1200 psi. This incredible feat is made possible thanks to the deployment of Microhex HTX 3-layer crossweave technical fabric and YKK Aquaguard zippers. All seams on the back are bond-stitched together for the best of both worlds: durable bonds and seams sealed against the elements, all so you can carry your gear with confidence even if you find yourself in a pouring monsoon.

But all that capacity and protection won’t matter if actually loading and unloading the pack was inconvenient. A front quick-access pocket provides handy organization for keys and other small essentials, and Black Ember’s gives the SHADOW a full clamshell lay-flat zippered opening to make packing simple and efficient. Unzip the interlocking Hypalon zipper pulls and you have full access to the internals and organization spaces of the bag, so that you don’t have to rummage around to get something small at the bottom of the bag.

Take a look and you’ll see that there’s a suspended 15" laptop and tablet sleeve, and on the facing side there’s a dedicated tech kit built into the bag that lets you organize cables and small tech gadgets in one location. This tech kit hangs over a couple of mesh pockets for expandable storage and a water bottle. Once you have the bag loaded up, you’ll appreciate the ventilated mesh padding on the back panel, and on closer inspection you’ll see the strap stow sections that let you streamline the look of the bag and make it more sleek for professional carry in an office. Going down the center of the bag you’ll notice the luggage-passthrough feature of the bag, letting you put it on top of a larger roll bag for carry on use. Grab handles on each sides and and adjustable straps on the bottom for a jacket or other rolled accessory round out its versatile carry options.

Black Ember has a long history of delivering quality everyday carry gear, and the Kickstarter launch of their SHADOW minimalist waterproof bag lets you get one for yourself at less than the retail price once it’s in full production. You can pick between the 22L or 26L sizes, along with extras and accessories like their recent TKS Sling. If having top tier tech and accessory organization and impenetrable water resistance are big factors for choosing your next EDC bag, consider making a pledge to secure a SHADOW for yourself at the fully funded Kickstarter link below.

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Luminox Navy SEAL Magnifying Glass 3615

Luminox has been working with service personnel for decades, and they bring the kind of knowhow that’s required to make timepieces that can stand up to the scraps and scrapes of military wear. The bright red and black Navy SEAL Magnifying Glass 3615 timepiece brings the same kind of design chops and durability required for surviving any activity. This watch has been officially licensed by the US Department of the Navy, and it was manufactured with precision and the input of actual SEAL operators. That input brings a lot of great quality of life additions to this timepiece that makes it great for your personal EDC, no matter where your mission takes you.

The Luminox Navy SEAL 3615 features a bold black and red rubber strap design that gives it a distinctive look, but its features and heritage make it a special watch. Its 45mm diameter case features special Carbonox material that’s both lightweight and durable. It also maintains water-resistance down to 200 meters when coupled with the stainless steel screw-down crown and 316L stainless steel case back. The watch face is designed for legibility, and features Luminox Light Technology (LLT), a self-powered illumination system that utilizes tiny micro gas light tubes to create ultimate visibility in complete darkness, under any conditions.

Further aiding reading info on the watch is the inset magnetic lens built into the anti-reflective sapphire crystal which makes reading the date complication an easy task. And because it features a TimeDate Ronda 515 Swiss quartz movement inside, the watch will keep on ticking accurately and stand up to rough use better than even a mechanical watch. It’s this unique mix of good looks, legible and practical design, lightweight yet durable construction, and ultra-reliable water resistance down to 660 feet that makes this watch recommended and licensed by the US Navy SEALS.

You might not be a Tier 1 operator going out into the field, but with the Luminox 3615 watch on your wrist, you can meet any challenge that comes your way. If you’re on the hunt for your next everyday carry watch and need rock-solid bombproof rigidity and the kind of quality you can only get from a watch made to go to hell and back, check out more about the Luminox Navy SEAL 3615 at the link below and pick it up for yourself today.

Check It Out

This is a sponsored post presented by Luminox.

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Trending: JBL Under Armour Flash Earbuds

Trending: JBL Under Armour Flash Earbuds

Keeping yourself focused with the right beats at work or at play is best served by a pair of great earbuds. The JBL Under Armour Flash Earbuds offer true wireless capabilities, a sturdy build, and practical features that make it a worthy part of your daily carry kit. Designed to survive tough workouts, they are IPX7 sweat and waterproof, making them more than capable of handling regular EDC use. The included water-resistant aluminum charging case keeps these earbuds topped up, and they can go on duty for 5 hours straight. The case itself can recharge it an extra four times when you’re on the go, for a total of 25 full hours of use. These earbuds feature JBL’s Bionic Hearing technology—a combination of their TalkThru Technology that automatically lowers sound output when it detects you’re in conversation, and AmbientAware which increases ambient sounds for safety while still maintaining the brand’s bold signature sound. Robust construction, nifty features and long battery life make the JBL Under Armour Flash Earbuds a solid and sturdy choice for your everyday audio needs. Check them out at the link below.

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