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Summer 2021
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Ridge Topographic Wallets

The Ridge Wallet is one of the most popular minimalist card holder wallets with the EDC community for a reason, thanks to its convenient design and its extensive customizability. You can get a Ridge Wallet to suit your style and your needs, with different designs of faceplates and either a money clip or elastic band to complete the look. And new this year is the Topographic series, featuring attractively anodized aluminum faceplates and a distinctive laser-engraved design that depicts famous outdoor destinations to bring an adventurous spirit to your daily carry.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a topographic map, it basically adds terrain indicators that give the user some idea of the change in height of the terrain depicted for planning purposes. But aside from the practical origin of the design, some of these maps have intrinsic aesthetic merit, as seen on these new Ridge Wallets. There are three different topographic designs and colorways to choose from: a red clay-evoking design built in homage to The Narrows in Zion National Park, the deep blue oceanic design depicting the famous surfing destination in Hawaii, the North Shore, and finally a dark granite design that depicts the famous Half Dome mountain peak in Yosemite National Park from the top down.

And the best part is that aside from the striking visual design of these wallets, the basics haven’t changed: this is still one of the easiest to use and most practical everyday carry minimalist card holders you can pick up today. There’s room for up to 12 standard payment and identification cards, and the modular design accommodates a money clip or elastic band.  The aircraft grade 6061-T6 plates provide added production for your credentials and personal information by blocking RFID signals from fraudsters and scammers when you least expect it.

Plus with Ridge’s lifetime warranty, you’ll know that picking up one of the new Topographic Ridge Wallets is a decision you can rely on for years to come. Whether you’re just now getting rid of your bulky traditional leather wallet or you’re already sporting a front pocket wallet of your own but want to finally try a Ridge, the Topographic design should be at the top of your list. And even if you already have a Ridge wallet, it’s a great aesthetic addition to your ensemble, and it makes a great gift too. Check out the full range of Topographic designs at the link below.

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NEBO Torchy 2K Flashlight

NEBO Torchy 2K Flashlight

"Despite measuring just 4.5″ long, the NEBO Torchy 2K can pump out 2000 lumens in its quick-use Turbo mode. Its more typical modes range from 35 to 500 lumens, along with a 1000-lumen strobe mode that runs for up to 2.5 hours. It’s made from anodized aluminum and is..." (via The Awesomer)

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Trending: Craft and Lore Port Wallet

Trending: Craft and Lore Port Wallet

Let’s face it, wallets can be cumbersome. Which is why looking for a more efficient way to carry cards and cash is an important step in optimizing your pockets. Craft and Lore’s leather Port wallet is a simple way to hold your cards and cash thanks to its one-piece construction. It’s made from a single strap of leather folded in on itself to form a large central pocket for your cards and some cash. The leather is also cut in a way that provides you with three slots on the outside for easy access to your ID or most used cards. The harness leather used in the Port wallet isn’t only durable enough for EDC, it thrives in it. The material is proven to age gracefully and the quality stitching that holds it all together ensures that you can use this wallet for years to come. The Port wallet comes in seven classic colors, so if you’re looking for a wallet that will last, make sure to pick one of these up by clicking the link below.

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While you probably know G-SHOCK for their reputation of practically bombproof digital watches, they do make lightweight, lower-profile models that offer the same industry-leading performance the brand is known for. In no small feat, the GSTB400-1A manages to deliver shock resistance, waterproofing, and reliable functionality in a much thinner form factor through miniaturization of parts and modules in its carbon core guard structure. If you’re looking for a stylish EDC watch that doesn’t compromise on utility and durability, this new addition to the G-STEEL lineup is one of the sleekest G-SHOCK watches you can wear right now.

With a total thickness of just 12.9mm, the GSTB400 earns the title of the thinnest G-STEEL watch available. The watch features an attractive hybrid analog-digital look that gives you a full suite of timers and other features while not cluttering the overall svelte aesthetics of the watch. For example, even the guards for the stainless steel side buttons have been reduced in size, removing bulk while keeping the buttons easy to operate. Boasting 200M of water resistance and G-SHOCK’s signature shockproofness, the GSTB400 is built tough enough for your day to day and extreme expeditions alike. Its solar-powered module keeps the watch going for more than a year before you’d even need to replace the battery. Last but not least, you can link the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth and take advantage of G-SHOCK's app for notifications and fitness tracking functionality.

If your EDC needs a slim and sleek timepiece with the absolute durability and practicality that only a G-SHOCK can offer, the new GSTB400-1A should be your first stop. You can learn more about the G-STEEL GSTB400 models at the link below.

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Deal Alert: Our Favorite Gear from Huckberry's Summer Sale

Deal Alert: Our Favorite Gear from Huckberry's Summer Sale

With summer in full swing and the temperatures rising, now’s a good time to take stock of your EDC and make some changes where needed. And if you are looking to make some additions to your everyday carry you should take a look at the Summer Sale being held right now by our friends at Huckberry. This yearly sale brings down the prices on over a thousand products on their store down to up to 35% off, and you might see things on sale that usually never see a discount at all. To help you navigate the sale, we’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite EDC items on sale right now on the Huckberry Summer Sale that you should take a look at today.

Customize a Deejo Pocket Knife with MyDeejo

EDC is by nature highly personalized—people not only have different personalities but different needs as well. And it isn’t just the combination of items that we should be able to customize. Why not the tools themselves? Pocket knives in particular can be tough to dial in, with plenty to consider from how it performs, to how it looks, and much more. So why shouldn’t you be able to build your knife from the blade (or the hilt) up?

MyDeejo is the unique online customization service offered by Deejo. Here, you get the advantages of a slim and sleek Deejo knife paired with hundreds of combinations of options to customize a design that's truly yours. You have a classic, ultra-thin blade of 420 stainless steel with an integrated liner lock to keep the knife strong, but still light. A skeletonized handle also contributes to the weight (or lack thereof), and the holster you get with every purchase makes it perfect for EDC. As for handling, you get easy one-handed deployment thanks to a large pivot and friction opening.

But all this is just what you have to start with. Get on MyDeejo, and you can really start to play. The process is simple—just follow these 5 steps using the site’s 3D interface to build up your dream pocket knife.

Step 1: Choose the size and weight of your Deejo knife. You have three options for this step: 0.53 oz (2.76”), 0.95 oz (3.54”), or 1.31 oz (4.33”).

Step 2: Decide on the finishing of your blade. You can choose between mirror, titanium, or black titanium.

Step 3: Select your handle. You can go with naked, color, carbon fiber, or wood.

Step 4: “Tattoo” your Deejo. The customization tool lets you play with over 60 illustrations so you can tailor your knife to your personality. These illustrations include tribal patterns, art deco, animal themes, outdoor and location themes, and more. Even today tattoos are being added, so check out new designs like "chef," "shark," "corsair," and "good luck."

Step 5: Engrave. Make this blade truly unique to you (or for a special someone) by specifying a name or phrase to engrave onto the handle.

Step 6: Order and enjoy. You’ll have noticed that the price changes with your customizations, so you get real-time updates on the value of your knife. So finalize your design with the 5 steps above, hit “Order,” fill up the necessary information, and wait for your Deejo to be arrive at your doorstep. Then show it off as your unique-to-you EDC.

You can step up your own EDC with the unique flair a customized knife from MyDeejo affords, or you can whip up the perfect gift for that special person in your life. Check out how to customize a Deejo pocket knife with MyDeejo at the link below.

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Trending: Fenix 18R

Trending: Fenix 18R

In the flashlight world, when saving space is the name of the game, sometimes you need to compromise output for a reduced size. And while keychain flashlights have come a long way and can now deliver hundreds and even thousands of lumens, they generally have really shorter battery lives than their bigger counterparts. This is where the Fenix E18R comes in, a super compact alternative with a big output and a reliable performance. Despite measuring in at only 2.36“ and weighing in at 1.36oz, the E18R features a maximum output of 750 lumens for up to 45 minutes, a major upgrade from your usual keychain flashlights. Adding even more value to the package, the E18R features magnetic charging, its own pocket clip, an included lanyard, 4 different brightness settings and a magnetic tail so you can stick it to metal surfaces, for hands-free work. All of these thoughtful features are packed inside an aluminum body that's rated IP67-rated body for impact and water resistance. Pick one up as your backup (or main) light at the link below. 

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BladeHQ Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight M4

BladeHQ Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight M4

For years now the Spyderco Para 3 has remained one of the best EDC folding knives you can buy today. And in its Lightweight configuration you can get all the ergonomic cutting power without too much added heft in your pockets. As an exclusive collaboration with BladeHQ, the Para 3 Lightweight gets a fresh new mint green handle and a premium M4 steel blade. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a distinctive everyday carry knife that looks as striking as its ability to cut for you day in and day out no matter what task you throw in front of it.

The standout feature of the BladeHQ exclusive Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight is the mint green FRN handle scales with an aggressive texturing that makes it very grippy when when your hands are wet. The use of FRN material in combination with the reversible deep carry wire pocket clip helps bring the weight down on this model of the knife to just 3.0 ounces in total. The handle is ergonomically shaped to ease actuation of the ambidextrous manual eyehole opening cut into the premium satin-finished CPM-M4 steel blade with Spyderco’s characteristic leaf shape and flat grind. M4 tool steel offers exceptional toughness, hardness, and edge retention, but keep in mind it isn’t as corrosion resistant if you use your EDC in wet conditions or humid environments. The M4 blade’s characteristics let it handle tough, prolonged use, while a secure compression holds the blade in place through it all. For added control over the cut, the design of the Para 3 Lightweight includes added jimping at the spine of the blade and at the bottom choil, letting you get close up on the blade for delicate slicing work.

Whether you want to see what the Para 3 Lightweight hype is about for the first time, or you want a unique Spyderco to add to your rotation, the BladeHQ Mint Green M4 version is one release you don’t want to miss. These limited runs are normally hard to get a hold of, but now you can grab this knife at a discount too while it’s still in stock at the link below.

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Perfect Your Gent’s Carry with Popov Leather

Timeless and classic are the two hallmarks of a gent’s everyday carry, and quality leather goods are some of the best additions you can make to bring a sophisticated edge to your EDC. One brand that exemplifies these hallmarks in their own artisan-crafted goods is Popov Leather. What started out as a passion project in 2013, the brand has since grown into a full-blown production shop putting out leather goods and EDC accessories with innovative designs, quality materials, and tight construction to stand the test of time. And because of the wide range of products available from Popov, you can come close to an all-leather everyday carry ensemble. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite leather items that you can buy right now from the craftsmen at Popov Leather to start you on your journey.

Popov Leather Apple Watch Strap in Heritage Brown

If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your essential smartwatch, Popov Leather makes an Apple Watch strap that’s compatible with any size and any model of the watch you might have on your wrist. It features full grain Horween leather that’s hand-sewn with thick Tiger Thread. This combination means that the leather will patina over time, giving it character, and the watch strap won’t fall apart like cheaper cloth alternatives might.

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Popov Leather Belt

Sometimes it can be too easy to forget that a man’s belt is an essential part of everyday carry, and picking the wrong one can mean the difference between having a good day and a bad one with everything falling apart. A good belt doesn’t just hold your act together, it looks great too, and the English Tan belt from Popov Leather features a timeless design that looks good especially when paired with a nice set of jeans. Each edge of the belt has been burnished and polished, making it smooth and easy to use. The full-grain Horween leather has been treated to reach maximum supple feel while maintaining durability, and the brass hardware will stand up to more than a few day’s adventures.

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Popov Leather Traditional Wallet in English Tan

If a classic bifold wallet is your go-to, Popov Leather’s Traditional Wallet should be your first stop. It features a convenient bill fold design for quick access to your cash without having to fiddle about with unfolding the bills or dealing with complicated holding mechanisms. Plus it works well with American, Canadian, and UK currency, making it great for travel use too. There are six hand-sewn card pockets that can fit at least two cards in each pocket, giving you a massive 12 card capacity if you need it. And with its lifetime guarantee, this could possibly be the last wallet you’ll need to buy.

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Popov Leather Field Notes Cover

If you carry a pocket notebook like the crowd-favorite Field Notes, a quality notebook cover can extend the life of your notebook to ensure it’ll last until the very last page is filled. The Popov Leather Field Notes Cover not only protects your notebook with its durable, premium Horween leather, but it also features two slots for cards and a dedicated external one-size-fits-all pen loop for a convenient, consolidated carry. It’s designed with portability and longevity in mind, and can conveniently still fit in your pocket at just 3.9“ x 6.3” x 0.4“. 

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Popov Leather 5 Card Wallet

If a more minimalist look is more your style, you can keep the heritage design and timeless quality of a Popov Leather wallet by picking their 5 Card wallet, featuring a slim cardholder design with a serious attention to detail from the contrasting Tiger Thread hand stitching and the sanded, burnished, and polished edges of the full-grain Horween Chromexcel leather wallet. And despite the slim design there’s still enough space to hold up to 10 folded bills and 5 payment cards.

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Popov Leather Valet Tray

Whether you're coming home or gearing up to head out for the day, a valet tray makes it easy to keep your EDC ready to go, all in one place. Constructed from full-grain USA Horween leather and sturdy brass snap closures, the Popov Leather Valet Tray provides a beautiful storage solution to consolidate and protect your essentials. The 6" x 6" base is sized just right for your pockets' worth of essentials so you're not scrambling to find your keys in the morning, and when the snaps are undone the tray lays flat for storage or travel.

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You can browse all of Popov Leather’s goods and accessories at their website linked below.

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Trending: Leatherman Bit Kit

Trending: Leatherman Bit Kit

You might already have your favorite multi-tool picked out: it’s portable, it’s functional, and best of all, it comes with a bit driver! To make the most of that driver, you’ll need a variety of bits. But carrying a bunch of loose bits around in your pocket doesn’t seem like the greatest solution. The Leatherman Bit Kit neatly consolidates a comprehensive collection of bits for your driver in a package so small and easy to carry, you’ll barely even notice it’s there. It features 21 different two-sided standards sized bits, which means that you’ll gain access to 42 different bit-heads. And better yet, since these are flat-body bits, they’ll barely take up any space inside your pocket compared to traditional round-body bits. The holster itself measures in at around 4“ by 1”, making it a really portable solution. Adding more value, this kit is compatible with a ton of different Leatherman multi-tools, including the Skeletool, the Wave+ and the Signal just to name a few. You can pick up this Made in the USA kit at the link below.

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