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Our Favorite New RovyVon Flashlights

RovyVon has made a name for itself over the past few years with their compact flashlights that offer lots of power without the bulk, and with unique feature sets seldom seen on everyday carry lights. In 2021, they've expanded their product line to offer everything from EDC-friendly compact lights to tactical penlights and even some massive output lights that offer a no-compromise solution to needing to do work in the dark. To introduce you to the new options available from RovyVon this year, we've rounded up our favorite models that deserve your attention in this guide.


The S3 is a pocket-friendly portable EDC light measuring only 2.74 inches in length, with a detachable pocket clip that secures it in your pockets or on your gear. But don’t let its size fool you, as it features a triple LED design (in CREE XP-G3 for Cool White or Nichia 219C for Neutral White) that puts out a maximum output of 1,800 lumens to a distance of about 413 feet thanks to its unique Finnish LEDiL optics.

The internal 16340 battery is replaceable and recharged via USB-C, and you can check the battery level at a glance via the side switch which is also responsible for the S3’s 5-mode interface including SOS and Strobe. The standard model sports an attractive aluminum body but it’s also available in a super-premium titanium body if you’re looking for the ultimate version of this flashlight to round out your gear.

Check Out the S3

H3 Pro

When it comes to closeup work nothing beats having a penlight, with the familiar shape allowing you to put the light exactly at the right spot when you’re doing inspection or precision tasks. The new H3 Pro improves on the idea of a penlight and gives it more practical (and tactical) capabilities, with a 600-lumen output from a CREE XP-L LED that throws a beam up to about 393 feet. And the business end of this 7075 aluminum-bodied flashlight comes with a defensive strike bezel that works well in emergency situations.

The side switch lets you navigate the output all the way down to a 0.5-lumen Moonlight that lasts up to a reported runtime of 56 hours. But for quick access to Turbo you can use the H3’s tailswitch, which comes with momentary activation as well. The built in 14500 battery is rechargeable, but in a pinch you can power the light with standard AAs you can easily source.

Check Out the H3 Pro

S2 Elite and Premium

If you absolutely need a massive amount of light output for serious outdoor work (or play) you should check out the S2 Elite, featuring 2 x CREE XHP 70.2 LEDs switchable between flood and spotlight use, and powered by 2 x 21700 li-ion batteries. It’s able to output a max of 10,000 lumens out the front and comes with a beefy aluminum handle that helps with heat dissipation for maximizing runtime before things get too hot.

For added convenience the Premium edition of this searchlight comes with 3 x red and 3 x white auxiliary side LEDs and USB-C rechargeability which supports a max 30W input via PD Quick Charge and even two-way charging for your other EDC devices. And with the magnetic tail, you can mount this monster light where you need it and get to work, even at a distance.

Check Out the S2 Elite

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For decades G-SHOCK has become the go-to watch whenever you want indestructible durability and a solid set of everyday timekeeping features. And while tough-as-nails quality will always be the foundation of each G-SHOCK, modern and evolving tech means a watch that can keep up with your daily moves, anytime, anywhere. The GBD200-1 is the frontrunner in the G-SHOCK MOVE lineup, taking inspiration from the tough watches that came before while offering modern tracking as a companion for every activity.

The GBD200-1 presents a digital display wrapped with a square case design, reminiscent of classic G-SHOCK offerings with a thin 15mm profile. This compact form means you can get all the toughness and features you expect without the added bulk. This also gives you a lighter wrist for workouts, the ability to slip under jackets and long sleeves, and more comfort for all-day wear and tracking, especially when paired with the soft urethane band.
As part of the MOVE lineup the GBD200-1’s core features revolve around fitness, including a step tracker, interval timers, lap time measurement, as well as a calories burned tracker, giving you a solid suite of numbers to work on for personal improvement. You can also connect the GBD200-1 to your smartphone via Bluetooth to take full advantage of GPS for calibration and running distance, speed and pace measurements. Once calibrated, there’s no need to be tethered to your smartphone on your next run. Whether your smartphone is on you or not, the GBD200-1 can sync with G-SHOCK's MOVE smartphone app and log your activity history so you can compare and measure your statistics over time, perfect for helping you improve your performance and manage your health.

But let’s not forget that this goal-crushing machine is also a life-proof G-SHOCK. This means setting the standard for toughness and resilience like 200M of water resistance, a scratch-resistant mineral glass, a shock-resistant resin case, as well as an LED super-illuminator backlight for when your fitness journey takes you to low-light environments. All of it packed inside a 49mm case that weighs in at only 58g, in keeping with the GBD200-1’s compact profile.
The G-SHOCK GBD200-1 is the watch to wear when the “C” in your EDC stands for curls, cardio, and calisthenics. Pick it up in two colors at the link below.
Check It Out
This is a sponsored post presented by G-SHOCK.

Trending: Everyman Grafton Pen

Trending: Everyman Grafton Pen

With the Everyman Grafton Pen, the designers combined all the features they liked in their favorite pens to create a tough, versatile, and refined writing instrument for your EDC. This buy-for-life pen features a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum body that keeps the weight down to 1 ounce. This makes it good for long writing sessions, thanks to a well-balanced chassis and a grooved grip section. It also makes it easy and convenient to carry in your pocket all day, aided by a heavy duty bolt-on metal clip. In terms of writing performance, it comes with a smooth-writing 0.7mm black refill, but you can customize it to your preferences. You can run the write-anywhere Fisher Space Pen refill, Monteverde Ballpoint, and Parker Gel and Ballpoint cartridges in the Grafton. It can also take Bic Gel, Uniball Jetstream, and Pilot G-2 cartridges, using the included refill sizing kit. At 5.7" long and 0.4" in diameter, the Everyman Grafton Pen sports a familiar form factor that belies the durability and adaptability built into its design. Check out the different finishes available at the link below.

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Orbitkey Gift Sets

Orbitkey Gift Sets

Nailing down one’s keychain and finally putting the jumble, jangle, and noise to rest is one of the most satisfying organizational accomplishments for one’s own EDC. But even better than achieving that satisfaction is sharing it with someone with their own keychain emergencies. Orbitkey’s organizers are some of the best ways to tame your pocket beast, and with their new Gift Sets they’ve made it even easier to introduce someone you know to the peace and calm of a put-together EDC.

The new Gift Sets are a greatest hits of Orbitkey’s recent and popular releases that are perfect for giving to a friend or loved one. Each set features a unique Orbitkey colorway paired with one of two useful accessories, and they’re a great way to introduce your giftee to the simplicity and efficiency of a well-kept keychain.

The Key Organiser Set pairs an Orbitkey with the Multi-Tool v2, a stealthy one-piece multitool that can ride alongside your keys and offers 9 total functions. These include a pry bar, a flathead screwdriver, a PH2 Phillips-head screwdriver, a letter opener, a metric ruler, an imperial ruler, a box cutter, a coarse file, and when you need a little break from work, you can use the ever reliable bottle opener to crack open a cold one.

The Orbitkeys themselves come in two new colorways in a limited edition Crazy Horse leather (which gets its name from its use in saddle making): Black with Blue Stitching to match midnight loadouts, and Chestnut Brown for a perfect complement to traditional leather ensemble.

The Key Organiser and Clip Bundle instead pairs a blacked-out, premium Saffiano leather organizer and its distinct textured crosshatch pattern with a Clip v2,  Orbitkey’s magnetic carabiner and split ring solution for modular and convenient keychain carry. The Clip v2 features a sturdier new all-metal zinc alloy build for its carabiner, and a magnetic Fidlock quick-release system lets you swap out keysets with ease if you transition between loadouts or locales.

Like all Orbitkeys, each organizer features a post system that can hold 2-7 keys stacked together, and holds them in place with a signature steel locking mechanism. The stainless steel construction improves durability and helps prevent stripping screws when dialing the pivot to your preferred tension. Once set, you can swivel keys out or tuck them back into place—smoothly, silently, and consistently.

Give the gift of organization with Orbitkey’s Gift Sets, which you can check out at their site at the link below.

Check Out the Key Organiser Set

Check Out the Key Organiser and Clip Bundle

Trending: Gerber Center-Drive Multi-tool

Trending: Gerber Center-Drive Multi-tool

The Center-Drive's namesake feature is the large, curved arm on its bit driver. At 3.25” long, this locking arm positions the bit on the center axis of the tool and gives you more room to work with, which makes using it feel more like a dedicated screwdriver. And because you don't need to fully open the tool to center the driver, you can get a more controlled grip on the tool in its wider, closed position. With traditional multi-tool designs, they can feel lopsided and difficult to turn or even uncomfortable to grip when partially unfolded. The Center-Drive also uses standard bits, letting you easily swap in or replace ones you might already have in your EDC.

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Leatherman Raptor Response Shears

Leatherman Raptor Response Shears

Multi-tools often offer tools or features for most general tasks, but sometimes the job calls for a specialized tool. And while Leatherman might be more known for their butterfly-style multi-tools, their trauma shears are in a league of their own for reliable and functional performance. The original Raptor has proven itself as one of the best additions to any first responder’s EDC, and the new Raptor Response arrives as a more compact and pocket-friendly companion, without skimping on its specialized features.

Like the original Raptor, the main body of the Raptor Response is built around a pair of folding trauma shears, an essential tool for delivering first aid. These shears themselves are built from tough and easily maintainable stainless steel, while the handles are made from lightweight aluminum coated with Cerakote. The ceramic coating not only makes surfaces more resistant against scratches, but also heat, corrosion, and chemicals. The addition of these full-metal handles make the Raptor Response more durable compared to the original, which uses nylon handles.

In addition to the shears, which come with blunt tips to avoid further injury when cutting around clothing, the Response offers access to 3 other functions including a ring cutter, a 5cm ruler, and an oxygen wrench. While these might be 2 fewer  functions than the original Raptor, in exchange you get a smaller footprint of 4.3“ while closed and 7.3” when deployed, compared to the original 5“ and 8”. The smaller size also means a lighter weight, staying down at 5.5 ounces, 0.3 less than the original.

While the Response’s changes are minimal, they’re designed to make the most out of the platform and your pocket space. The more accessible size means a more convenient carry you don’t have to think about, making it an easy addition to your carry when out on a commute, on a camping trip, or even as a part of your regular first aid kit. And for even more convenience the Response retains both the lanyard hole and pocket clip from the original design, giving you all the options to round out your EDC. Pick one up in 3 colors at the link below.

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Trending: Keyport Pivot 2.0 Key Organizer

Trending: Keyport Pivot 2.0 Key Organizer

The Keyport Pivot 2.0 improves on the design of the original by making it lighter and more durable than before. For instance, they took the metal band that holds everything together and made it lighter by using thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a material that’s more flexible and durable under strain than the original part. All of the spacers are now made of Delrin material for further weight savings, and the D-ring attachment point is now more robust and able to be attached to carabiners for a secure carry. The tool is also now available in both aircraft-grade aluminum and titanium if you’re looking to lighten your EDC load (or dress it up) to the furthest extent possible.

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