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G-SHOCK Virtual World Collection

G-SHOCK watches are popular in the EDC community for being some of the toughest timepieces out there, specifically designed for people who spend most of their time in rugged terrain or brutal environments. Aside from their time-telling functionality, watches are still an important part of many people’s EDC as a way to express personal style. You might think you can't find extreme durability and functionality in a fashionable watch, but G-SHOCK beg to differ.

Their new Virtual World collection is yet another example of strong aesthetics without compromising the functionality the brand is known for. Inspired by virtual reality, the collection brings vibrant violet and bold blue accents to three digital-analog hybrid watches in a retrofuturistic theme.

Like you would expect from any watch in the G-SHOCK line, all items in the Virtual World collection are shock resistant as well as water resistant to 200M. They also come with a durable but comfortable resin band and a scratch-resistant mineral glass. And to go along with their brawn, these G-SHOCKS also come with all sorts of thoughtful time-keeping functions, such as world time, a stopwatch, a timer, 5 daily alarms, a fully automatic calendar and even a Super Illuminator backlight, to help with visibility in low light conditions. You can pick any of them up at the link below.

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Benchmade in 2022: The 430 Redoubt

Benchmade in 2022: The 430 Redoubt

The Redoubt debuts in Benchmade's 2022 lineup as another tactical offering at a relatively affordable price point of $180 MSRP. Despite its tactical designation, it sports a more all-around utilitarian design that makes it well-suited for EDC use too. Other than the contrasting textured grip portion of the handle, not much else in the design language of this knife differs greatly from existing Benchmade options, for better or worse. The Redoubt offers a lot of the great Benchmade features and design elements that have made the brand popular with EDCers, but the verdict is still out on whether it’s enough to differentiate it from its brothers.

The 5 Best Gift Ideas from Gerber

Through the years, Gerber has been a rock-solid source for EDC gear, from simple but efficient keychain tools like the Shard, all the way to modern pocket-friendly companions in the Prybrids, Armbars, and Lockdowns. Not to mention that they’re continuously pushing themselves to make better products, like the American-made Fastball and a full custom shop to let you built the perfect knife for EDC. In this guide we take a look at 5 of their best-selling products to give you even more gift ideas, especially with the holidays fast approaching.

Trending: Spyderco Endura 4

Trending: Spyderco Endura 4

The first iteration of the Endura was originally released in the 1980’s, gaining immense popularity thanks to its light weight, long slicer blade, and ambidextrous usability. Almost four decades later, the Endura 4 remains one of Spyderco's best selling models. The Endura 4 comes with a 3.75“ leaf-shaped blade made from VG-10 and ground with a saber edge, giving it less friction while cutting and reducing both the amount of drag and the overall weight.

All Endura 4 knives feature Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon (FRN) handles, which help keep the knife down to 3.6 ounces. These handles also come in a variety of different colors and feature Spyderco’s signature Bi-Directional Texturing to give optimal grip. Deployment is via the other signature feature in the Round Hole, offering operation with either hand, and even while gloved. Once in play, the blade is held via a sturdy back lock mechanism. Last but not least, a four-way pocket clip matches the rest of the knife’s ambidextrous carry and use options. Pick it up in a variety of edges and colors at the link below.

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These Gift Ideas From SOG Are Better in Black

These days, EDC gear comes in nearly every color combination you can imagine. But if there’s one color you can bet on, make it black. All-black gear is having its moment (it goes with everything!), but it’s been the go-to color theme for so many EDCers over the years, whether it’s for a tough tactical look or a low-profile minimalist setup. If you know the person on your list is into EDC gear but aren’t sure what to get them, our friends at SOG have lined up some of their best gift-worthy gear for this guide. One thing they all have in common is that they look better in black, and they’re sure to please anyone on your list looking to perfect their “all black everything” carry.

Orbitkey AirTag Holders

Orbitkey AirTag Holders

The Apple AirTag offers superior tracking and great peace of mind especially for those of us who tend to lose our keys and misplace our bags on a constant basis. But finding the right way to attach the AirTag to your gear is a problem that’s a bit trickier to solve. The official solutions are, for the most, part too big and too bulky for most everyday carry purposes. That’s where Orbitkey has stepped in this year to offer your carry lightweight and minimalist options the best way they know how, with their Slim Case and Leather Holder designed to integrate an Apple AirTag locator into your EDC.

The Orbitkey Slim Case is the go-to option for minimalists. As its name implies, it’s a slim holder for the Apple AirTag, but unlike other offerings out there, the Slim Case integrates a 304 stainless steel key ring into its design. This eliminates having to find your own split rings, and it actually helps reduce the noise of the keys in your pockets with fewer moving parts as well.

And if you’re looking for something more traditional, the Orbitkey Leather Holder takes the place of the traditional leather key fob in your everyday carry. It’s an elegant design that features a holder for the Apple AirTag within its LWG-certified premium leather sleeve. It’s Orbitkey’s patent-pending quick release mechanism that sets this apart from traditional key fobs, however, which allows you to easily attach or detach your keys without having to deal with threading through annoying rings and wire just to reconfigure your pockets.

OrbitKey is currently taking pre-orders for the Slim Case and Leather Holder, and they plan to start shipping them out in the middle of next week. If you’re looking for other ways to organize your keys, you can also take a look at their key organizer solutions that make it easy to manage your keys and other essentials, like the flagship Orbitkey itself, a magnetic and modular system in the Clip v2, and a sleek way to manage your identification with their ID Card Holder System. Check them all out at Orbitkey’s site at the link below.

Check Out the AirTag Slim Case

Check Out the AirTag Leather Holder

Trending: Maratac AAA Titanium Flashlight

Trending: Maratac AAA Titanium Flashlight

There’s a reason why despite how much battery technology has advanced people keep coming back to simple AAA flashlights. They’re compact, lightweight, have enough lumens for general EDC tasks. And most importantly, their batteries are easy to find, inexpensive to replace, and with lithium options, have longevity as an emergency power source as well. As one of their most popular flashlights, Maratac takes their AAA flashlight a step further by giving it a premium upgrade in everybody’s favorite metal: titanium.

With an overall length of 2.6“ and a diameter of 0.5”, this pocket torch remains quite portable. It also leverages titanium’s strength-to-weight ratio to keep things feather-weight at only 1 ounce, including the battery. This model comes with 3 brightness settings, with a max of 180 lumens for 75 minutes via its CREE XP-G2 S4 LED. Also new to this model is a glow in the dark diffuser for added convenience and usability for low light conditions. Last but not least, a diamond-patterned texture occupies most of its 6AL4V Grade 5 titanium body, enhancing its grip when using its twisty interface. You can pick one up at the link below.

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Fisher Space Pen AG7-MW Moonwalker

Fisher Space Pen AG7-MW Moonwalker

When Fisher named their Space Pen, it wasn’t just for show. Its ability to write in zero gravity wasn’t theoretical—back in 1968, Fisher was responsible for supplying the pens used in the Apollo 7 mission, the model AG7. The actual first person to use the AG7 in space is also the only surviving member of the Apollo 7 mission, Col. Walt Cunningham. In present day, the AG7-MW Moonwalker pays tribute to Col. Cunningham by preserving the original design but adding modern-day touch ups and quality of life upgrades. Since then, this particular model has been used for over 50 years by multiple space agencies like NASA and SpaceX.

Like with the original AG7, the Moonwalker is made out of solid Brass. But in this modern iteration, that brass construction is plated with nickel titanium nitride to provide a more durable and aesthetic finish. The Moonwalker also features a moderate 5.12“ length, weighing in at 1 ounce for a more comfortable writing experience, enhanced by the addition of a ribbed section to provide extra grip. The Parker-style, black Fisher Pressurized PR4 refill can be deployed by pressing on the pen’s rear clicky button, and once you’re done writing, its side button retracts the cartridge. A sturdy spring metal pocket clip also ensures that this made in the USA pen stays right where it needs to be.

One thing to note is that (at the time of writing) this limited edition pen’s price point is a little more than double if we compare it to the standard AG7 Astronaut pen. Practically, you get the same experience with the addition of the nickel titanium nitride coating, a more pronounced texture at the grip, and the limited edition packaging. But of course, there’s no accounting for its exclusivity and collectability.

If you like the design of the AG7-MW but are a bit hesitant about the price point, there are some alternatives that might interest you. The Bullet Space Pen (also from Fisher) is more compact at 3.75“ and lacks the limited edition aspect, but will give you the same writing performance for about one fifth of the price. If you’re looking for something a bit more premium, Tactile Turn carries a similar side-click pen. Despite not having the iconic space pen refill, it does feature premium material options and a variety of sizes to fit your EDC.

In the end, whether you like to collect pens, space paraphernalia, or just want to add a sleek pen to your everyday carry, the AG7-MW Moonwalker provides the same reliable, premium writing experience that Fisher is known for, in a handsome, history-filled package. Pick one up at the link below.

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Trending: Urban EDC Supply Urban Organizer

Trending: Urban EDC Supply Urban Organizer

Having your EDC organized and in one place is a great way to keep things easy to access and to keep you from forgetting to carry tools you may need for your daily tasks. Made out of genuine Horween leather sourced in the USA, the Urban EDC Supply Urban Organizer was specifically designed for this purpose, while offering a stylish way to showcase your gear. Measuring in at 6.3“ x 4.72”, the Urban Organizer has more than enough room to carry common EDC tools.

On the front are three separate slots designed to carry a pocket knife, a flashlight, and a pen (or similar-sized items) and to keep them from scratching against each other. The middle compartment is about as big as the organizer itself and is suited towards carrying things like a passport or notebook. Finally a smaller back pocket handles essential cards or a bit of cash. Aside from its durable leather construction, the Urban Organizer is saddle-stitched by hand with thick waxed poly cord. It’s available at the link below in English Tan, Nut Brown, and Black, so there’s bound to be one that matches your style and carry.

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