Trending: Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L

Trending: Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L

It's the season for slings, and for Sling Saturday we're featuring one of the most popular ones to come out in the past few years. With the 5L Everyday Sling, Peak made sure to make the most out of the bag's space. The main compartment's key feature is a unique Peak design: the FlexFold dividers. With hook and loop fields on both the front and rear of the main compartment, these dividers can be adjusted for the perfect fit for your gear whether you're carrying a simple travel setup all the way to a complete set of accessories for a camera or drone. The 5L also features two main outer pockets, one interior zipped pocket, and a padded sleeve for a small tablet. The roomier main compartment and quick-access front pocket are both secured with waterproofed, sealing zippers, while the inner pocket comes with color-coordinated slots to keep essentials like batteries and memory cards organized. If you're on the hunt for a versatile sling that can accommodate and protect your essential tech, check out the Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L at the link below.

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Gift the Perfect Knife for the Holidays with MyDeejo

The best tools are not the expensive items you left on your bedside table, it’s the gear that you have right now in your pocket. Deejo knows that an EDC knife is only useful if its there when you need it, which is why it prides itself on their ultralight knives. The barebones aesthetic of the Deejo knives are for more than looks, and they’re known for being easy to use, easy to pocket, and easy to make the perfect custom gift thanks to MyDeejo.

When you get a Deejo knife, you get the option to completely customize it right down to the “tattoo” design on the blade. Want a lighthouse on your blade? You can do that with the click of a button. Or you can keep it simple with just a small personal engraving on the blade—it’s all up to you. The blade options aren’t the only parts that are customizable either. You can choose from a selection of different materials for the handle including wood or carbon fiber, as well as different blade materials like black-out titanium. Whatever knife you’d like to make, there’s a MyDeejo option for you.

Designing your own knife is just the beginning, since they’re meant to be used and not kept in their box. The skeletonized design makes it super lightweight and easy to carry, with the smallest option weighing 15 grams while the largest weighs in at 37 grams. The 3.7” stainless steel blade is a great size for EDC too, giving you plenty of edge to let you slice through what you need whether you’re in a suit or sweats. Its curved design helps you maintain complete control throughout the cut, and the secure liner lock keeps any accidents from happening.

But MyDeejo isn't just about building an ideal knife for yourself. There's nothing that makes an excellent gift more than giving something useful to your loved ones, especially when it's tailor-made to their style and preferences. By building them something special, something nostalgic, and meaningful, it's a great way to show you care. And with all the options available for a Deejo knife, it's the best way to build something extra thoughtful for a perfect present.

Whether you’re looking to gift someone a new heirloom with a meaningful design or want to treat yourself to something that’s entirely your own, the MyDeejo custom knives are a great option. From decking out your own viking-inspired knife or keeping it minimal with your favorite saying, your knife carries your story. Hit up the link below to start building it out for yourself.

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12 Awesome EDC Gifts Under $100

That time of year is finally here. But in spite of all the great deals and crazy steals out there, it’s way too easy to get carried away and go over budget. We’re here to help. We’ve partnered with some of our favorite brands to give you some great gift ideas available this week on their sites and catalogs. And the best part: each item on this list is under $100. It’s the perfect time to get an awesome gift from the brands that know EDC best, all without breaking the bank. Check out the list below, and don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for even more deals coming your way from our coverage this weekend!

Last Day in the Office Before Vacation Carry
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Trending: Rofis ER3A

Trending: Rofis ER3A

It's Flashlight Friday, and today we're going back to basics. The Rofis ER3A is every bit the traditional keychain flashlight, but don't let its simple looks fool you. Making the most of its AAA battery, the ER3A is able to push out 120 lumens for up to 35 minutes, giving you plenty of light at your fingertips with a simple twist interface. The ER3A is built from the ever-reliable aircraft-grade aluminum, giving plenty of strength at the lightest weight possible. And it wouldn't be a keychain flashlight without a split ring, which allows it to easily sit alongside your keys or attach to the rest of your gear. For a simple, efficient, and practical flashlight backup, check out the Rofis ER3A at the link below.

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Perfect Skeletool Multitool set
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Giveaway: Win Over $450 Worth of 5.11 Tactical Gear and Apparel!

Who else loves free EDC gear? This week we’re outfitting one lucky reader with 5.11 Tactical’s latest and greatest to keep you prepared for the fall. Having great EDC tools won’t do you much good without pockets to carry them in, which is why 5.11 Tactical is hooking it up with their their functional apparel and a bag in addition to a solid setup of core pocket essentials. Read on to learn more about everything included in this giveaway and how to enter, courtesy of our sponsor, 5.11 Tactical.

This is a sponsored post presented by 5.11 Tactical.

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Trending: TEC Accessories Titanium Isotope Triode Fob

Trending: TEC Accessories Titanium Isotope Triode Fob

Since the early days of EDC, tritium fobs have always been a neat accessory attached to keychains, lanyard holes, and even zipper pulls, functioning as both aesthetic addition as well as functional feature. The tritium tubes used in fobs is a self-powered light source, thanks to the beta particles emitted by the (harmless) radioactive decay of tritium that cause phosphors to glow. Unlike luminescent coatings like those seen on watches, tritium doesn't need to be "charged" to emit light, making it an ideal locator or illumination for gear in any situation. for Titanium Thursday, TEC Accessories' take on the trit fob is a compact, yet eye-catching skeletonized vial able to hold up to 3 tritium vials within its bores (one 3mm x 23mm vial or two 3mm x 11mm vials per bore). The fob itself is machined from 6AL-4V titanium, letting it keep a light weight at 0.48 ounces without sacrificing durability. A simple lanyard hole at its tail handles its EDC attachment needs. Whether you need the extra flair for your gear or simply need a reliable way to locate them in the dark, check out the TEC Accessories Titanium Isotope Triode Fob at the link below.

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Jack Mason Watch Collection

From top-end Swiss watches to affordable digital options, to microbrands and custom watch enthusiasts, you have hundreds of options for your next daily timepiece. It can be an overwhelming choice, so sometimes it’s good to turn to the people who know their stuff. That’s why Jack Mason made it their goal to bring approachability and legacy to the modern day world of watches. With a passionate team of experts and over 75 years of combined experience in the watch industry, they know their watches inside out from crystal to caseback. Their brand new collection of watches offer luxury timekeeping at an attainable price point, featuring a range of classic utilitarian styles to fit any EDC.

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