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My Medic First Aid Kits

While many of us put together an everyday carry to prepare us for, well, everyday tasks, it’s easy to forget about emergencies and the unexpected. But even if you do try to prepare for medical emergencies, first aid supplies aren’t exactly the most pocket-friendly. That’s why My Medic offers a variety of pre-made, consolidated first aid kits to keep you and your loved ones prepared this holiday season. These first aid kits were designed by military and medical professionals with EDC in mind to take the guesswork out of assembling your own kit. Each kit is equipped to handle specific use cases and situations, so there’s bound to be one that’s right for you or the people on your holiday shopping list.

Trending: Orbitkey Nest

Trending: Orbitkey Nest

Several key features make the Orbitkey Nest stand out from other travel organizers. For starters, it's useful without even needing to open it up thanks to its valet tray lid. An embedded wireless Qi charger on one side of the lid makes it easy to keep your phone, AirPods, and other tech topped up while working at your desk. It uses an included high-quality braided USB-C cable to get the job done while keeping your desk uncluttered from unnecessary charging cables. Next to the embedded charger, you have a valet tray section roomy enough for the rest of your essentials, like a slim wallet, keys, and pocket knife, for example.

The luxe leather lid is gentle on your gear and helps prevent scratches on your desk while saving space and minimizing clutter, keeping your work environment tidy and efficient. The Nest's hardshell enclosure makes it especially capable as a tech travel organizer as it offers a bit of shock- and crush-resistance for your fragile electronics inside your bag, too. There's a lot more under the Nest's lid--check it out at the link below.

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Business Travel EDC
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Gift the Perfect Knife for the Holidays with Deejo

The best tools are not the expensive items you left on your bedside table, it’s the gear that you have right now in your pocket. Deejo knows that an EDC knife is only useful if its there when you need it, which is why they pride themselves on their ultralight knives. The minimalist aesthetic of the Deejo knives are for more than looks, as the knives are also easy to use, easy to pocket, and easy to make the perfect custom gift thanks to MyDeejo.

When you get a Deejo knife, you get the option to completely customize it right down to the “tattoo” design on the blade. Want a lighthouse on your blade? You can do that with the click of a button. Or you can keep it simple with just a small personal engraving on the blade—it’s all up to you. The best-selling tattoo designs this year have involved nature and the world at large: trees, trouts, eagles, and even terra incognita, just to give you more ideas.

The blade options aren’t the only parts that are customizable either. You can choose from a selection of different materials for the handle including wood or carbon fiber, as well as different blade materials like black titanium, which in its 37g variant is the most popular Deejo model to date. Whatever knife you’d like to make, there’s a MyDeejo option for you.

Designing your own knife is just the beginning, since they’re meant to be used and not kept in their box. The skeletonized design makes it super lightweight and easy to carry, with the smallest option weighing 15 grams while the largest weighs in at 37 grams. The 3.7” stainless steel blade is a great size for EDC too, giving you plenty of edge to let you slice through what you need whether you’re in a suit or sweats. Its curved design helps you maintain complete control throughout the cut, and the secure liner lock keeps any accidents from happening.

But MyDeejo isn't just about building an ideal knife for yourself. There's nothing that makes an excellent gift more than giving something useful to your loved ones, especially when it's tailor-made to their style and preferences. By building them something special, something nostalgic, and meaningful, it's a great way to show you care. And with all the options available for a Deejo knife, it's the best way to build something extra thoughtful for a perfect present.

And just to add a bow on top of the perfect present, or to stuff stockings with even more thoughtful additions to your custom knife, Deejo also makes companion accessories to best match and carry your gift, including leather sheaths in a variety of colors and sizes as well as a knife sharpener to keep your Deejo knife in its best cutting shape.

Whether you’re looking to gift someone a new heirloom with a meaningful design or want to treat yourself to something that’s entirely your own, the MyDeejo custom knives are a great option. From decking out your own viking-inspired knife or keeping it minimal with your favorite saying, your knife carries your story. Hit up the link below to start building it out for yourself.

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Original Sin Watch
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Day off Carry Updated
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SOG Surrept Carry System Packs

When you look at some of the most popular bags within the everyday carry community, it’s not surprising to see plenty of outdoor technical bags and tactical packs. While those packs are built for critical missions and outdoor environments, most of us spend our day-to-day simply commuting around town. 

The SOG Surrept Carry System of bags and pouches were designed with the everyday commuter in mind, while still featuring the technical construction and tactical features we EDCers look for in their bags. 

The result is a sleek range of packs that can blend into both urban and outdoor environments with the versatility to tackle work, travel, and emergencies alike.

Each of the six bags in the Surrept Carry System performs well for its intended uses, but they work even better in conjunction with one another. 

The primary pack in the lineup best suited for daily carry is the mid-sized, 24L Surrept/24 CS. It offers ample storage for a full day’s worth of essentials and emergency gear, with clever organization throughout. You can access its main compartment via a top-half U-shaped zipper. Inside you’ll find a dedicated padded laptop sleeve and a tablet/document sleeve, with the rest of the compartment left empty. The bulk of the organization lies in the front pocket, which features an admin panel, horizontal zip pocket, and integrated key leash. 

But the storage doesn’t stop there: a hidden rear section under the pack’s straps conceals a customizable loop field for additional gear attachments or a holster for concealed carry. Two water bottle pockets flank the sides of the bag, while a zip compartment on the base of the bag is perfect for stowing bulky items or gear you need in a pinch. 

The Surrept/16 CS features many of the same features—including dedicated laptop storage—and design language, but in a smaller 16L capacity for more compact loadouts.

You can see design influences from both the outdoor and tactical fields throughout the entire Surrept range. 

They’re all made from water-resistant 420D nylon ripstop like you’d find on a technical outdoors pack. The secure velcro panel compartments should satisfy any tactical EDC’s needs for modularity or CCW-compatibility. 

Despite that, the Surrept line still offers travel-friendly features like locking 2-way zippers, as well as smart, tech-friendly features like admin organizers, padded laptop sleeves, and tablet pockets. 

Best of all, the bags keep a low profile with a sophisticated yet sleek aesthetic worthy of its Surrept namesake, ensuring you can rely on the bag for urban carry as well.

The SOG Surrept Carry System is an ambitious one that delivers performance for your day-to-day by blending technical and tactical features in an efficient, understated way. You can learn more about the whole line of bags and all their features at the link below.

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Trending: Dango Capsule Wide

Trending: Dango Capsule Wide

Dango's larger Capsule Wide sets itself apart from the more common pill-shaped containers with its wide and shallow form factor. This made-in-USA, food-safe, and waterproof anodized aluminum container gives you a nifty way to carry and organize your small EDC items. Measuring 2.28" x 0.83", it provides enough storage for a everyday items like a spare key, loose change, and memory cards. It’s also suitable as a go-anywhere container for emergency or outdoor gear like first aid essentials or even fishing bait for the more adventurous EDCers.

Accessing your gear is a matter of simply twisting off its threaded screw-down lid. On the back, is removable stainless steel clip that lets you keep the Capsule Wide within easy reach—clipped onto your belt or the strap of your EDC pack. If you’re looking to let this settle in your pocket or in your bag, an integrated loop hole allows you to attach a lanyard, or secure it with a tether, ideally with one of Dango’s very own metal-clasped tethers or slings.

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G-SHOCK Forged Carbon MUDMASTER GWG2000-1A3

G-SHOCKs are in a league of their own when it comes to watches that can resist the wear and tear of daily use even in the harshest conditions. But even within the legendary lineup some models are a cut above the rest, purpose-built to truly be the toughest watches you can wear on your wrist.

One look at the new GWG2000-1A3 and it’s clear that every millimeter of the watch was designed for toughness, and worthy of carrying the MUDMASTER badge. True to its name, the watch is both dust and mud-resistant thanks to a screw lock crown and mud-resistant buttons, with stainless steel pipes and silicone buffers bolstering their construction against ingress. But its unique feature is a new forged carbon bezel paired with a carbon core guard case structure, allowing for maximum impact protection while still contained in a wearable 54.4mm case weighing 3.74 ounces.

The secret to the new bezel and structure is carbon fiber, which is then heat-pressed to shape MUDMASTER's premium components. Its carbon fiber reinforced frame, stainless steel buttons  with silicone buffers, bolster its structure. The result is a thinner, but no less effective case at 16.1mm, 1.9mm thinner than its predecessor. Inside the case is a hybrid dial, designed and optimized for maximum legibility in the outdoors.

 It features a digital display that delivers information depending on which sensor you activate: thermometer, barometer, altimeter, or digital compass, indicated by a yellow arrow on the top left quadrant and the second hand points to north, altitude or barmetric pressure differential depending on the mode. The analog timekeeping utilizes oversized Arabic numerals at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions. For low light conditions, you can activate its Super illuminator function composed of two high-brightness LEDs, which in turn help power up the Neobrite coating on the analog hands

The face itself is protected by a clear, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal featuring a non-reflective coating. Even the band features a detailed texture that adds to the robust aesthetic while also adding grip while worn. This Tough Movement, Tough Solar powered G-SHOCK, naturally, is also water resistant for up to 200 meters, offering top tier protection against every element.

But it’s not all brawn with the GWG2000-1A3. Like with many flagship G-SHOCKs, you can expect a full suite of timekeeping and data-tracking functions, like a 1/100-second stopwatch, 5 daily alarms, a countdown timer and world time for 29 time zones + UTC. Last but not least, you can count on the watch keeping you on a precise schedule thanks to GSHOCK’s signature Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping technology. Pick up the best of the best at the link below.

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Quick Getout EDC
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Pelican G5 RF Field Wallet

While many options exist for extremely durable bags, watches, and plenty other EDC gear, wallets are a different story. It’s a bit odd considering they carry your (arguably) most important and valuable essentials. Sure you can find wallets made of metal or carbon fiber to keep your cards protected from accidental drops or even RFID-skimming, but once water enters the equation, all bets are off. If you’re the type of EDCer who doesn’t leave the security of their valuables up to chance, you probably know of the brand Pelican. They make some of the best storage solutions for gear that’s absolutely worth protecting, like expensive cameras and outdoor survival gear. Now, they’ve brought their expertise in manufacturing overbuilt, bombproof cases to your pocket with the G5 RF Field Wallet. It’s a crushproof, waterproof, and even “hackerproof” solution to store your most valuable essentials.

The G5 RF Field Wallet looks less like your traditional bifold wallet and more like an impenetrable shell, constructed with an aircraft grade aluminum exterior. The lightweight metal helps shave grams to keep it pocket friendly while lending to the wallet’s water-, crush- and impact resistance. It also helps it fend off RFID signals, blocking attempts to steal your personal information from cards you’re carrying.

The wallet goes beyond material choices to offer this level of protection, too. The clamshell design keeps shut with a secure snap-latch system that inspires confidence when closed and requires deliberate force to disengage. This closure mechanism, combined with a gasketed O-ring seal, makes the wallet waterproof to an IP67 rating, allowing it to withstand submersion in water for up to 1 meter for about 30 minutes. Both the latch and the hinge of the wallet use steel pins, rather than aluminum or brass ones like you’d find on similar offerings, to ensure maximum durability at potential failure points with moving parts.

Once you open the wallet it lays flat in a vertical layout, offering two storage compartments lined with a soft and grippy elastomer material to carry your items. The top compartment features an elastomeric strap, ready to carry your credit, debit and ID cards. The bottom section keeps smaller items like folded cash, loose change, or a spare key in check with a perforated elastomer “mesh” pocket. Last but not least, a rear rubber cash strap provides additional external storage for cash overflow and quick access to things that need less protection.

The G5 RF Field Wallet features a built-in lanyard attachment point and included wrist lanyard for added security and multiple carry options wherever your adventures take you. Keep your money and information protected from water, virtual thieves and heavy impact with the Pelican G5 RF Field Wallet. It's available in Black or Silver for $39.95 exclusively from Pelican at the link below.

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Trending: CRKT CEO

Trending: CRKT CEO

CRKT's sleek CEO folder stands out with its letter opener-esque slim and narrow silhouette which sits discreetly in your pocket thanks to its tip-down, ultra deep-carry clip. It deploys manually via thumb studs on smooth IKBS bearings, locking into a liner. The 3.1" 8Cr13MoV, flat ground, plain edge blade gives you plenty of cutting edge to work with, coming to a narrow tip for precision work. Its glass reinforced nylon handles provide a solid, ergonomic grip and keeps weight down to just over 2 ounces total. For an excellent EDC in and out of the office, check out the CEO at the link below.

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Trending: Gerber Curve Multi-tool

Trending: Gerber Curve Multi-tool

Measuring in at only 2.25“ x 0.75” when closed, Gerber managed to pack 6 useful functions into their lesser-known Curve multi-tool. Inside its ranks you’ll find four lockable tools for added convenience and security: a compact 1.25“ blade, individual flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers, and a file. On the handle side you’ll find a carabiner slot that allows you to attach it to your gear, and its gate can open up (preferably cold) beverages after a hard day’s work.

Aside from its high practicality, the Curve also sports an ergonomic design made out of stainless steel that weighs a mere 0.8 ounces. Carry it inside your pockets, attach it to your keychain, or clip it to a bag; any way you look at it, you’ll get a ton of functionality for very little size and investment.

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