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Dango P02 Pioneer Travel Wallet

There’s no denying that traveling is a unique experience. You get to see the world, experience a wealth of food and culture, and even put some of your EDC to good use. But travel comes with its unique challenges, too, especially when it comes to what you keep in your pockets. When you’re managing boarding passes, foreign currency, and travel passes on top of everything else you’re carrying, sometimes a little help goes a long way. Dango’s new P02 Pioneer travel wallet is just the ticket, with its jet set-ready features and the fit and finish Dango is known for. And with some extra functionality that makes it convenient and useful to EDC, the P02 is worth a spot on your next itinerary.

As expected from a robust travel wallet, the P02 isn’t lacking for storage. From currency to cards, passports to keys, and even space for a phone, you’ll have all your travel essentials easily accessible, all with ample RFID protection. There’s a special slot along the wallet’s spine for Dango’s own optional pen, and thanks to a through-hole design you can grab it while the wallet is both open and closed. Speaking of closing, the clasp that holds the P02 closed is actually a compact multi-tool with 5 functions, including a chisel, bottle opener, 1/4“ hex socket, and 2 drivers, so even if you’re not able to travel with your full EDC, you still have tools at your disposal. Rounding out the wallet is an external water-resistant pocket that’s a good spot for small items like loose change or often-used transport cards.

Since the P02 is built for travel, it comes with Dango’s premium DTEX material, a rugged, flexible, and weather-resistant non-leather synthetic textile. The wallet also gives you a few options for carry; you can slip it on its own into a pocket or bag, or carry it like a sling with its included nylon webbing strap. Either way, at 6.6“ x 4.33” the P02 remains as compact as possible for ease of transit, bigger than your usual wallet but smaller than most travel folios.

Whether off on a business trip or exploring the world on your next adventure, the Dango P02 wallet is the travel wallet that can go the extra mile. Pick one up from Dango at the link below.

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8 New Production Knives by Custom Designers in 2019

8 New Production Knives by Custom Designers in 2019

If you want the very best for your EDC, you often have to go for something custom made by knife designers who take quality and craftsmanship to the next level. Many EDCers and knife enthusiasts consider high-end customs to be holy grails of collecting, as they offer unique designs, exotic materials, and premium build quality that put them a cut above what you can generally find with standard production knives. But quality doesn’t come cheap—and for many EDCers, the price of admission alone can keep these knives more aspirational than accessible. However, thanks to the trend of EDC brands teaming up with custom knifemakers to release production knives based on their high-end, custom design counterparts, you can get close to the real deal at a fraction of the cost. Luckily in 2019, more and more of these knives are coming to market, and in this guide we’ll highlight some of our favorite collaboration designs released thus far.

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Find Your Next Watch with Watch Gang

With summer in full swing, now's the perfect time to switch up what's on your wrist. But with so many options out there, finding a stylish timepiece that'll work for your EDC isn't so simple. The good news is you don't have to do it alone. Watch Gang and its community of savvy watch collectors make the watch-hunting process that much easier with active discussions, trades, and curated shopping. Whether you're looking to link up with collectors in Watch Gang's free-to-join watch swap community, or would rather have carefully selected pieces sent to you from their premium watch subscription service, Watch Gang can help you round out your summer carry.

Some preliminary research on the watch market should make it clear that nice watches often come with a hefty price tag, especially if you're buying new at retail. Other sought-after pieces might not even be available at all. Watch Gang makes these watches a bit more accessible with their free membership in a couple of ways. First, you can tap into their community of 30,000 and growing collectors as a central hub for swapping and trading watches—perfect for both newcomers and seasoned collectors alike. If you prefer buying directly, Watch Gang works with brands you know and love like Seiko, Citizen, Orient, and more to pass on savings to you.

While cost can be one barrier to upping your watch game, the other can be selection. If you want to make the decision-making process easier, you can opt into Watch Gang's paid premium subscription service. They'll send you a new watch every month, picked just for you based on your tastes and preferences for up to 70% off retail. The service offers three tiers and price ranges depending on your budget, but you'll receive a watch that's worth more than the subscription's cost of admission. Watch Gang makes the service even more exciting by entering members into a drawing to win watches throughout the week, from big hitters like Rolex, TAG Heuer, and Seiko.

If you've been interested in collecting watches, Watch Gang offers a variety of ways to dive right in. Check out their free-to-join community and paid subscription services at the link below. As an Everyday Carry reader, you can save 15% off your watch subscription with promo code EDC15. 

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Find Your Next EDC with Monthly Knife Club

So you want a new everyday carry knife, but you don’t know where to start. The good news is that there’s tons of options out there, and there’s plenty of ways to find one that’s right for you. The bad news it that the sheer number of options can be just plain daunting. It’s easy to get lost in the weeds, spending more time researching your next purchase rather than just getting down to it. That’s where Monthly Knife Club comes in, bringing you a subscription box service geared specifically for people looking for their next EDC knife. And whether you’re a newcomer to the scene or a seasoned veteran looking for a nice surprise to round out your collection, the Monthly Knife Club has a lot to offer.

For a low monthly price starting at 25 dollars, Monthly Knife Club will send you a quality everyday carry knife in the mail, letting you skip the research part and get right to using your new EDC. And the gear you get every month won’t disappoint, as Monthly Knife Club’s offerings feature the same trusted production EDC knifemakers you know and trust. You can even take a look at what they’ve sent out in the past to help gauge your own interest. There are also different subscription box tiers, as well as a category for users who prefer to EDC a fixed blade knife. If you up the commitment a bit, you gain access to high-end designs, with some great tactical gear thrown in as well.

A subscription to Monthly Knife Club gives you access to quality knives for your everyday carry at a fraction of the cost of picking them up individually on a monthly basis. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend lots of time figuring out what to buy: it just appears at your doorstep. It’s a value worth considering whether you’re new to EDC or looking for some fresh air. And for a limited time only, you can save 10% on your first month’s box or individual knife purchase using code ‘19SUMMER_EDC_10.’ Join now at the link below.

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Elephant N3D Wallet

Elephant N3D Wallet

"Elephant Wallet’s sleek and modern card holder is milled from a block of aluminum. Its front is solid and blocks RFID scanning, while its rear provides easy access to up to nine cards, which stow under a colorful fabric strap. Available with your choice of..." (via The Awesomer)

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