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The Most Innovative Everyday Carry Releases This Week

The Most Innovative Everyday Carry Releases This Week

Whether you're a seasoned EDC enthusiast or just getting started, these new releases are sure to reshape the way you carry and use your essentials.

Big Idea Design’s Ultem Pen Elevates Everyday Writing

A pen that writes well is best for everyday carry. But a pen that also looks great at the same time is a bonus. That’s why the new American-made and machined Ultem and titanium clip pen from Big Idea Design is a great candidate to be your next pocket daily driver. The hot translucent yellow from the US-made Ultem polyetherimide is becoming ubiquitous in everyday carry gear, but it’s not just for show. Using it in a fountain pen allows you to visualize the amount of ink you have left to work with, and it cuts a unique look in your hand compared to a basic clear plastic demonstrator pen you might find elsewhere.

And even if you’re new to fountain pens, the Big Idea Design Utem is a great place to start. That’s because the Kaweco nib on the pen writes very smoothly, with a fine line thickness that doesn’t feel as scratchy as other entry-level pens. And when comparing it to the feel of a cheap ballpoint, there’s no competition. Using the Kaweco nib also opens the wide world of swapping out nibs to the exact thickness that works for you because Kaweco sells those nibs in various sizes. The pen also comes with six Kaweco pearl black standard ink cartridges, and the more adventurous enthusiasts may attempt to fill the entire inner body of the pen with ink with a bit of silicone sealant to make for a tighter seal.

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Luminox 3500 Masters Time with Military Precision

“All In All The Time” is one of the key mantras of the Navy SEALs, and Luminox celebrates this testament to unwavering commitment and resilience with the Navy SEAL 3500 “All In All The Time” watch. Crafted with a 45mm CARBONOX case and uni-directional bezel, this limited-edition timepiece combines lightweight carbon fiber with a robust construction to offer unparalleled durability. The watch’s face proudly bears the SEALs’ mantra, “All In All The Time,” embossed in gold color from 7-11 hours, a daily reminder to embody their relentless spirit. The gold-tone Navy SEAL trident logo on the case back juxtaposes the black-out design, creating an aesthetic of bold contrasts.

Thanks to its integrated Luminox Light Technology, the Luminox Navy SEAL 3500 shines continuously, ensuring 24/7 visibility in all conditions for up to 25 years. It's powered by a Swiss Ronda 515 quartz movement that boasts a 50-month battery life and can withstand depths up to 200 meters. Its sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating ensures minimal scratches through any adventure. With only 775 pieces available globally, this timepiece is as exclusive as it is inspiring.

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Vosteed’s Ankylo Knife Innovates at the Push of a Button

Vosteed is one of the most respected brands in the knife industry, so we're all ears when they launch a Kickstarter campaign for a new knife. The Ankylo Knife by Vosteed was created by asking their customers what they wanted in a knife: a pivot that doubles as a button, a new lock mechanism, a comfortable design, a secure lock-up, and it has to be fun to use. The Ankylo delivers all that and more.

The Ankylo’s 3.18” Böhler Elmax reverse tanto blade is a workhorse. Elmax steel combines excellent edge retention, high wear resistance, good corrosion resistance, and ease of sharpening. The handle of the Ankylo is constructed from 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum, ensuring the ultimate weight-to-strength ratio. Every corner is double CNC chamfered, and the handle boasts a hard-coated matte finish with a machined texturized pattern for secure control even in adverse conditions.

What truly sets the Ankylo apart is its new and innovative V-anchor lock. A N52 neodymium cylindrical magnetic connector is discreetly inserted within the lock shaft. This ingenious design ensures that the lock button remains recessed even when the blade is closed, enhancing safety. In conjunction with the thick lock plate, the connector creates an integral fail-safe system. Whether the lock is engaged or not, there are always contacts among the three parts, providing stability and reinforcing the lock mechanism.

There are still a few days until the Kickstarter ends for an Ankylo in your choice of color, so be sure to check it out; standard disclaimer for being aware of how Kickstarter and crowdfunding work.

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GORUCK's GR1 Upgrades Offer Less Weight and More Utility

The GORUCK GR1 has reached a venerable spot in the everyday carry loadouts of enthusiasts everywhere, and one of the key reasons is the bombproof 1000D ballistic nylon construction of their original design. The use of high-denier fabric helps the bag resist damage from scratches and abrasion, and it provides inherent water resistance, thanks to the strength and density of the weaving. However, one significant downside is the overall weight of the bag, which can be too much for some users who are thinking about picking one up for their loadout. Users have also noticed that the abrasive ballistic nylon can rub and wear against softer clothing over time because everyday clothing isn’t built to the same bombproof specifications. Another much-requested quality-of-life upgrade seen in GORUCK's more recent models is a quick-access top pocket that makes it extra useful during travel and has become a staple in modern daypacks or weekender backpacks.

To address this situation, GORUCK has made its first significant updates to its original GR1 design. The new GR1 now includes 210D CORDURA in the back panel and shoulder strap area, making for a better quality-of-life experience with the bag without compromising the reliability and durability of the overall pack. It makes for a more plush feel in your hands that does less damage to your clothes simultaneously. Plus, GORUCK has already tested the material swap in other parts of their line, and in our experience, it has resulted in much more enjoyable EDC packs. Each new GR1 from GORUCK is made in the USA, and while the new quick access pocket is limited to the Black and Ranger Green 21L, other colors and sizes are available with the 210D backing upgrade. We’ll watch for and report when the 210D and quick access pocket upgrades become standard additions to all future packs.

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LOOP GEAR's SK03 Pro Unleashes the Power of the Dark Side

We were highly impressed with LOOP GEAR’s SK03 compact light when we previewed it while it was on Kickstarter, and the Pro version adds even more functionality while retaining the same fit-in-your-palm, AA-sized form factor and dimensions. This aluminum version weighs a mere 65g (2.3oz) even with the battery, sporting an all-black aesthetic that LOOP GEAR aptly calls “Darth Vader.” Bright side LEDs make it easy to find in dark environments, while illumination is still handled by the same impressive 6500K Philip LED emitter that produces a max of 1,000 lumens.

Unique to the SK03 Pro is its special multi-functional bracket with a magnetic base that can be attached to metallic surfaces. This allows you to angle the light for hands-free use. The bracket also features a retractable stainless steel blade/bottle opener, providing even more utility. The SK03 Pro comes with a 14500 Li-ion battery with a built-in USB-C port for direct charging into the cell, removing the need for a separate external charger.

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Upgrade Your Everyday Carry With WE's Anniversary Sale and New EDC Releases

Upgrade Your Everyday Carry With WE's Anniversary Sale and New EDC Releases

In this roundup: sweet deals from WE Knives' 10th anniversary and a lineup of exciting new EDC releases from our favorite brands.

WE Knife Co. Celebrates 10 Years with Limited Edition Releases and a Huge Sale

It’s been 10 years since WE Knife Co. entered the scene (and 24 years since its founding in 2000), showing the world that they could stand toe to toe with the very best knife manufacturers, and this year, they’re celebrating the milestone with re-releases of their iconic knives, as well as a massive sale and commemorative promotion for many of their CIVIVI knives.

The two knives leading the anniversary are the CIVIVI Elementum in a special Jungle Wear Fat Carbon Fiber colorway built just for the anniversary and the 601X, a re-engineering of one of their early and popular models, the 601. Both are dressed in premium iterations, with the Elementum packing S35VN for its blade and the 601X with 20CV across four titanium-handled colorways. Each of the 601X models is limited to 150 pieces and comes with a custom serial number and certificate of authenticity, so these surely will be the first to go.

There’s also plenty to see in the CIVIVI sale, with up to 51% off across a ton of models like the Conspirator, Sentinel Strike, Synergy3, and the Voltaic. The 10th Anniversary event is ongoing on both WE and CIVIVI websites (where you can claim promotions like a giveaway, commemorative shirt, and coin) and other partnered retailers like Amazon, and runs through April 18th.

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Big Idea Design Unveils Its Very First Fixed Blade Knife “The Lookout”

Big Idea Design has entered new territory with its first fixed-blade knife, the Lookout. As their 47th Kickstarter project, it comes from a long line of successful EDC products and packs a punch in a small package. It's named after the iconic Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN, and was designed in collaboration with their CNC shop manager Mak Kelsay, ABS Journeyman Smith.

With a compact 2.2” blade and an overall length of 6.2”, the standard Grade 5 titanium-handled model is equipped with an M390 steel blade, while the USA line features a MagnaCut blade with handle options in G-10, Ultem, and Tigerwood to suit your taste. What's truly impressive about this new drop is the attention to detail, from the custom-made lanyard screw to the custom-milled center-mounted clip on the included Kydex sheath that ensures the Lookout doesn't stray in your pockets. The knife's overall small profile, even with its sheath, lets it carry very light for a fixie and is a great alternative for an EDC knife, especially with its wealth of premium materials. For BigIDesign fans and knife enthusiasts alike, the Lookout is a great addition to any collection.

Standard crowdfunding disclaimer here, so just be aware of how pledging on Kickstarter works, but there's still time to back your own Lookout at the link below.

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AceBeam’s High-Tech Terminator M2-X Dominates the the Dark

With modern everyday carry flashlights, you don’t have to be limited to a regular light's traditional cylindrical design and single-head emitter output. Take the new AceBeam Terminator M2-X torch, for example. It takes its design cues from what you might find on a tactical weapon light customarily mounted on a rifle and shrinks that power and unique versatility into a more compact package that fits your hand. The flat design of the AceBeam Terminator M2-X is thanks to its standout feature: the multi-source design, which gives you a combination spotlight, floodlight, and auxiliary light in one pocketable body, all without having to carry multiple lights to get the job done. While the AceBeam might lack the infrared (IR) illuminator or the laser designator, it maximizes its footprint to give you a rich feature set even if you consider yourself as decidedly non-tactical.

On one side of the flat-bodied light is the flood light, which comes out to a max of 3,200 lumens out the front with the Cool White 6500K version of the light. The high-CRI edition knocks it down for 2,000 lumens but retains better rendering of colors, especially at a distance for quick identification. The RGB auxiliary lights are on the periphery of the floodlight section, which gives you additional color options. Handy is the red light, which is better for low-light situations if you don’t wish to ruin your night vision. On the other side is the spotlight, which throws 900 lumens over 1,600 feet. Each of these functions usually features on individual flashlights, but the draw of the AceBeam M2-X is being able to pack just one device for your loadout, and it strikes a unique path in the pocketable everyday carry flashlight space that deserves some consideration.

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Mystery Ranch's Radix Packs Set the Standard for Lightweight Stability

Lightweight bags have recently become more popular for everyday carry, but the ones available today tend to be unstructured when they are not filled to the brim with gear. Bags like the updated Radix line from Mystery Ranch buck that trend by combining lightweight technical materials with a structured frame that holds the bag's shape regardless of the load carried inside. The new series from Mystery Ranch was made for people who climb up mountains and cliffs regularly, but the need for lightweight and stable packs can benefit anyone who opts for a quality bag or pack for their own everyday carry missions. The Radix series from Mystery Ranch comes in three different capacities, but for everyday carry use, we will focus on the 31L version of the bag.

Its two key features are the lightweight 100D Robic recycled ripstop nylon fabric shell and the removable aerospace aluminum frame that helps this hiking and climbing bag hold its shape. It has a top flap buckled construction with an off-center main zipper for accessing the main compartment for your carry convenience. The bag features hydration bladder compatibility, but unlike Mystery Ranch’s dedicated urban everyday carry bags, there is minimal padding in this pack. Lightweight movement and freedom, as well as harness comfort, were at the top of the list of Mystery Ranch’s crafters when they made the Radix line, and that unique approach can make them great for everyday carry even if you don’t climb up big rocks regularly.

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Danner's Moc 917 with GORE-TEX is a Fresh Huckberry Exclusive

It’s easy to focus on what’s in your pockets or your pack when it comes to everyday carry, but having the right shoes for your travels both near and far is a critical component often overlooked. As someone who’s overlooked having comfortable shoes in the past, it’s better to discover the benefits of having great shoes before you discover the painful aftermath of having the wrong ones on your feet after a long hike. One of the most comfortable shoes you can buy is based on the venerable moccasin pattern, and Danner has teamed up with our friends at Huckberry to provide a modern interpretation of this comfortable shoe with modern touches that make it an excellent choice for daily wear.

The original water moccasin was woven from tanned leather skins by Native Americans. Danner has a rich history dating back decades, taking that woven design that offers comfort in the front toe box and turning it into a working boot. In its latest incarnation in collaboration with Huckberry, Danner has updated their Moc 917 from the 1960s with a mix of leather and GORE-TEX liner to provide excellent waterproofing while keeping a heritage look. And where old moccasins had a smooth leather sole, Danner’s new Moc 917 comes with a lightweight Vibram SPE sole for added grip on wet and slippery surfaces. With a 365-day warranty and eligibility for Danner’s recrafting services, you can rely on this boot for all your travels in the years to come.

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Spruce Up Your Everyday Carry In Time For Spring With New EDC Releases This Week

Spruce Up Your Everyday Carry In Time For Spring With New EDC Releases This Week

In this roundup, find the best spring releases from our favorite brands to spruce up your outdoor adventures and everyday life.

The GORUCK M23 Field Pack Offers Classic Carry With a Modern Twist

It’s too easy to think that only new bags with cutting-edge designs suit modern everyday carry. A rich heritage of great bags has been crafted in the past, and they still have a place today. This is especially true when modern crafters like the people at GORUCK add new quality-of-life improvements to some classics. Take their M23 Waxed Canvas Field Pack, for example, GORUCK’s take on the venerable M1945 field pack issued to US military forces during World War II. Built to exacting standards in the United States, just like the original combat knapsack it’s based on, the M23 features a bombproof design and a unique heritage look thanks to its 10.10oz Army Duck Canvas construction, treated with wax to be waterproof. It has just the right amount of modern equipment to make it well-suited for your next everyday carry bag.

Unlike the original bag you might find in a museum or surplus shop, the M23 has a few intelligent improvements up its sleeve. For example, its exterior comes with three pockets, side access to the interior, and a back panel upgraded to a non-abrasive 210D CORDURA nylon. The interior features an extra-reinforced 14 to 16” laptop compartment that’s missing in the original simply because US GIs didn’t have that kind of tech on them. The back panel also features a removable, rigid plastic frame sheet to hold its shape and stay upright when unloaded. Extra padding on the saddle also makes this a more comfortable bag to wear, while magnetic FIDLOCK buckles put a convenient modern spin on the top lid opening. The GORUCK M23 is available in medium 21L and has a sizeable 26L capacity to suit your needs, and you can pick between having it in black, dark oak brown, and olive drab based on your aesthetics.

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Field Notes "Flora" Edition Memo Books Inspire Blooming Ideas

The "Flora" edition of the Field Notes Memo Book is in a three-pack featuring three beautiful designs from Chicago artist Emmy Star Brown. Each notebook features high-quality 100#C McCoy paper cover stock with colorful renditions of Brown’s artwork evoking colorful flowers in a garden. The three particular Spring Field Notes Memo Books come in one each of ruled, dot graphed, and unmarked plain, making this a versatile set for everyday carry. You can carry all three in your pocket or bag because of their slim size and lightweight, or you can pick the one that suits your notetaking requirements for the day’s activities.

If you order this special pack from Field Notes in the United States or Canada, you will also receive a custom packet of wildflower seeds to try your hand at gardening and brightening your lawn. And if the cover art particularly suits your fancy, Field Notes has also made 500 sets of full-sized prints of the "Flora" art that are numbered and signed by the artist and placed in frames to decorate the walls of your house.

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CRKT’s Forebear Cuts Through Time With Classic Slip Joint Mechanism

The Forebear is a testament to timeless design, featuring a classic slip joint mechanism reminiscent of a centuries-old tradition. Designed for everyday carry, it boasts a dual-blade setup, with both larger and smaller Wharncliffe blades opening from opposite ends of the handle. The 12C27 steel blade ensures excellent edge retention, while the nail nick facilitates easy opening. The G-10 handle provides exceptional grip in any weather condition, ensuring a secure hold even in wet or slippery environments. With its lightweight design and traditional slip joint mechanism, the Forebear is a reliable and enduring companion for everyday carry needs.

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Reel in Adventure With Snow Peak’s Fly Fishing Starter Set

The Snow Peak Fly Fishing Starter Set is a comprehensive package designed to provide beginners with all the essential tools needed to kickstart their fly fishing journey. Developed in collaboration with Tiemco, renowned for their fishing gear expertise, this set ensures functionality and quality in every piece of equipment. With original fly rods and reels designed specifically for novice anglers, newcomers can swiftly grasp casting techniques with confidence. The inclusion of essential accessories like fly lines, backing lines, leaders, tippets, and flies further enhances the convenience, eliminating the need for separate purchases and ensuring a seamless fishing experience from the get-go.

Additionally, the set's thoughtfully designed case, inspired by Snow Peak's iconic tent colors, provides secure storage and adds a touch of style to the ensemble. With rod options like the 804-4 and 865-4, suited for diverse fishing conditions, beginners can explore various fishing environments, making this starter set a great asset for those embarking on their fly fishing journey.

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COAST Founder’s Series Select Unveils a Slim and Stylish Titanium Knife

If you lack adequate pocket space to carry a full-size pocket knife, slim and sleek folders like the COAST Founder’s Series Select Titanium knife carry the day. The COAST Titanium features an effective 2.85” 9Cr18MoV stainless steel blade in a thin tanto shape that maximizes its cutting and piercing ability despite its size. The black titanium nitride finish also contrasts nicely with the stonewashed titanium handle. Black stainless steel hardware and liner lock complete the modern gent’s look, along with an interchangeable pin that lets you add a bit of red flair to the pommel of the knife that’s slightly visible when you carry it closed on its ambidextrous pocket clip.

Along with the smaller size, the COAST 1919 Founder’s Series Select Titanium folding knife is well-suited for carry in places where a larger tactical or hunting-style knife might draw unwanted attention. The intelligent looks and less-threatening appearance make it a good choice for office pen knives and package opening duties. With a quick press of the index flipper opening tab, you’ll be ready to get right to work with the COAST Founders Select Titanium folder in your hands. And with COAST’s lifetime warranty, you can depend on the knife in the years to come.

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Space-Age and Stealthy Essentials Are the Hottest New EDC Drops This Week

Space-Age and Stealthy Essentials Are the Hottest New EDC Drops This Week

In this week’s round-up: technical essentials and stealthy additions to your everyday carry.

Ant Designs Unveils the GH Carabiner With 17 Essential Tools in One Sleek Package

With a history of successful Kickstarter campaigns dating back to 2021, Ant Design brings forth its latest innovation: the GH Carabiner. This multifunctional tool boasts an impressive array of 17 essential tools, including a ruler, nail file, tritium tube slot, slider lock, automatic lock system, independent keyhole, spring-loaded gate, pry bar, flat-head screwdriver, bottle opener, tungsten glass breaker, magnetic storage, replaceable blade utility knife, 4 mm screwdriver with interchangeable bits, flathead screwdriver, and a fire starter. Whether camping in the wilderness or tackling DIY projects at home, the GH Carabiner is designed to meet your needs with versatility and durability. There's still time to pledge early via Kickstarter for as low as $109 at the time of this publication.

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CRKT Aims for the Stars With the MinimalX Knife

There are few things in EDC that you can actually say are destined for the stars, and one of CRKT’s newest knives, the MinimalistX, is one of them. It’s designed by Darriel Caston of D Rocket Design off of an original custom model called the MaximX, and was built to commemorate a rocket launch for SpaceX.

Its Japanese katana-inspired blade comes in stainless 12C27 steel that deploys via a minimal jimped rear flipper tab on CRKT’s signature IKBS ball bearing pivot and folds into a stainless steel handle that houses a framelock. If you’re looking for an unconventional tanto or cleaver blade in a sleek package that reminds you of the stars, the MinimalX is worth a spot in your space suit—just be careful taking it out on your next spacewalk.

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DSPTCH’s RND Laptop Sling Is as Light as Air and Tough as Nails

Demonstrating their mastery and style over technical materials, the RND Edition of the Laptop Sling is DSPTCH’s take on a soft and lightweight laptop carrier. It’s minimal in both design and stature, letting its materials and hardware speak for themselves. The Laptop Sling comes in 5.0 oz Dyneema Composite Fabric, one of the most advanced and desired materials in bagmaking today, accented by nylon grid stop fabric for its semi-opaque front compartment and a FIDLOCK Snap flap enclosure.

The Sling comes in two sizes for your laptop needs, 14” and 16”, with a selection of colors for its 1” quick-release FIDLOCK sling strap to best match the rest of your carry.

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Pry, Cut, and Open With Gerber Gear’s Prybrid Utility Clip

The Prybrid Utility by Gerber Gear is the ultimate go-to tool for many EDCers, and in a recent upgrade, it now offers more to love in a new colorway and clip. Combining the functionality of eight essential tools in one compact design, it's perfect for handling tasks at home, during outdoor adventures, or on the job site. With features like a pry bar, nail puller, wire stripper, flathead drivers, bottle opener, cord cut notch, and a replaceable utility blade, the Prybrid Utility has everything you need to tackle everyday challenges. Its portable size and keychain compatibility ensure that you'll always have it on hand when you need it most, making it an indispensable addition to your everyday carry.

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Luminox's Atacama Field 1960 Series Goes Beyond the Battlefield

The Luminox Atacama Field 1960 Series watches draw inspiration from the classic field watch design and the demanding conditions of wartime trenches. Crafted with Luminox's signature CARBONOX case, these timepieces are built to withstand extreme environments, ensuring maximum durability and resilience. The textured dial design enhances readability and reflects the Atacama desert's rugged landscape, adding a touch of style to their utilitarian appeal.

Available in three distinct colorways, each watch features a robust black rubber strap with a textile overlay, combining durability with comfort. With Luminox Light Technology, these timepieces emit a constant glow for up to 25 years, and wearers can trust these watches to remain visible in any lighting condition.  Whether exploring the wilderness or navigating urban landscapes, the Luminox Atacama Field 1960 Series watches are the ultimate companion for those who prioritize reliability and performance in their timepiece.

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What Is a Utility Knife Used For? The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Purpose Tool

What Is a Utility Knife Used For? The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Purpose Tool

You may have come across a utility knife in a buying guide or roundup of everyday carry knives and wondered, "What is a utility knife?" Or “what is a utility knife used for?" What exactly sets them apart from other pocket knives? And why should they earn a spot in your toolkit? Luckily, we’re here to answer your questions.

This guide explains what a utility knife is used for, the different types of utility knives available with some of our recommended picks, and some safety tips you should know when using a utility knife.

Upgrade Your Everyday With This Week’s New EDC Releases

Upgrade Your Everyday With This Week’s New EDC Releases

In this roundup, we highlight elevated essentials, exceptional travel gear, and excellent eighth-anniversary flashlight deals.

The Brown Buffalo X Huckberry Collab to Release a Stealthy Style Trio

In their first collaboration in 2022, Huckberry and The Brown Buffalo teamed up to produce a limited Huckberry edition of The Brown Buffalo's flagship backpack, the iconic Concealpack (a favorite of ours), that sold out in hours. Now, they're back with a trio of exclusive limited-edition releases: an upgraded Concealpack, a Porterpen Case, and a Dopp Kit, all in an exclusive MultiCam Black colorway, making a uniquely styled, well-rounded collection of highly functional and durable organizational solutions for the everyday carry enthusiast.

Leading the pack, the upgraded Concealpack Everyday Backpack 21L is meticulously crafted from high-performing DWR-coated X50 X-Pac with a 500D CORDURA face fabric. Its lining is DWR-coated VX21 X-Pac, and boasts reinforced critical points featuring Berry-compliant bar tacks to better safeguard your essentials during transit and in cases of drops. It maintains an ample 21L storage compartment, a secure, padded laptop compartment, and plenty of pockets for organization, easily accessible through the full clamshell opening design. The Porterpen Case and the Dopp Kit are also crafted from the same material as the Concealpack. The Porterpen Case boasts a 1L capacity, offering a compact yet robust solution for safeguarding writing materials and other small essentials, and the Dopp Kit comes with a 3L capacity, perfect for keeping your toiletries and other related materials protected and organized, perfectly rounding out the collection.

Each of these pieces represents the uncompromising quality and thoughtful design of these brands, offering functionality and durability without compromising on style, and when used together, they make a cohesive ensemble that ensures efficient organization.

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Wuben's Anniversary Sale Marks Eight Years of Brilliance

Flashlight fabricator Wuben is celebrating eight years of innovation and excellence with an anniversary sale, offering exciting deals and gifts to commemorate this milestone. Wuben has consistently delivered reliable and highly functional lighting solutions, with a diverse range of products catering to users, from tactical flashlights to bike and compact pen lights.

For their 8th anniversary sale, Wuben is slashing prices on select products up to a whopping 66%, and the spotlight is on some of their most popular models like the G2 mini EDC flashlight, rechargeable B2 Bike LED Light, E7 Headlamp, fan favorite (as is one of ours) X3, X1, X0, and many more. Wuben’s 8th Anniversary Sale kicked off on March 15th and will last until March 31st, giving enthusiasts ample time to snag some of their top-of-the-line and limited-edition products at their best prices yet. So, if you’ve had your sights on some of their products, now’s the time to get them.

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The Ridge Check-in Is the Suitcase That Checks All Your Boxes

Ridge continues to impress with their latest travel release, the Check-In, following the success of the Ridge Carry-On. Building on the foundation of its predecessor, the Ridge Check-In features a minimalist design coupled with robust functionality. With a 30% thicker shell compared to standard check-ins and crafted from German Makrolon polycarbonate, this suitcase is a testament to durability without sacrificing style. Equipped with features like a TSA-approved combination lock, YKK Racquet Coil Zippers, and an exterior-mounted trolley, the Check-In ensures security and ease of use for travelers. The interior features a compression panel, zipped pockets, and an AirTag/GPS tracker pocket, making organization effortless. With its sleek (and customizable) Carbon Fiber 3k logo plate and oversized 360° spinner wheels, the Ridge Check-In is the epitome of sophistication and reliability for modern globetrotters.

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Snow Peak’s Cast Iron Sandwich Skillet Was Made to Take the Heat

The Snow Peak Cast Iron Sandwich Skillet is a versatile cooking tool designed for outdoor enthusiasts. It can be used as a sandwich press or as two separate skillets, offering versatility for various cooking needs. It weighs just 11 pounds and is portable enough for camping trips or picnics. This skillet is crafted from durable ductile cast iron with a heat-resistant silicon coating and is durable enough to withstand the rigors of outdoor cooking. The high ridges on one side are perfect for achieving those coveted grill marks, while the smooth surface on the other ensures effortless non-stick cooking. With its modular functionality, this skillet seamlessly integrates into various cooking setups, whether you're using it with a fireplace, grill burner, or teppanyaki burner. It's a must-have addition to any outdoor kitchen arsenal, offering versatility and durability for all your culinary adventures.

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The James Brand Gives the Kline Knife a Marbled Carbon Makeover

The James Brand recently unveiled the latest iteration of their best-selling knife, The Kline. It’s now available in a new Marbled Carbon + Stainless colorway made in the USA, and it's the first to use carbon fiber scales in the line. The James Brand leverages carbon fiber's strength and light weight in a classy and unique marble pattern (specifically Protech Composites Black Ops Molten Carbon Fiber), giving The Kline an entirely new look and feel. Complementing the sleek new scales is a razor-sharp MagnaCut 3.4” stainless steel blade, providing the ultimate balance of corrosion resistance, toughness and edge retention. The knife also features the brand's signature TJB slide lock mechanism for ambidextrous use and a deep carry, reversible pocket clip for added convenience. We loved the original version of this knife, so we’re excited about this new addition to the line. Read our original feature of The Kline here.

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Gear Up with Technical Travel Bags and Outdoor Knives In This Week’s New Everyday Carry Releases

Gear Up with Technical Travel Bags and Outdoor Knives In This Week’s New Everyday Carry Releases

In this roundup, we highlight a versatile range of tools and accessories designed to elevate your outdoor adventures and everyday life.

Aer's Tech Trio: A Sling, a Pack, and a Packable Powerhouse

Aer updated its Tech line this month with the third edition of its X-Pac sling briefcase. The new Tech Sling 3 features a lightweight, waterproof VX-42 sailcloth made in the United States by Dimension-Polyant. You can keep a professional look wherever you go, and the removable padded sling strap makes this a very versatile laptop bag for your everyday carry. The sailcloth construction means that the Aer Tech Sling 3 weighs just 1.2 lbs in total, and that's while giving you a full nine liters of space and enough padding to keep your 14” laptop or tablet safe. There's tons of other organizational space inside the bag, which is also colored bright orange to help you quickly identify the gear you've packed inside.

If you need slightly more space than the Tech Sling 3 can provide, Aer also released the newly updated Day Pack 3 and Tech Pack 3 in X-Pac sailcloth. They're also great options if you prefer the comfort and stability of an everyday carry backpack. Both backpacks also help you maximize cabin space as they are within TSA compliance and compatible with carry-on size limits on most airlines worldwide.

The Day Pack 3 is 17.25" tall and weighs 2.7 lbs, providing 14L of space inside. The dual-compartment design lets you separate your gear and tech essentials, keeping things tidy inside with the dedicated organizational space. There's room for up to a 16" desktop replacement laptop inside the padded laptop sleeve, and the hidden AirTag tracker pouch gives you peace of mind as you travel. For quick access items, the top waterproof YKK zippered compartment has enough space to hold sunglasses, cell phone, and passport inside. While the minimalist look of the back looks very streamlined, the bag retains the side water bottle compartment to help you stay hydrated as you go about your daily business.

The slightly larger 16L of space afforded by the updated Aer Tech Pack 3 in X-Pac lets you maximize your loadout without adding too much bulk. At 3.0 lbs, this is the heaviest bag in the new lineup, but that's still at least two pounds lighter than the standard ballistic nylon laptop bag before you add your gear into the mix. Unlike those other bags, the Tech Pack 3 has a structured design that holds its shape even when you don't fill it with gear, clothing, and other essentials. At 18" tall, it's slightly more prominent on your back than the Aer Day Pack 3, but not by much, and the luggage passthrough at the rear means you can cart it around an airport terminal or train station easily with any roller bag you pack alongside.

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Explore the Brilliance of Streamlight Strion 2020

The Streamlight Strion 2020 marks a significant upgrade in the Strion series, delivering a powerful output of 1,200 lumens and 28,000 candela, making it ideal for long-range applications. Its innovative design includes independently functioning head and tail switches, providing versatile control options.  Additionally, the intuitive mode select switch allows for effortless adjustment between three intensity modes: High, Medium, and Low, along with a strobe function for emergencies.

The Strion boasts a durable lithium-ion battery and offers a runtime of 1.75 hours on High, 5.5 hours on Medium, and 12 hours on Low. At 6.33” in length and weighing only 5.70 oz, it strikes a perfect balance between portability and functionality, making it an indispensable tool for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Furthermore, its compatibility with existing Strion chargers ensures convenient and hassle-free charging whenever needed, making it a reliable companion for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

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CRKT Bear Claw Knife Roars with Tactical Precision

The CRKT Bear Claw knife is an evolution of Russ Kommer's original concept. This iteration of the Bear Claw knife has the same profile as the original and sports a 2.39” blunt-tip hawkbill blade. It’s forged from resilient AUS 8 steel with Veff Serrations, ensuring efficient cutting while minimizing the risk of accidental punctures—a crucial feature for activities like whitewater rafting and emergency response. The Bear Claw boasts a textured glass-reinforced nylon handle, providing exceptional grip even in wet conditions. The ergonomic design, complete with a finger retention hole, ensures secure handling during intense tasks. With a compact size and lightweight construction, coupled with a durable nylon sheath featuring multiple mounting options, the Bear Claw stands ready for any adventure or emergency situation.

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The Weim By Kansept Cuts Through Expectations

Jonathan Styles, a skilled knife maker and designer hailing from Newfoundland, Canada, draws inspiration from his lifelong passion for the outdoors and artistic endeavors for his latest knife design for Kansept, the Weim. Constructed with premium CPM S35VN steel, the 3.28'' blade ensures exceptional durability and edge retention, making it well-suited for various cutting tasks. The stonewashed finish adds a rugged charm while enhancing the blade's resilience to wear and tear. Notably, the Weim stands out for its innovative handle design, which skillfully combines two different materials (Pilan Titanium + Blue Carbon Fiber) to create a unique and ergonomic grip. Featuring dual thumb stud deployment and a caged ball bearing system, this knife offers smooth and efficient opening action, making it a reliable tool for both outdoor enthusiasts and everyday users alike.

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The Nomadix Robe Brings Comfort at Home or On The Road

We’re a big fan of gear that enhances both comfort and functionality, and the Nomadix robe is a prime example of this. The Nomadix Robe is the latest release from Nomadix and is made from their MicroTerry material for anyone seeking relaxation at home or on the go.

One of the standout features of the Nomadix robe is its super-absorbent fabric, ensuring quick and efficient drying after any water activity. But it's not just about functionality – this robe is designed with travel in mind. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to pack, while its sand-resistant properties ensure it stays clean and comfortable in various environments. It also functions as both a robe and a towel. It’s available in a limited capsule collection with four unique patterns that you can check below.

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Tanner Goods Canyon Crossbody Pack

Tanner Goods Canyon Crossbody Pack

"Tanner Goods’ bestselling sling bag now comes in handsome and durable 10 oz. waxed canvas. The second-generation Canyon Crossbody Pack has a 24L capacity, enough to store your point-and-shoot, phone, and other essentials in its four pockets. It has a foam-padded back for comfort and..." (via The Awesomer)

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From Beats to Blades and More in This Week’s Everyday Carry New Releases

From Beats to Blades and More in This Week’s Everyday Carry New Releases

From exceptional everyday carry knives to eco-conscious earbuds, we've handpicked essentials you won't want to leave home without in this week’s round-up.

Deal Alert: Ridge XI Anniversary Sale

Deal Alert: Ridge XI Anniversary Sale

It’s been 11 years since the original Kickstarter campaign that launched Ridge to the forefront of the minimalist wallet market, and today, they’re celebrating how far they’ve come with their everyday products designed for life, literally. To mark the occasion, the Ridge XI Anniversary Sale is giving up to 30% off their best sellers, including 30% off Ridge wallets, 20% off rings and watches, and standing by their products with an extended, 365-day, risk-free trial with free shipping across the board.

The original Kickstarter Ridge wallet from 2013, still kicking after over 4,000 days.

The Ridge XI Anniversary Sale runs through April 1st, 2024, so if there ever was a time to upgrade your essentials to an everyday carry built to last a lifetime, now's your chance to check out everything on sale at the link below.

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Braun x Hodinkee BN0279 Watch

Braun x Hodinkee BN0279 Watch

"Watch shop Hodinkee teamed up with minimalist design house Braun to create the BN0279. The grey 40mm mechanical watch is as simple as it gets, with hints of color calling back to Braun’s alarm clocks from the 70s. It’s available with either a second hand or..." (via The Awesomer)

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Vision Takes Center Stage In New Everyday Carry Releases This Week

Vision Takes Center Stage In New Everyday Carry Releases This Week

In this week’s round-up: lights and night vision, an alternative way to cut, and a new daypack contender.

AceStand Phone Stand + Pocket Tool

AceStand Phone Stand + Pocket Tool

"This surprisingly versatile gadget puts a phone stand in your pocket, plus a lot more. In addition to holding most phones, the titanium multitool packs a flat-blade screwdriver, 1/4″ and 1/6″ bit drivers, spoke wrenches, a bottle opener, a box cutter, a pry tool, rulers, a hex wrench, and more. It’s also got..." (via The Awesomer)

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Wicked Wearables and Tough Tools: New Everyday Carry Gear to Check Out This Week

Wicked Wearables and Tough Tools: New Everyday Carry Gear to Check Out This Week

In this week’s round-up: From compact flashlights to durable backpacks and stylish pilot watches, this week's lineup is packed with fresh everyday carry essentials.



"Keep your wallet, watch, tools, and other small items organized and ready to go in this 3D-printed EDC tray from ANIMALMODS. It has a main storage tray along with six 18mm wide channels for knives. Custom channel widths can also be ordered, as well as..." (via The Awesomer)

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