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Deal Alert: 10 President’s Day EDC Deals

It’s the third Friday in February, which means our American readers are taking the long weekend off in honor of George Washington’s birthday. But even as we celebrate President’s Day in the States, we’re still always on the lookout for great deals on great gear. We’ve rounded up some of the promotions happening today from some of our favorite brands, so treat yourself to some new gear at a discount and read on to see all the best deals happening right now.

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Mission Workshop Khyte Laptop Bag

Mission Workshop Khyte Laptop Bag

"Mission Workshop’s large messenger bag is made from two-layer VX fabric, which resists tears and abrasions, and beads water. Its interior offers a 15″ laptop pocket, a 24-liter main compartment with enough room for a change of clothes, and multiple pockets for organizing smaller items. Comes in..." (via The Awesomer)

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Trending: Leatherman Style PS

Trending: Leatherman Style PS

Another week, another Multi-tool Monday, and for this week we're highlighting one of Leatherman's often-overlooked compact series of tools. They have a huge catalog of tools to choose from, but the Style PS is the way to go if you’re going through airport security. Unfold it to reveal a Phillips screwdriver, scissors, and a pair of spring-action needle nose pliers that are surprisingly useful for their size. The stainless steel build can handle being tossed around, and it has a built-in carabiner so you can attach it to your bag if your pockets are full. At 0.3 ounces, you won’t even notice it’s there. Travel with peace of mind and pick it up at the link below.

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D01 Dapper Leather Pen Wallets

Organizing pen and paper in your EDC can often be a challenge: small items tend to get lost or damaged in the shuffle, especially when carried loose in your pockets. Plus, with limited space in your pockets anyways, consolidation is always a good thing. For instance, you already carry a wallet, but what if it could also hold a custom notebook and pen as well? That’s where something like the Dango D01 Dapper Leather Pen Wallet comes in handy. And with the new releases in fine whiskey brown, jet black and rawhide leathers, the D01 Dapper Leather Pen Wallet has never been easier to carry--and protect--these everyday essentials.

The D01 Dapper Leather Pen Wallet is a compact bifold front pocket that's been engineered for efficiency. For its compact size, there’s plenty of space, as each of the four pockets in the wallet accommodate up to four payment and identification cards (16 cards total). A grippy silicone band also offers a way to stow folded cash. While we've featured the wallet before in water-resistant DTEX material, there's something about classic leather that never goes out of style. From its unique handfeel to a patina personalized to its owner that develops over time, a leather wallet offers a timeless quality and durability. That durability extends to the CNC'd and anodized 6061 aerospace grade aluminum chassis of the wallet itself, setting it apart from the standard bifold and giving the D01 structure. And against digital threats, built-in RFID protection also helps keep your card information safe from fraudsters skimming for data in public spaces. Last but not least, you can pick up Dango’s separate MT02 multi-tool to further expand this wallet’s capabilities.

The other half of the bifold is dedicated to organizing your stationery. And while it’s compatible with many popular EDC pens and compact notebooks, Dango goes the extra mile by providing a custom pen and notebook with every purchase. The machined aluminum pen accommodates the ever-popular Fisher Space Pen refill as well as Schmidt 4889M ink refills, and slots perfectly into the spine of D01 to both reduce bulk and allow you to retrieve the pen without having to open up the wallet. And in case you’re the kind of person who constantly loses their pen, an integrated lanyard hole helps with retention for both the pen and the wallet itself. The included notebook is no slouch either, with 48 dot-grid pages bound together with red stitching by hand and placed within a thick quality cover, itself protected by the rest of the leather and aluminum.

If jotting down notes and ideas is an essential part of your day, the D01 Dapper Leather Pen Wallet is a complete starter kit that lets easily consolidate and carry. And even if you already have a notebook and pen as a part of your EDC, the smart design of this package lets you consolidate them into an all-in-one solution that saves space in your pockets while being immensely useful and functional at the same time. Check out the link below to learn more about the D01 in both its new leather iteration as well as other material options.

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This is a sponsored post presented by Dango.

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WESN Henry Titanium Slipjoint

WESN Henry Titanium Slipjoint

In many ways, the traditional slipjoint knife reflects the times it was born in. Sometimes called “your grandfather’s knife,” slipjoints take it slower than modern EDC knives. They open more deliberately, with purpose, and with a clean, refined design that is as much a delight to use as it is easy to carry. But that doesn’t mean these traditional gent’s knives have to be stuck in the past. Knives like the WESN Henry Titanium Slipjoint show that traditions can be passed down and improved, and demonstrate that something classic, durable, and useful never goes out of style.

Taking a cue from the traditional slipjoints that originate as far back as the late 1800s in Northern Sweden, WESN uses a renowned blade steel from the same country, Sandvik 14C28N. This a high hardness, corrosion-resistant steel that withstands chipping and folding of the knife edge, making it a great choice for a blade meant not only to be carried everyday, but to be an heirloom as well.

The Swedish steel is shaped and milled into a 2.35” blade both utilitarian and elegant, combining the traditional sheepsfoot and drop point silhouettes into a profile that’s useful for everyday slicing tasks. The non-locking blade tucks into a 3” long lightweight titanium handle that keeps the entire knife palm-sized and weighing only 1.6 ounces. The handle comes with a hole for attaching a lanyard of your own to help with grip, deployment, and adding a bit of your personal style.

If it’s time to add a compact, lightweight, and capable knife that crosses generations into your EDC, then the WESN Henry Titanium Slipjoint is worth a look. You can get your own in your choice of full titanium scales or one with dark Cherrywood inlays, including a leather sheath and lanyard bead from WESN’s fully funded Kickstarter campaign at the link below.

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