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Trending: CRKT Squid

Trending: CRKT Squid

The CRKT Squid keeps on trending on our gear charts as one of the brand’s bestselling small pocket folders. It was designed by knifemaker Lucas Burnley, known for clean and classic lines in models like the Sketch or the more recently released Tuna. CRKT’s secret to the Squid is getting its key features—size, weight, and price—"just right." The short 2.16" blade has a useful and wide drop-point shape with enough belly to make it both a capable piercer and slicer. At 3.48" closed and weighing 3.5 ounces, the knife is small and light enough to take everywhere, whether in your pocket or pack.

While it may be small in the hand, grooves on the blade spine and a finger cutout in the all-steel handle help you with grip and control during use. The low-profile pocket clip leaves a small corner of the knife visible in the pocket, while the steel backspacer features a lanyard hole that you can use to attach a lanyard or cordage. The CRKT Squid is a tiny, tough and affordable pocket folder offering great value and functionality. Get yours now in the original Silver version or  a stealthy Black Stonewashed finish at the link below.

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Our Favorite New RovyVon Flashlights

RovyVon has made a name for itself over the past few years with their compact flashlights that offer lots of power without the bulk, and with unique feature sets seldom seen on everyday carry lights. In 2021, they've expanded their product line to offer everything from EDC-friendly compact lights to tactical penlights and even some massive output lights that offer a no-compromise solution to needing to do work in the dark. To introduce you to the new options available from RovyVon this year, we've rounded up our favorite models that deserve your attention in this guide.


The S3 is a pocket-friendly portable EDC light measuring only 2.74 inches in length, with a detachable pocket clip that secures it in your pockets or on your gear. But don’t let its size fool you, as it features a triple LED design (in CREE XP-G3 for Cool White or Nichia 219C for Neutral White) that puts out a maximum output of 1,800 lumens to a distance of about 413 feet thanks to its unique Finnish LEDiL optics.

The internal 16340 battery is replaceable and recharged via USB-C, and you can check the battery level at a glance via the side switch which is also responsible for the S3’s 5-mode interface including SOS and Strobe. The standard model sports an attractive aluminum body but it’s also available in a super-premium titanium body if you’re looking for the ultimate version of this flashlight to round out your gear.

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H3 Pro

When it comes to closeup work nothing beats having a penlight, with the familiar shape allowing you to put the light exactly at the right spot when you’re doing inspection or precision tasks. The new H3 Pro improves on the idea of a penlight and gives it more practical (and tactical) capabilities, with a 600-lumen output from a CREE XP-L LED that throws a beam up to about 393 feet. And the business end of this 7075 aluminum-bodied flashlight comes with a defensive strike bezel that works well in emergency situations.

The side switch lets you navigate the output all the way down to a 0.5-lumen Moonlight that lasts up to a reported runtime of 56 hours. But for quick access to Turbo you can use the H3’s tailswitch, which comes with momentary activation as well. The built in 14500 battery is rechargeable, but in a pinch you can power the light with standard AAs you can easily source.

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S2 Elite and Premium

If you absolutely need a massive amount of light output for serious outdoor work (or play) you should check out the S2 Elite, featuring 2 x CREE XHP 70.2 LEDs switchable between flood and spotlight use, and powered by 2 x 21700 li-ion batteries. It’s able to output a max of 10,000 lumens out the front and comes with a beefy aluminum handle that helps with heat dissipation for maximizing runtime before things get too hot.

For added convenience the Premium edition of this searchlight comes with 3 x red and 3 x white auxiliary side LEDs and USB-C rechargeability which supports a max 30W input via PD Quick Charge and even two-way charging for your other EDC devices. And with the magnetic tail, you can mount this monster light where you need it and get to work, even at a distance.

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Trending: Gerber Crucial

Trending: Gerber Crucial

The Gerber Crucial packs eight useful features in its 5.5” frame, providing the essential tools for daily tasks, while offering great portability with its size and carry options. Its curved, ergonomic handles open up to needle-nose pliers with a wire cutting section, while themselves neatly tucking away other tools like a partially serrated blade and Philips and flathead screwdrivers. All the stow-away tools are liner-locking for safety during use, and the Crucial’s shapes and curves provide you with grip, comfort, and torque as you use them. A fold-out carabiner clip that can also be used as a bottle opener combines with a standard deep-carry pocket clip, akin to what you might find on a modern pocket folding knife, to keep this multi-tool within reach when you need it the most. Check out the handy and useful Gerber Crucial at the link below.

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Aerocrafted Vector Titanium Pen

Whether its for hygiene or convenience, it’s better to keep your own pen in your EDC than deal with borrowed pens in public. Besides the sheer practicality of always having a reliable writing tool by your side when you need it, carrying a pen to be proud of makes the writing experience that much better. Thanks to its gorgeous design and all-metal construction, the Aerocrafted Vector Titanium Pen is as stylish as it is tough.

Leave it to Aerocrafted, a California-based company of aerospace engineers, fabricators, and pilots, to design a professional-level EDC pen with a high-speed, streamlined aesthetic built with top-notch materials. The Vector Titanium Pen features a combination of Grade 5 titanium and self-lubricating bronze. Together these materials are crafted into a pen that offers a unique feel in the hand while remaining compact when capped at just 3.35 inches long. Removing and posting the cap on the end of the barrel brings its total length to just over 5 inches, giving it a more balanced feel in hand for comfortable writing sessions. And because it uses a Pilot G2 Mini gel ink cartridge, it’s easy to find refills and it writes very smoothly on pretty much any paper you need to write on: from flimsy newsprint for crossword puzzles, to high-end stationery for all your journaling and planning.

There are two versions of the design, and the primary differentiator is whether you prefer an integral pocket clip or you want a lanyard hole for easy access to the pen when it’s deep in a jacket pocket or a bag. You could even attach it to your keys at that point to make sure you always have it as part of your everyday carry.

The sleek and compact design of this Vector Titanium Pen make it a great choice if you’re looking to add an all-metal pen to your everyday carry. If you’re interested in picking up the made-in-USA Vector Titanium Pen, you can head to the Kickstarter link below and make a pledge in order to secure one for yourself while supplies last.

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Wingback Winston Card Holder Review
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Wingback Winston Card Holder Review

Ever since the minimalist wallet trend gained traction, leather wallets have sort of fallen out of style in favor of metal or technical fabrics. But Wingback has proven time and time again that you can enjoy the portability and efficiency of a minimalist wallet without sacrificing the comfort and timelessness of quality leather. One downside of leather wallets is stretch: once you stretch out a wallet by carrying a large number of cards, it’s almost impossible to ever downsize your carry. The Wingback Winston Card Holder solves this problem with hidden stainless steel leaf springs that apply the right amount of tension to keep cards in place, whether you’re carrying 10 cards or one. The result is a super compact, timeless, and stylish wallet that keeps your cards slim and secure, no matter how many you’re carrying at the time.

Disclaimer: Wingback sent me a sample of their Winston Card Holder as a surprise without me asking, free of charge, but that doesn’t impact my opinions about the wallet here. With that out of the way, let me share my impressions.

Materials and Construction

When discussing leather goods like this, we have to consider the materials and construction, and Wingback doesn’t disappoint with the Winston Card Holder. They use high quality, full-grain Tuscan Italian leather. Even the unboxing experience is premium—as soon as you remove the wallet from its thick canvas storage pouch, you’re struck by the leather’s aroma. Upon closer inspection, it’s clear this wallet is hand crafted with care and skill in equal measures.

The stitching is tight, clean, and consistent. The folds are satisfying and even. Cutouts for each card pocket come at an angle that’s razor sharp and consistent throughout. The edges are burnished for a cohesive look with no raw edges. The angularity in the design even extends to the corners of the wallet, where they’re rounded off ever so slightly, parallel to the main pocket angle. Not only is it visually satisfying, but it improves comfort in the hand by removing sharp corners. This attention to detail is something I appreciate immensely and it’s all very well executed.

Capacity and Operation

The Winston Card Holder is elegant yet simple in its design. As the name implies it’s trim and lean to accommodate a few cards and some folded bills if needed. If you carry a smaller set of cards, between 1 to 10 total, the Winston Card Holder would accommodate just fine. I loaded my sample with 3 cards on one side and 4 cards on the other.

The Winston stores cards in two dedicated pockets in a symmetrical vertical configuration. The pockets are oriented facing away from each other, such that if one pocket is facing up towards you on the front, the one on the back would be facing down. This lets you flip the wallet in your hand vertically to access the other pocket with one hand for added convenience.

It’s fortunate that you can access both pockets of the cards with just one hand, because with no organization or cascading of cards, you’ll need to pinch and pull the entire stack of cards in a pocket to go through them. I recommend keeping your most used cards at the front of the pocket, so you can use your thumb to slide it out for easier one hand retrieval. Retrieving and removing cards is difficult at first, but should become easier as leather breaks in over time.

Killer App: Hidden Steel Springs

Even as the leather breaks in and loosens up, the Winston Card Holder will keep a secure grip on your cards thanks to a hidden 0.3mm stainless steel leaf spring in each card pocket. This applies the right amount of tension to grip your cards, rather than relying on bulk and friction of having more cards occupying a wallet. It solves the all-too-common problem of leather wallets stretching out after storing lots of cards such that downsizing to fewer cards is impossible without them falling out. The best part is these springs are completely out of sight and function in an experiential way, giving you peace of mind that your cards are secure and the wallet works without you even seeing them. That’s a hallmark of great design in my book.


And just as the stainless steel leaf springs disappear within the wallet, the Winston Card Holder is so compact it’ll disappear in your pocket. Its overall footprint is barely larger than the credit cards it holds, adding as little bulk as possible to your essential cards. Few other wallets compare in this regard, and it’s enough to make me seriously consider making the Winston Card Holder my personal EDC as it satisfies many of my wallet needs.

The full grain leather and hidden 0.3mm stainless steel springs might add some thickness, so it’s not the thinnest wallet ever, but given the improved hand feel, ergonomics, comfort and organic durability of leather, I think it’s ounce for ounce worth the pocket space.

Other Details and Final Thoughts

In spite of quality materials and thoughtful design, the Winston Card Holder will gain some wear and tear from regular use, as is fitting from an EDC wallet. Luckily Wingback stands by the quality of their products, backing the Winston for life with free repairs if you somehow manage to need any. They’re also proponents of individual needs and preferences, which is why the Winston is customizable with different thread colors and laser engraving on the front and along the card slot of the wallet.

At the end of the day the Winston Card Holder is a lean and efficient minimalist wallet with timeless styling, lifelong durability, and sophisticated functionality that doesn’t need to steal the spotlight to do an effective job. Materials and clean, efficient industrial design take center stage here.

If you happen to be in the market for your next EDC wallet and are looking for a compact solution for carrying cards and the occasional cash, the Wingback Winston Card Holder can be your companion through the thick and thin of everyday carry. Pledge one in your choice of color at the fully funded Kickstarter link below.

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Trending: Boker Kalashnikov Automatic Knife

Trending: Boker Kalashnikov Automatic Knife

For more than a decade the Boker Kalashnikov Automatic Knife has offered a sturdy build and reliable operation in an affordable package. This classic design deploys its 3.25" AUS-8 blade with a flash using the deployment button near the hilt. The same button is used for its reassuring lockup, and the entire build feels robust—a tribute to the rifle it’s named after. The dagger-style blade is good for both tactical an utilitarian tasks, and features an edge only on one side for safety. The budget AUS-8 blade steel sharpens up easily and keeps the price of the Kalashnikov within reach for those who want a automatic knife for a daily driver. Its tough aluminum handles are textured and shaped for a secure grip, featuring finger grooves and jimping both at the hilt and the pommel. A deep carry clip with the same design cues as the handle let you carry the Boker Kalashnikov Automatic Knife discreetly wherever you go. At 3.7 ounces, it presents a robust and heavy duty option for EDC, for those who choose to carry an automatic knife.  Check it out at the link below.

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TOPO Designs Quick Pack

TOPO Designs Quick Pack

"TOPO Designs’ versatile bag can be worn as a shoulder sling, around your waist like a fanny pack, or attached to your bike. It features a spacious main compartment, a diagonally-zippered exterior pocket, and dual slip pockets. It’s also got a key clip inside. Made from 1000D nylon, 400D nylon packcloth, and..." (via The Awesomer)

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VogDUO Tech Collection

All too often tech essentials for everyday carry can come with a blacked-out industrial aesthetic that can look out of place in a professional setting. After all, who makes tech gear with a touch of class? It just so happens that our friends at VogDUO have extensive expertise in doing just that, by taking their tech essentials to a whole new level. They've integrated naturally obtained, genuine Italian leather into the mix, hand-stitched with traditional methods and low emissions, ready to complement your overall look. It’s a perfect match for anybody who prefers sportscoats, traditional gents knives, and heritage accessories that are built to last and build a unique character over time with use. To introduce you to all that VogDUO has to offer, we’ve put together this roundup to help you out.

65W GaN Charger

With a maximum output of 65 watts and USB-C power delivery compatibility, this classy charger has enough juice to power a full-sized laptop off its main port. At reduced output, it has enough to charge up to three mobile devices and other tech accessories from all the ports at once, including a standard USB-A for legacy cables and devices too.

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Leather Case for AirTag

The Apple AirTag is one of the best tracking and location devices for your lost gear you can EDC today, but the standard holder you have to get for it leaves a lot to be desired. If you want to carry it in style, you can preorder VogDUO’s leather case for the Apple AirTag, which encases the locator in an attractive premium Italian leather fob with integrated key ring for easy attachment to your keys when you need it. The full-covering design minimizes the exposure of the tag itself, reducing the chances of it getting lost or stolen.


Leather Stand for Smartphones

No space is too small for working from home or even while on the move. VogDUO’s folding Premium Leather Stand means business when you're ready to get to work, and integrates well with Apple’s MagSafe charging system, and it provides a classy way to hold your iPhone up on your desk. This is thanks to its vegetable tanned exterior which also adds stability to your device when it’s on the table.

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Leather Case for AirPods Pro

VogDUO’s premium Leather Case for the AirPods Pro encases your truly-wireless Bluetooth earbuds in an attractive case. It also aids with retention, helping make sure they don’t fall out of the charging case when you’re not using them. The lightweight design and loop attachment point for a keychain, hook, or lanyard means you can EDC your AirPods with ease while securing them when you’re on the go.

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10,000mAh PD Power Bank

The red contrast stitching on this 10,000mAh super slim power bank fits in well with the red accent on its side, but it’s not all looks especially once you get under the hood. The added leather keeps your phone and devices from scratching while stowed in a pocket or bag. Its aluminum alloy shell also offers durability without heavy weight, and the electronics inside enjoy current stabilization to prevent overcharging and other safety issues not found in cheaper, less professional power packs on the market.

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This is a sponsored post presented by VogDUO.

Victorinox Mini Tool FireAnt Set

Victorinox Mini Tool FireAnt Set

EDC is all about staying prepared for any situation. And since fire is one of those things we can’t produce naturally or easily, a compact and convenient fire source is a smart addition to any kit. Even better if there was an easy way to carry it, since many firestarters on the market tend to be bulky. The Victorinox Mini Tool FireAnt Set makes convenient use of your Swiss Army Knife to offer a unique and colorful way to carry fire, whether for the urban or actual jungle adventures you may come across.

The FireAnt Set is a kit including firestarter rods along with portable tinder so you can attach it to your Swiss Army Knife while adding next to zero bulk. Everything is helix-shaped, and that’s for a good reason, as they’re designed to screw right into your corkscrew-equipped SAK’s worm. This space has been utilized in the past for mini tools, so it’s a fitting space for the tools. The Set includes 3 firestarter rods in three different glow-in-the-dark colors so they double as a locator for your multi-tool too. It also comes with 6 tinder helixes that fit in the worm as well. These tinders are waterproof so you can confidently carry them around in any weather until you need to use them.

Upgrade your SAK with an unobtrusive but ever-useful addition of fire with the Victorinox Mini Tool FireAnt Set, which you can pick up at the link below.

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Trending: Victorinox Spartan

Trending: Victorinox Spartan

The Victorinox Spartan is a compact to medium-sized Swiss Army Knife designed for a wide range of everyday tasks. Inside its 3.6“ body, you’ll find 12 different functions. You get two different size blades, a can opener, two screwdrivers, a reamer, a key ring, a bottle opener and Victorinox’s iconic pair of tweezers and toothpick. There’s also room for a wire stripper whenever you need to do a quick repair, and a corkscrew ideal for a picnic or a celebration. This fan favorite weighs in at only 2.1 oz, providing you plenty of functionality without any of the bulk. Finally, you can find it in its classic red scales or 7 other different colors, so you can match it with your style and carry. Pick one up at the link below.

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