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All black, all USB-C EDC for English Language Teaching in China
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Chrome Mini Kadet Sling Bag

Chrome Mini Kadet Sling Bag

"This compact version of Chrome’s Kadet sling bag is great for everyday carry. It keeps your wallet, keys, pocket tools, and other essentials accessible and safe in its water-resistant main compartment. Its adjustable shoulder strap is made from high-quality webbing and has a stainless steel slider with..." (via The Awesomer)

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Dango A10 Adapt Wallet in New Colors

As EDCers we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to and overcome the unpredictable—with the help of our essentials, of course. In the same spirit of adapting to rise to the occasion, Dango designed their Adapt series of wallets with this versatility and modularity in mind. Centered around an aircraft grade aluminum chassis, the Adapt Wallet can accommodate add-ons and accessories to shape shift into a wallet solution that’s specialized to your needs. The A10 Adapt wallet gets a fresh new look this year, with four bold new color options to better blend in with the rest of your gear in a themed carry, or stand out all its own as a statement piece.

New for 2021, Dango expands the A10 from its original slate grey offering to a whole lineup in brand new colors: Crimson Red, Champagne Gold, Satin Silver, and Jet Black. The A10 Adapt Wallet chassises are made in the USA using premium 6061 aerospace grade aluminum, which are then anodized in these bold new colors as an aesthetically striking protective upgrade. The use of aluminum keeps these wallets exceptionally durable yet light weight at 2.3 oz, while giving the added benefit of RFID protection to keep your cards secure.

One side of the A10 wallet features a horizontal section for up to 4 cards, protected by a removable RFID-blocking aluminum plate. The cavity on the other side is left unshielded for use with ID credentials, key cards, and contactless payment cards. It also doubles as a low-profile container for emergency cash and flat objects like an SD card when stored behind a credit card.

The A10 Adapt Wallet’s killer app is its unique rail system which lets you attach modular adapters in Dango’s A-Series of gear to increase your wallet’s maximum capacity, carry options, and functionality. You can slide in a single pocket adapter to store 4 more cards, a bifold pocket adapter to hold up to 9 additional cards, a pen wallet that accommodates a Dango Pen and Notebook, a storage capsule for holding gear, a magnetic phone mount to consolidate your carry, and more.

With such robust modularity in the A-Series platform, the A10 Adapt Wallet was already a promising option for a wallet to suit your EDC needs. And now with many more color options in the mix, it’s easier than ever to pick an A10 Adapt wallet to mesh with your EDC in both function and form. Check out the A10 Adapt Wallet and the new colors at the link below, and use promo code VDAY2021 for an additional 20% off their entire store.

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RovyVon Aurora A9 Pro Cu

RovyVon Aurora A9 Pro Cu

Keychain flashlights have had a huge surge in popularity in recent years as technology advances and they just keep getting better and better. RovyVon has become one of the masters at making beautiful keychain lights with the performance to match and the Aurora A9 Pro Cu is no exception. RovyVon takes their impressively capable Aurora A9 Pro and uparmors it in copper, transforming the light to be more substantial in hand, naturally anti-microbial, and sure to look better with time and wear.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about the light is its beautiful copper body. The reason why this chassis is special is because although it looks shiny at first, with time and use the surface will oxidize and change, developing a patina that will be unique to your own light. Staying a true keychain light, the Aurora A9 Pro only measures 2.38“ x 0.61” and weighs in at 1.51 oz, being only slightly bigger than a pair of airpods.

As far as performance goes, the A9 Pro uses a CREE XP-G3 S5 LED, that unlike the normal A9 can put out a maximum of 700 lumens for 1.5 minutes before stepping down to 100 Lumens. It’s all powered by a 330mAh lithium polymer battery which will give you 8 hours of runtime on the “Low” setting. Conveniently, you only need a USB cable and 90 minutes to get a full charge into this light.

For its operation, the light features 4 different brightness settings that you can cycle through with its single-button interface as well as a couple of other useful modes. It starts at 2 lumens in “Moonlight” for an extended 35 hours of runtime. Then it steps up to 20 lumens in “Low” for the previously mentioned 8 hours. The next step is a 350 lumen “Medium” for 1.5minutes which then steps down to 100 lumens for 95 minutes. Last is its 700 lumen High mode for when you need bursts of light. For its alternative modes, you can press and hold the power button for a “Momentary On” which will take you straight to High until you release; or you can triple click the button to gain access to Strobe mode.

The package contains not only the light, but also a keyring, a USB cable for recharging, a lanyard, a warranty card, a user manual and an upgraded reversible pocket clip to give you multiple carry options. If the Aurora A9 Pro Cu sounds like your type of pocket torch, you can pick one up at the link below.

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Trending: Seisakusho Higo no Kami Brass

Trending: Seisakusho Higo no Kami Brass

This Japanese knife finds its origins with the end of the samurai era. “Higo no Kami” actually means “Lord of Higo,” the area where this knife originated. Bladesmiths used to making quality katana knives found themselves struggling to make ends meet, so they began to pursue the civilian market with a practical folding knife that borrowed some of what made their swords great. The key to the cutting power of the Higo no Kami is the forging process Japanese artisans use to make the blades. Like the katanas of old, the Higo no Kami has both hard and soft steel melded into a single blade, a combination that allows the edge to be very sharp while not being so brittle that it will chip as a result of everyday use. The steel on this particular knife is called Warikomi steel, measuring approximately 3“ with the brass satin handle approximately 4”. This particular Higo no Kami is crafted by hand in Japan by one of the last remaining trademarked makers, Nagao Kanekoma Seisakusho. At approximately 1.58 oz, this friction folder will disappear inside your pockets or bag and offers a touch of the old world for today’s modern EDC. Pick one up at the link below.

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Ferrum Forge Mini Archbishop 2.0

Ferrum Forge Mini Archbishop 2.0

It’s always exciting to see an EDC knifemaker improve one of their best knives with higher quality materials. Better blade steel in a great design offers fans a more premium option that will do the job even better than the original. The upgrade can also sway anyone who’s been sitting on the fence about purchasing an otherwise-solid everyday carry knife. Take the new Ferrum Forge Mini Archbishop 2.0 for example, which takes one of their original blade designs, gives it a modern Nitro-V blade steel treatment, and sizes it down to a more pocket-friendly EDC in the process.

At its heart, the Mini Archbishop 2.0 retains the stylish and ergonomic flipper design that made the original great, just sized down slightly to take up less space in your pockets. The index flipper tab turns into a guard against cutting finger on your own blade, while the G10 scaled handle fits your hand to provide a secure grip. But where the original knife featured a 9Cr13MoV stainless steel blade, the new Mini Archbishop 2.0 features a more modern Nitro-V stainless steel. Nitro-V has a composition that’s similar to AEB-L but with added nitrogen and vanadium to improve its edge performance while making it extremely resistant to corrosion even when it comes into contact with salt water. Equipped with this new steel, the slightly-smaller 2.75" Mini Archbishop 2.0 is still able to cut like a bigger knife, and it’s more than ready to help you take on any EDC task you need to accomplish with it in hand.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from the old Archbishop or you’re looking to make a step up in your knife EDC in general, the updated Ferrum Forge Mini Archbishop 2.0 is a great option. The use of Nitro-V places this knife firmly in the cutting edge of knife design, and whether you push the blade to its metallurgical and ergonomic limits or you just need it for light duty, the Mini Archbishop will serve you well. Buy one today at the link below.

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First Look: New 5.11 Gear for 2021

Normally around this time of year, we EDCers would have our eyes glued to news from SHOT Show to scope out the latest and greatest gear right as it’s announced. But times have changed and just as 2021 isn’t quite back to normal, neither are the product release schedules for many EDC manufacturers. That’s why our friends at 5.11 teamed up with us to give you all a virtual Day 1 preview of their 2021 product lineup to look forward to this year.

This year, 5.11 is updating their venerable RUSH line of mission-ready backpacks with their new RUSH 2.0 series. A couple of quality of life improvements have been made to these bags to make them a great option if you’re looking for a hard-use bag for everyday carry. It starts with the RUSH12 2.0, with a carry capacity of 24 liters and a design that makes it well-suited for daybag use. It has enough space for your commute essentials, but with its 16 pockets and PALS webbing it can be easily extended further to suit your needs. That’s followed by the medium-sized RUSH24 2.0, with a carry capacity of 37 liters. The RUSH24 2.0 is best suited for overnight adventures away from home, whether that’s for travel or extended work trips. Both the RUSH12 2.0 and the RUSH24 2.0 have been given a new CCW compartment and a padded laptop sleeve for more versatility. Both models have had the size of the quick-access sunglass holder enlarged to be more useful, and the hydration tube ports have been moved to the rear to better mesh with your overall ensemble when you’re on the go. Rounding out the RUSH2.0 series is the RUSH72 2.0, boasting a generous 55 liters capacity that makes it the perfect bag for extended duty and deployment stints as well as for long-term travel and hiking use too. The contoured yoke makes it easier to carry around substantial loads with this bag, and its immense customization options with MOLLE compatibility make it a one-bag wonder.

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The new 5.11 Ridge Pant has a slimmer, more low-profile cut compared to most other tactical pants on the market, helping you blend in with the crowd when you’re out and about. It’s made to be comfortable too, with a polyester cotton blend with elastane that’s offers a bit of stretch during more strenuous activity. It’s also built with security in mind, with a hidden cuff key pocket and hidden pockets that allow you to stash important essentials in places where pickpockets might not think you would have valuables.

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The Norris sneaker has been updated with three new colors: Desert Multicam, Grey, and Coyote. The same great quality design remains the same, giving you the looks of a casual high-top sneaker that doesn’t look overly tactical despite its serious durability and ASTM certification against puncture resistance for safety. The Vibram Marbani outsole features XS Trek technology making it much more grippy and resistant against slipping on wet surfaces when compared to the standard fashion sneaker, and the Ortholite footbed makes them a comfortable choice for all-day wear too.

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Worn Leather, sharp edges, and bright lights
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Trending: Gerber Armbar Drive

Trending: Gerber Armbar Drive

With the number of options out there, selecting the right multi-tool helps you complete an task-effective and pocket-efficient carry. The Gerber Armbar Drive tosses its hat into the ring with a compact form factor reminiscent of folding pocket knives, a usable fine edge, and an extendable bit driver. The aluminum handle holds a 2.5" blade that deploys via thumbhole and is held in place by a sturdy framelock. The rest of the tools fold out in the same fashion: an awl, a pair of scissors, and a bit driver. The bit driver extends all the way out, turning the Armbar into a short screwdriver that allows you to reach places where bit drivers of other multi-tools won’t. The included two-sided bit gives you both flat and Philips screwdriver heads. The reinforced tail end of the handle functions as an impromptu hammer, and this piece opens up to give you a combination prybar and bottle opener. All this in a package that’s 3.625" closed and 3.1 ounces, making the Gerber Armbar Drive a great pocket carry for miscellaneous tasks at home or out in the field. Grab yours now at the link below.

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