My Everyday Carry

Digital Production Artist / Designer / Musician in Seattle, WA

I always have a bag on me, so my EDC list isn’t too minimal:
Zenni glasses: One of a few pair from them I switch between.  After so many years paying hundreds for glasses, I LOVE spending less on a complete pair than I used to spend on anti-reflective coating alone.Asus Vivotab Smart (in MoKo Smartshell case): Recently made the switch from Android to a Win 8.1 tablet so I could run Photoshop and various music programs on the go.  Moleskine Kraft cover notebook & generic pen: I still write best with pen and paper.  I’ve tried fancier pens, but prefer to stick with non-fancy these days - this Foray works great, can’t argue with it.emergency migraine medication: Maybe not something everyone out there can buy, but any migraineur can tell you, it can be a lifesaver having something handy.SOL Republic Amps HD: I prefer on/over ear, but these are easier to keep in the bag and sound great for the format.HTC Desire (in HTC flip case): It’s my phone.  Not much else to say.  Bugatti B-1 lighter: Incredibly reliable and a built in cigar punch.Keysmart extended: Love this thing, your keys become your fob.  Kershaw Chill pocket knife: Very thin and light, but still manages a comfortable grip for my big hands.  Icelandic wolf fish and leather wallet: Bought for me by my wife on our honeymoon in Reykjavik.  
Stuhrling Original Traveler Pilot watch: Good balance between casual and dress.

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