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What type of leather is that from odin? Russet Veg-Tan or Brown Chromexcel Horse?
If I am really honest...I have no idea. I left the leather choice in Odin's very capable hands.
How do you like using your field notes cover as a wallet? I only carry business cards, but could see using it as a wallet as well. It's become the most important thing I carry throughout the day besides my phone.
I love it. It is thinner than a trifold and notes on the ready.
after seeing your post, I actually started using it as a wallet - so far so good!
I love my Mar-Tec. County Comm is a great Everyday Carry site.
Nice description of the cigs.
The Sundrop looks awesome!
Thank you much. It was beadblasted when I got it and then I polished the ridges.