Sunday Afternoon Drive in the Countryside

A small collection of the minimalist EDC items I carry on me when taking a drive through the countryside with my wife. I usually carry these same items (replacing the G17 with a G19 or G43) when I make a run to the grocery store or when taking in part an evening of cinema celluloids (movie theater for those who are not eccentric). I like to have at least two ways to start a fire on me when I am away from the house. The CRKT ACHI knife is sharp and durable and very concealable. The Wazoo survival necklace is great for starting a fire or you can take it apart and use is as a choking device for those pesky "home-grown" or foreign terrorist thugs.

The Proximity watch is great but like I said in the description needs some work on the bluetooth capabilities. It will lose signal after about an hour of being on.

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Proud we can be part of your EDC!

*Not sure how well your Bushcraft will work as a garrote, it's actually mean to break or come apart to prevent accidental choking.
The one I have does not have the easy break away system. It uses the knots synching system.