Basic EDC in Shades of Purple

Wisconsin and Illinois
I carry the multitool and the flashlight in my 5th pocket. The pen is always clipped in my Left front pocket near my keys. I usually carry the SAK in my Right rear pocket next to my wallet. The Shuffle is optional, if I bring it, it gets clipped to my front Right pocket, otherwise it switches spots with my phone in a bag/backpack. I will likely seek out more purple items to rotate into this themed carry. I know Kershaw makes a few more purple knives and I recently acquired a Leatherman Juice X-E6 in Thunder Purple. My favorite items are the Karas Bolt and the Alox Cadet. I've broken the clips on way too many G2s so the Bolt seemed like an obvious choice for me. The Alox scales on the Cadet make it feel like a major upgrade from an ABS/Celidor swiss army knife.

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The shade matches so well across so many brands! Nice!