Gerber Dime Travel Multitool


As EDCers, we have our tools on us at all times to stay prepared. Unfortunately, traveling isn't one of those times. So when you can't get past security without leaving your trusty multitool at home because of its blade, what can you do?

Go bladeless, that's what. Gerber understands that security shouldn't come at the cost of an entire toolkit, so they've updated one of their most popular multitools by removing its edge. The Gerber Dime Travel multitool still features 12 functions, with 2 of them replaced with travel-friendly alternatives. A double-sided file replaces its knife, and a zipper pull hook takes the place of the package opener tool. The rest of its tools are intact, which include pliers, scissors, and a variety of drivers and openers that fold into its butterfly-opening handles.

It's still the same Dime that's great for everyday carry, only this time you don't have to compromise to take it with you on your excursions. Pick one up from Amazon at the link below.

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Trick at airport is to open all tools and send through x-ray in the change bowl. Works every time.
I'm sure this thing can get me arrested at the airport.
Still won't pass airline security: scissors, sharp, pointy parts are still there. I doubted that it's allowed to be carried into plane even all parts roved leaving only plier.
Multitools like this, even WITHOUT blades will be CONFISCATED flying in Australia. Just an FYI.
In India as well. No tools of any kind.