My First Complete EDC

IT Manager (age 34)
I'm a Noob at EDC, but with the help of others and their pictures on this site I cobbled this together over 4 Months. Hope it's useful or entertaining at least.

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Great gun, great knife and a spare magazine make for an excellent start. I would consider some medical as well as a brighter light (it does get dark every day after all) and maybe even a weapon mounted light.
I have a Streamlight TLR-4 Tac light with laser, but having a heck of a time finding a holster that will work with the combination. My own fault I know. I also think a brighter light will be a good swap. But also enjoying the size and weight of the small AAA Streamlight. Suggestions appreciated. And agree, finding some EDC Medical will be equipment is on the list of to find. Thank you!