Urban Medical Social Worker EDC essentials

I'm an ex-IT professional-turned-social-worker looking to fix people rather than machines.

It has been hard to completely escape the IT geek in me because I still carry quite a bit of tech -- much more than I really need to, but I remember from my tour of duty as a Cub Scout many years ago, "Be Prepared.... for someone to forget a cable, or something."

The "heavy duty" field bag has HDMI, VGA, DVI, ethernet, and a few other cables packed. Also not shown is a Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard that slips in the Cocoon Grid It in a back zipper compartment. I've saved the day a few times having some of this gear (ex: while at a medical conference last year, a doctor wasn't provided the right tech for a presentation they were asked to give. Guess who randomly had it on them? This guy).

When I just need a few things in the field, I use the L.L. Bean messenger bag to carry a clipboard with some paper records and the Asus Chromebook Flip C302 (which I'm a huge fan of) for my client assessments.

It's taken me a few years to build this EDC and it's one I feel pretty happy with on a regular basis.

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Intresting! Thank's for your answer. It's s really nice setup. In my bag I always carry some sort of extra energy bars. For the moment Clif Bars.
+1 for the Clif Bars. Small but filling snack I can throw in my bag for emergencies on a day I can't grab lunch when in the field.
This carbon fiber money clip wallet, reconmend it.
What´s your philosophy on carrying both a SAK, folder and a multitool?
Excellent question.

I carry the the Kershaw Cryo using the clip on the inside the waist of my pants. The Victorinox SA Cadet is in my pocket, and the Leatherman is in the Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer kept in my bag (usually the LL Bean messenger bag).

Both the SAK and Cryo are sub-3 inch blades. From what I've gathered, most cities in the US that have knife type or blade length restrictions -- 3" and below is considered "city-safe".

Some people are intimidated by the Cryo for any number of reasons -- "it's black and looks scary", the click noise it makes when you unfold it is "scary", its overall look, or just the simple fact I carry a knife. I've honestly had people, usually women, who have found the possession of a knife as almost akin to carrying a firearm. Thus, the reason I carry the SAK - the smaller, "less scary" looking knife. I use the Cryo for tougher tasks or when people aren't around/won't likely be put off by a/the knife. I use the SAK around the likely knife-wary types.

As for the Leatherman, it just suits my "be prepared" mindset. When I was still an IT professional, I had a set of micro-tools (useful for installing/removing computer parts etc.) and a couple other tools for various IT tasks. The Leatherman gives me options should necessity arise, whatever it may be, in the office or out in the field.

The final question someone may ask is, "why would a social worker require a knife of any kind?" and quite honestly, it goes back to just being prepared for anything.
I carry a Wave and a Climber SAK and a Leatherman Crater as a folder in my bag. On my person i usually carry a small Classic SD or a Alox Solo plus a Leatherman Stylus cs. A small flashlight usually a Olight of some sort or a Ultrafire flashlight. Always a Fischer Space Pen in my pocket. Moleskine notebook ore Rite in the rain notepade.
Why do I carry this? It's perfect for anything life throws at you! 😜!
When autumm is coming I carry my stuff in my Victorinox jacket.

Check it out:

Actually, I just thought about it, I do carry the Leatherman on my person, not in the Maxpedition pouch. I have a small pouch I keep in my pocket that holds the Leatherman, the TruNight T10, the Natural Ice lip balm, and the Rite in the Rain pen and some business cards.

I didn't include the pouch in the original photo so I completely forgot about it. The small pouch has a velcro cover flap. It is actually originally a carrying case for a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 I used to carry in a separate bag compartment. I repurposed it to carry the aforementioned items.
Another question; Which "The city" are you in? LA, NY??
What kind of Leatherman is that? I switch between my Sidekick and my Wave.
Honestly, I do not know. I scoured the Leatherman website looking for a comparable model to link but each one had just a feature or two that was different than mine. I found my Leatherman in the bottom of a creek in the mountains. I was walking across the creek when something glimmering caught my eye. I reached into the water and dislodged it from under a rock and deposit and found this gem. I'm not sure how old this model is but it has something inscribed on one side that may indicate it was a gift of some sort. The funny thing is, I had it on my mind to shop for a Leatherman when lo and behold, I found buried treasure in the water! :)
That's quiet a story. Lucky you! There you saved some money.
Don´t you Think it´s the Kick from Leatherman?
Hm. Nope. Perhaps mine is an early generation of it? Mine has a long file which is probably as long if not longer than the blade. Plus the current iteration of the Kick has a curves on the outside once expanded while mine has straight edges all around (which again makes me think it's a relatively older model, whichever one it is). Also, mine has 4 tools on each side, the Kick only appears to have 4 on one and from what I can tell, 3 on the other.
Then I dont have a clue. Wierd!
From the pic the Leatherman appears to be a PST. If it has scissors and a partially serrated blade it's a PST II.
That's exactly what it is! Bravo! I didn't realize there as a section on the Leatherman website for "retired" tools.


Thanks for solving the mystery, Ray!
As we says in Sweden: É dou goo ele?
What do you think of the Timex watch? Should I pull the trigger on that watch?
Absolutely. Simple, classic, stylish watch. While I'm cool with the black band, I like the option of the NATO watch straps so I can change colors/styles if so inclined.
What stuff goes in the Maxpedition pouch?
Good question!

A few things that are shown in the picture and a few that are not because they are generic, homemade, and/or can't be found online: the red Bic mini lighter, Streamlight LED pen flashlight, a red flashdrive, the Thieves hand sanitizer, a pen, some assorted bandages, the TimberBourn glassbreaker/whistle/firestarter, the duct-tape-on-a-bolt (there's a really nice keychain version you can buy that I saw here on EDC but there's no way I'm paying $30+ for friggin duct tape), and finally, a "pen" tool that contains a half dozen screwdriver bits inside.

It may sound like a lot, but it is not jam-packed and bulky. I put it in an inside sleeve compartment of the LL Bean bag so I can easily pull it out by the tab at the top.