Throwback Thursday (04/2016


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Great setup - no extra mag, though?
Nope. No need. Don't buy into the dogma of the EXTRA/SPARE MAG. Use only quality mags quality ammo and train train train for shot placement. I have never had a mag fail me ever. It's not round count it's shot placement. Too many people within the firearms and training industry have stigmatized people into believing that they must carry a spare mag because what if. Well I propose this question what if the guy pulls out of shotgun or a rifle, now you're going against a rifle with a handgun that's a losing battle regardless if you're caring 10 extra mags. Do you tow a spare vehicle behind the vehicle you drive everyday because just in case or what if, no you don't because that isn't needed. Didn't mean to get on a soapbox, it's just been a sore subject as of late and some classes. It's a lot like the whole check left check right after you shoot. You have these theatrics of people shooting pulling their pistol back into their chest looking left looking right looking left and then reholstering their weapon. That's just wrong on so many levels. If you're going to do that then your weapon needs to go where your eyes look because that's where the threat would be coming from. It's too late to look left while your guns pointing forward and then realizing all there's a threat now I've got to swing my weapon around and get on target whereas if I just looked left in my pistol went with me I'm already there.
No, I've had to shoot and kill an individuals as LEO and as a SOF Soldier. As a civilian you just don't need a spare. The national avg is 3 and the most was 15 shots from a .32 revolver used to kill an escaped lion. You just don't need the spare. As for Look left look right. It's pure BS. Take it from Delta/CAG CSM Pat Mcnamara. https://youtu.be/wzwVXA9J620

Unless your pistol is moving with your head it's pointless.

I've been shooting for 40+ years, Retired SOF, Firearms instructor, LEO, Security Consultant and competition shooter. I hate to say it but, Been there done that got the tee shirt and I'm in the books. Tacticool bravado means nothing and is full of good intentions. And we know what they say about good intentions, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" Now run along young Padawan there is much to learn.
Shot placement is everything. If you can't keep your cool and hit what you are aiming for you shouldn't​ pull the trigger. The Spray & Pray method doesn't work and gets other injured or killed or even yourself. Back on Teams if we threw a shot we got bumped to JV (Support Team). This counted even when we used simunitions and especially live fire. The "More is Better" is clearly inaccurate when Less is actually More when shooting. Shot Placement is everything. Doesn't matter you emptied 30 rounds and are out and only partially hit your intended target. When you could have place 2-4 in the same target and had 26-28 to spare.