Revised EDC

Student (age 22)
Singapore, Singapore
Felt that the previous EDC Organiser was too bulky and heavy, so I got items that are smaller and lighter. This revised kit is now much more convenient to carry around.

Now I'll just wait to get a Benchmade Mini Griptilian or a Mini Presidio in black and black blade..

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How's the edc pocket organizer? I've wanted one. Worth the money?? Cuality?
I have both the micro and the regular size. I prefer the micro as it is more compact and on the go friendly.
I think its good as it is easy to dump an organiser into your bag daily rather than bringing the individual items in your pocket. I realised that the smaller your organiser is, the most likely u will carry it around and you don't really need a lot of big items with you daily. However i feel that the micro is too small as it puffs up when u put only a few items in it.
Hey bro nice EDC. I'm from Singapore too. You got your organizer from Sheares? I use a maxpedition micro pocket organizer.
Do you carry bigger lights?
Yea got it from sheares. I have a Maxpedition Fatty Organiser too.
Nice. I have a E01 on keys. Inside my pocket I have a Nitecore MT1C. I'm still waiting for my SF E1B to be back. THat's my real edc.
I have a Nitecore P12, but i find the E05 sufficient