Simple Hike/Foraging Essentials

Self Employed (age 27)
Mission, BC
These are the basic items I take with me for smaller hikes or when out foraging for wild edibles or supplies.It all fits either on my belt or in the canvas satchel,which I have given an oil cloth treatment so it is water resistant.I find even these simple basics give me the tools required for a large amount of possible tasks and enjoy using each and every piece of equipment.

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Killer Set up. Good to see an Opinel
Opinel is in my pocket always.Really love those knives,really great steel.
Definitely one of the more unique setups on here. I dig it. What are you carrying in the flask and what are you using your handkerchief for?
Handkerchief gets used for its basic purposes (blowing my nose, wiping/drying may hands etc.....also been used as a bandage on more than one occasion),the flask contents change frequently but usually Kraken Rum finds its way in there.
Nice horizontal carry sheath! I just finished a custom one for an old Bowie knife I restored. Nice carry
Thanks man,yeah I made the sheath myself,lots of trial and error along the way but really happy with the final result.
I love the bag... where did you get it?
Of all places Canadian Tire actually,I gave it a homemade wax/oil treatment to waterproof it a bit and I intend on giving it a thicker leather shoulder strap.
Amazon carries may different canvas bags that would work. I use one when I'm out quartz crystal hunting
A satchel is super practical to have really, any brand will do.You never realize how useful it is until you carry one and see how much you end up stuffing into it.