8 "HK Clip" Keychains That Make Carrying Keys a Snap

From your run-of-the-mill carabiner to a custom-configured key organizer, carrying keys can get pretty complex. If you want something simple and reliable, all it takes is good hardware.

The “HK-style” clip you see here on plenty of EDC keychains is a great example. It has a sturdy, spring-loaded gate that's sized just-right for opening with your thumb, a 1” slot on one end, coming to a smooth, pointed tip on the other. It gets its name from its common use of attaching slings to Heckler & Koch rifles. If these HK clips can carry a rifle, they'll definitely work for your keys.

Today, we've rounded up 8 interesting keychains based on the HK clip. They take it to the next level with special materials and extra features, resulting in an assortment of solid EDC keychains that make your carrying keys and micro tools a snap.