5 Color-Themed Ridge Wallet EDCs

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For many EDCers, the best place to start towards a more streamlined carry is something they already carry: their wallet. And when it comes to minimalist EDC wallets, a massively popular option is the Ridge wallet. It’s a slim, RFID-blocking wallet constructed of two metal plates bound by durable elastic, making it stronger and less bulky than a plain old leather bifold. But one of the most underrated qualities of the Ridge is how many colors and materials it comes in and how the wallet can visually tie an EDC together. In this round-up, we’re showcasing some excellent examples of color-coordinated carries based around this staple EDC wallet.

OD Green

As a relatively new addition to the Ridge family, the OD Green wallet takes center stage complemented by a matching desert green Boker Lancer pocket knife and a couple of multi-tools. OD Green lends itself well to both outdoors or tactical EDCs alike thanks to its understated appeal. This EDC shows a great balance between style and utility while keeping functional and minimal.

Another 2017 addition, the Navy wallet and additional items look sea-worthy to say the least. There’s plenty of character in this four-item setup, down to customized scales on the knife and key organizer. The extra emergency cordage in the lanyard and multi-tool/pocket comb hybrid add uncommon functionality to an otherwise staple set of gear. If you want an alternative to all black everything, try navy. You can start your kit with the Navy Ridge wallet to tie the rest of your gear together thanks to its more minimal look and construction, as shown as the centerpiece in this EDC.

Carbon Fiber

A fan favorite, the carbon fiber wallet can benefit from being accompanied by a few other carbon fiber items. Key organizer, knife, wallet, bottle opener—everything’s better with carbon fiber. Not only does the material cut down on weight considerably while remaining tough enough for EDC, but it also adds a touch of class to an otherwise blacked-out carry.

Black Aluminum

With a Leatherman multi-tool and accompanying analog watch, this carry contains a few staples. Simple, stylish, and packed with utility, the Black aluminum Ridge wallet is a perfect fit here, especially against the blacked out pocket knife.


For some serious pocket bling, go for the gold. This EDC is a rare breed of utility, style and flair. If you want to turn heads, grab the Gold Ridge Wallet. If you want to turn even more heads, pair it with gold everything. And you know what they say: 2 blades are better than 1.


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