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A lot of EDC flashlights talk about having lots of power while still being pocketable but few can put out the kind of power the new AceBeam TK17 does. In a frame that can be hidden in your open hand, the TK17 puts out a staggering max of 2,300 lumens out the front out to approximately 480 feet, and it can do that for up to 45 minutes too. But raw power isn’t the only impressive thing about this light: its modern design, quality of life features, and accessible price point make it an attractive choice for everyday carry as well.

The secret to the TK17’s massive light output is its clever use of three Samsung LH351D LED modules at the front of the light. Unlike a lot of powerful LED modules that can put out a lot of light, the Samsung technology is able to do it without ruining color rendition. As a result, the TK17 enjoys a high-CRI (over 90) light that’s soft and balanced throughout thanks to the TIR optic in the head.

But it’s not a one-trick pony, the TK17 has lower light outputs that are more appropriate for everyday use, especially when viewing things up close and indoors. You can switch modes via the single tailcap switch, all the way down to an ultra-low 3-lumen setting that gives you a runtime of approximately 120 hours total, which is great for long-term emergency use. And when you’re out of power, you can top up the light by taking out the included 18350 lithium-ion battery and plugging a micro-USB cable directly into it.

Because it’s only 3″ long, the AceBeam TK17 is entirely pocketable, and it comes with a pocket clip to make that an easy thing to do. It’s small enough to bring along, powerful enough to light everything you encounter, and the IP68 weather resistance lets it last through even the most inclement of circumstances. With such a rich featureset, you’d expect a light like this to cost a pretty penny, but you can have it for a fraction of the cost of a lot of other EDC lights you might consider. So take a look at the TK17 at the link below, and consider making one part of your kit today.

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