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As smartphones have become more powerful and capable devices, we not only use them more often, but also in new ways and situations we couldn’t with phones in the past. We use our phones for work, gaming, creating content, streaming media, getting around, and even tracking our health—no matter where we might be.

Unfortunately, there’s no single charging solution that can keep up with your battery demands for all those different use cases and environments. That’s why Anker’s new MagGo Lineup presents a wide range of adaptive accessories designed not only to charge your phone, but also add functionality best-suited for your phone usage and everyday carry needs.

Specifically designed to be compatible with iPhone 12 and 13, the Anker MagGo charging system leverages the convenience of magnetic charging to liberate your phone from the tethers of charging cables whether it’s at your desk, in your car, or on the move.

Anker has already proven themselves as one of the top brands for iPhone charging solutions, but the MagGo Lineup delivers more than power thanks to its clever designs based on the more recent iPhone MagSafe magnetic charge mount system. You can snap your iPhone into any one of the six accessories from the MagGo Lineup via magnets to take advantage of wireless charging. The various accessories pull double duty as phone stands, mounts, or holders, to make it easy to charge your phone while using it for other activities, like making a video call, watching content, navigating roads, getting work done, and much more.

Anker 622 Magnetic Battery

The all-rounder of the series is the 622 Magnetic Battery with an integrated kickstand. It features a 5,000 mAh capacity, able to give you up to 17 hours of extended use after you’ve charged it via its USB-C port. That battery itself remains quite compact at around less than half the size of the phone. And with a super slim profile of only 0.5“ thick, it doesn’t drastically affect the ergonomics of the phone in hand. Whenever you decide to settle down for a moment, you can switch into its stand mode to keep your hands free while you enjoy the rest of your phone’s features.

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Anker 637 Magnetic Charging Station

Chances are your iPhone isn’t the only thing you need to charge during the day. You know how messy your desk at work can get during a hectic day, let alone while trying to manage a bird’s nest of charging cables and power bricks for all your tech. The Anker 637 could be both the phone charger and cable management solution you’re looking for. It plugs into the wall to serve as both a snap-in magnetic charger for your iPhone as well as a multi-port charging station. It features 2 USB-C slots, 2-USB-A slots, and 3 AC outlets to keep your devices charged, peripherals powered, and your work station tidy.

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Anker 623 Magnetic Wireless Charger

If you’re listening to music or podcasts or constantly fielding calls with your trusty AirPods, you’ll know the hassle of keeping both your iPhone and your buds charged. The 623 model was designed for AirPods users like you, boasting two magnetic snap surfaces to charge both your phone and your AirPods at the same time. For added convenience, one of the magnetic surfaces can be angled up to 60° towards you, effectively acting as a phone stand. Finally at only 40% the size of a regular soda can, you’ll be able to take it with you pretty much anywhere you go.

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Anker 613 Car Charging Mount

Thanks to music streaming and GPS navigation apps, your iPhone can be an invaluable car companion. That is, if you can keep it from running out of juice and mounted properly to be more of a tool than a distraction. The Anker 613 tackles both problems, serving as a robust magnetic phone mount for your car that charges your phone wirelessly. After that, you’ll have a convenient way to keep your phone easily accessible while it charges. The mount can be adjusted up to 134° so you can find the perfect viewing angle. It’s an ideal accessory for navigation via maps as well as taking hands-free calls.

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Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip

While this last item might not be a wireless magnetic charger, it sure retains the same convenience and sleek design as the previous items in the MagGo Lineup. If you’re already familiar with traditional phone grips, one problem you might have noticed is that they use an adhesive to stay attached, leaving gunk behind whenever you remove them. Either that or they’re part of a phone case as a whole, preventing you from regularly switching between different cases. Thanks to its magnetic attachment, the Anker 610 takes care of both of these problems at the same time. Since it uses magnets, it leaves no residue, and since it’s also compatible with magnetic cases, you’ll be able to swap between them effortlessly. Use it to grip your phone or turn it into a stand, either way, it’s got you covered.

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If you want an sleek, convenient solution to keep your iPhone charged without the fuss of charging cables, Anker’s MagGo Lineup should be on your radar.

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