Anker Nano II GaN II Folding Charger

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If tech is a big part of your EDC, you might notice how much space all those charging bricks take up to keep your devices going. Thankfully though, you can start to consolidate towards having just one charger if your devices support USB-C power delivery. And if you pick a modern charger that uses gallium nitride technology, you can actually get a high wattage charger with a very small footprint that’s certainly a lot smaller than your huge laptop power brick. Take the new Anker Nano II GaN folding charger for example, which uses the latest technology and a thoughtful folding plug design to get you a full 45W of power in the size of a small cell phone charger plug.

Anker Nano II Charger compared to Apple brand charger

Anker’s original chargers were already small after they introduced gallium nitride technology, but the second-generation Nano II GaN II Folding Charger updates the design with an approximately 1.5″ cube chassis that is 34% smaller than their original, smaller than their competition, and much smaller than traditional power bricks. And unlike a lot of other power adapters on the market, Anker’s solution has folding power prongs that minimize the size of the charger in your bag when it’s not in use. And with a full USB-C PD output of 45W (up to 65W if you opt for the slightly larger version) you have enough power to charge most laptops, tablets, cell phones, and other compatible tech essentials at a rapid pace. Plus, it’s compatible with iPhone and MacBook fast charging, as well as Samsung fast charging tech for added convenience.

Anker Nano II charger's small footprint when plugged in

With the Anker Nano II GaN II Folding Charger, you can ditch all the large power bricks and dongles that you’ve been lugging around daily in favor of one small and very potent USB-C power delivery solution. Its travel-friendly size makes it a great option for extended trips when bag space is limited, but it’s also great as a daily driver power plug for your essentials. Lighten your load and keep the juice flowing by clicking the link below and buying one for yourself today.

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