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Hey folks. Some of you may have noticed that the forum is no longer available here on the main site, originally at http://forum.everydaycarry.com/. After some deliberation and review of the forum activity we’ve decided to sunset the feature and encourage all our forum members to join our Facebook group instead: the Everyday Carry Inner Circle.

We’ve been extremely happy with how the group has turned out so far since its creation last August, and appreciate the active discussions and awesome contributions from our almost 2,800 members. Because of this, we’ve decided to focus on the group instead rather than continue to support the legacy forum.

It has had its own set of issues over the years from problematic technical issues behind the scenes to an unstoppable wave of spam, and at the end of the day the upkeep and maintenance of the forum is no longer feasible, especially in light of how active the Facebook group has been in its stead.

We know that many without Facebook accounts are reluctant to create one just for the purpose of joining a group, so we will do our best to make it worth your time by providing a healthy and active community with exclusive channels of discussion and feedback with the EDC team.

We hope this isn’t too big of a loss and we can continue to keep the EDC conversation going within our Inner Circle. See you all on the other side, and carry on!

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