Anson Calder ⅛" Wallet

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At just ⅛” thick, the Anson Calder Wallet feels like it’s barely there. By using it, you’re carrying mostly cards, and what little wallet is left is quality. Made by hand in New York City using luxurious, full-grain calfskin leather for a slim and comfortable package, the wallet disappears in your pocket. You can get a “just right” fit for 1-9 cards in its two external pockets and central security pocket thanks to its super snug design that loosens up with wear. Each outer pocket features patent-pending slots, and their purpose is two-fold: they give you easy access to your cards by cascading them out with a push of your thumb and cut down on weight as much as possible. If you carry cash from time to time, Anson Calder offers a variation with a “cash slot” for a folded bill. But for true minimalists, the standard card-only style is about as slim as it gets. If you’re after a wallet that’s both stylish and minimal, check out Anson Calder’s offerings at their fully funded Kickstarter campaign at the link below.

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