Bellroy Apex 10th Anniversary Slim Sleeve Wallet

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When you think of a leather billfold wallet, you probably picture a big, bulky, “traditional” wallet you can find at any department store in mind. If you frequently carry cash, you might think settling for a wallet with a dated design is just the price you have to pay to keep bills on hand. But thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, you can carry a quality leather wallet without all the bulk, while still keeping cash conveniently on you. Case in point: Bellroy’s new Apex 10-year Anniversary Slim Sleeve wallet. It boasts a clever design you’d expect from the leather carry goods experts at Bellroy, but with a fresh, futuristic look only achievable by a cutting-edge manufacturing process. Take one look and you’ll realize the Apex Slim Sleeve is not your grandfather’s billfold.

The secret to the Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve’s streamlined design is an advanced manufacturing process that leverages both extreme heat and pressure to join fabric rather than relying on traditional sewing techniques. his method can shape and bond pieces of premium environmentally-certified leather together directly, resulting in a sleek, seamless form that’s as functional as it is beautiful. With this technique, there are no stitches to fail, and it leads to a naturally water-resistant and minimal aesthetic that lends itself well to a modern carry. The 3D-forming also allows you to carry more cards and cash while keeping dimensions down: you can fit 6-8 standard-sized payment and identification cards and folded bills in a setup that’s only slightly bigger than the cards themselves. Since the wallet is pre-molded, your valuables stay safely inside, and the magnetic closure helps it stay shut when you’re not using it. And to keep your personal information safe from skimmers and fraudsters, Bellroy integrated RFID protection into the body.

If you’re looking for a sleek new minimalist card wallet that’ll let you carry cash without too much bulk, check out the new Bellroy Apex 10th Anniversary Slim Sleeve today. They’ve put together everything they know about making high-quality everyday carry wallets into its design, and its certainly worth your attention. Buy one for yourself now at the link below.

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