Apple Watch Series 6 and SE

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The Apple Watch is one of the community’s top choices when it comes to EDCing a smart watch, and it all comes down to seamless integration with your phone and useful features that make the watch on your wrist do way more than tell the time. And with the recent announcement of two new models of the Apple Watch, the Series 6 and the SE, there’s even more reason now to upgrade, or add one of these wearables to your ensemble if you’re just starting out.

With the Series 6, Apples has included a faster processor inside of the watch, allowing it to be far more responsive when running applications. The watch hardware also includes a pulse oximeter and ECG functions, allowing you to track your critical heart vitals with the help of app integration on your iPhone. That focus on health extends to letting you know if things seem off, and even calling for help if you experience a fall or other medical emergency with it on your wrist. That ability to call for help when you’re incapacitated can mean the difference between life and death in a bad situation, especially if it’s unlikely that anyone might chance on you in distress when you’re stuck at home.

As a watch itself, the Series 6 is the best Apple Watch yet, with an always-on Retina display that lets you read the time at a glance like you can with a traditional watch. But unlike with a standard mechanical or quartz movement timepiece, the internals of the apple watch also let you keep track of your location with GPS, your current altitude with an altimeter, and do various communication tasks unheard of with a standard off-the-shelf watch. For instance, if you leave your wallet (and phone) at home you can use the watch on your wrist to do contactless payments with the cellular data model. And when you get tired of the watch face, you can switch up the aesthetic without having to buy a completely different watch. The same goes with the watch bands, with a plethora of various colorways and designs, including a new silicone band that has the appearance of a NATO-style strap.

While the Series 6 commands the price of the latest and greatest in apple’s wearable stable, there is an alternative if you’re on a budget, or don’t need all its features. Thankfully with the new SE model of the Apple Watch, they have you covered with the vast majority of the Series 6’s flagship features, but without the price. You do have to forego an always-on display and the new O2 stats and EKG monitor, but the experience is still feature-rich and well worth the asking price.

If you’re looking to add either the Apple Watch Series 6 or the SE to your everyday carry, today marks your opportunity to get your order in and be one of the first to have it on your wrist. Pick them up from Amazon at the links below.

View the Series 6 on Amazon

View the SE on Amazon

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