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At the end of the day, we all just want to be prepared ― it’s why we have an EDC in the first place ― and for many of us, an integral part of being prepared is having a form of self-defense. One of the most popular, non-lethal self-defense tools to EDC is OC (“pepper spray”). Armament Systems & Procedures (ASP) is a leading supplier of tactical gear to the law enforcement and military communities, and their EDC-friendly line of OC products is now available to civilians. Their pocket-sized Palm Defender and Key Defender, and the larger Street Defender, are compelling options for self-defense. They’re built like true tactical tools rather than simple aerosol cans, with a design that’s safe, discreet, refillable, and easy to use.

If you’re unfamiliar with pepper spray, here’s a quick overview: OC stands for Oleoresin Capsicum. It’s an extract of the chemical that makes peppers hot and spicy. But when it’s concentrated in the form used for self-defense, it’ll target mucous membranes and burn so much that even a small burst of it sprayed at an attacker’s eyes, nose, and mouth can put them out of action, giving you time to get away to safety.

Of course, the risk of putting something so potent in a spray is that the person using the device can be exposed to it too. To minimize this risk, ASP has made its Defenders into highly-directional “point and shoot” devices. The design is very intuitive, and almost as easy as pointing a flashlight at your target. The actuation is similar too. All you need to do is release the safety, point, and press on the switch on the back with your thumb. There’s no fumbling, and virtually no risk of actuating the device when it’s not pointed away from you. Instead, It’s a simple design that you can rely on when you’re in danger and the adrenaline starts pumping. Another unique feature of ASP’s design is that it doubles as a key flail, by gripping the cylinder and swinging your keys into the face of an assailant―a very effective defense technique in and of itself.

Unlike the typical, cheap plastic dispenser or bulky aerosol can design, ASP Defenders have a robust design that any EDC aficionado can appreciate. They’re slim, machined aluminum cylinders with knurled grips and anodized finishes, making them incredibly discreet―more like a mini flashlight than a can of pepper spray. ASP Defenders are refillable, too. Each is packaged with an active “Heat” canister, and you can also order inert “Test” canisters for practice.

You’ve got lots of options when it comes to integrating OC pepper spray into your everyday carry. The easy and intuitive design of ASP Defenders make them worth looking at for your EDC. They come in a variety of colors to match your EDC’s style, or packaged in a Safety Set with a rechargeable EDC light and high-intensity whistle. Now, you don’t have to be a member of the military or law enforcement to add one of these tools to your civilian EDC. You can grab one at a discount with the code below courtesy of Armament Systems.

ASP Palm and Street DefendersSelect Knife, and Tungsten USB Flashlight

Use promo code EDC15ASP at checkout to get 15% off any flashlight, pepper spray products, pocket tools, batteries, or charging accessories―with no minimum purchase requirement,―through November 30th. Hint: there’s also a button at the top of their home page, where you can get a second promo code, good for 15% off a future order of $50 or more―in case you want to buy more down the road, or you miss the deadline for the EDC15ASP code. Both codes good only at

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