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If you ask any police officer about the gear on his or her duty belt, chances are there’s something on it made by Armament Systems and Procedures, better known as ASP. If you’re unfamiliar with ASP, they’ve been making solid and reliable tactical gear for law enforcement professionals for over 40 years now. While their products are primarily designed and made for the pros, they’ve got what it takes for civilian EDC, too. ASP offers an eclectic lineup of everyday carry flashlights, all designed with an emphasis on high performance, ease of use, and reliability.


True to its name, the ASP Dot is probably the tiniest USB-rechargeable LED light you’ll ever see. But don’t let its size fool you: it may fit on a keychain, but it puts out a stunning 130 lumens with a runtime of 25 minutes. It only has a single output mode, but 130 lumens is not overbearing on the eyes when used for close up indoor work.

Unlike a lot of keychain flashlights, the Dot doesn’t feel cheap―in fact, it’s a true tactical-quality light, developed for cops, who always need backups to their backup lights. Its body is made of hard anodized 6061 aluminum, but it still only weighs half an ounce. You twist the head to turn the light on and off. Unscrewing the head reveals the micro-USB port and charge indicator light.

Its tiny size and detachable head might make it easy to lose, so it’s best to attach it to larger gear or your keys via its included split ring.

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ASP Sapphire

The Sapphire is a small and discreet flashlight with a built-in clip for your keys, bag/backpack or belt loop. It’s an excellent backup light for your keychain and it puts out 20 lumens with a runtime of an hour. It has both a momentary and a constant activation switch next to the micro-USB recharging port.

It’s less powerful than the Dot but keep in mind that it’ll last longer between charges. Its lower intensity can actually make it better on your eyes for prolonged use in the dark when you’re searching for something small.

It’s available in a variety of different colored side panels, mounted to either polymer or aluminum frames.

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ASP Tungsten USB

The Tungsten is what ASP calls a “transitional” light―it falls between smaller pocket/keychain-type lights and full-sized duty lights, in both form factor and light output. It has a single output mode controlled by a rear tail switch. An additional selector switch changes the behavior of that tail switch from constant on, safety lock, and momentary on.

The head twists open to reveal its micro-USB charging port, along with a status light that indicates whether charging is in process or complete. For its relatively small 5.75” length, it puts out a respectable 450 lumens out to 129 meters for an impressive runtime of two hours.

It comes with a reversible and removable polymer clip to attach to your clothes or your gear. It’s also compatible with ASP’s exclusive “TLC” (Tactical Light Case) belt holster―a unique carrying solution that lets you aim and use your light while it is on your belt or MOLLE gear. The TLC rotates through 360 degrees, with 12 click-stop positions, giving you a hands-free lighting solution.

The light features dual fuel technology, meaning it works with both ASP’s included proprietary rechargeable 18650 and single-use lithium CR123A batteries. Using CR123A batteries actually gets you even brighter output (575 lumens), but typically there is a run-time tradeoff.

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If you’re looking for serious power out of a flashlight, the Turbo USB is your best bet out of the ASP line. It puts out 780 lumens out to a distance of 233 meters for a total runtime of two hours. And it’s only slightly longer than the Tungsten, at 6.75” in length. That’s still within the range of fitting in a large pocket but it will definitely take up some bulk there. That bulk is made easier to carry with a foam grip on the body, making long term use more comfortable.

Like the Tungsten it is USB-rechargeable and compatible with both ASP’s included 18650 battery and regular lithium CR123A cells. Lumen output blasts up to 920 with CR batteries, but again, you give up run time. The Turbo also retains the momentary-on, locked, and constant-on mechanics for its single output mode tail switch.

Because of its single mode and intense output, this is a light made for the outdoors and long-distance applications rather than general EDC tasks.

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With offerings for different sizes, outputs, and use cases, ASP’s flashlight lineup should have something to suit your EDC. You can check them out at the link below and pick one up at a discount with this special promo code for EDC fans courtesy of Armament Systems.

Use promo code EDC15ASP at checkout to get 15% off any flashlight, pepper spray products, pocket tools, batteries, or charging accessories―with no minimum purchase requirement,―through November 30th. Hint: there’s also a button at the top of their home page, where you can get a second promo code, good for 15% off a future order of $50 or more―in case you want to buy more down the road, or you miss the deadline for the EDC15ASP code. Both codes good only at

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