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There’s only so much gear that you can fit in your pockets comfortably, but sometimes there’s just not enough space for everything you need. A nice EDC backpack can certainly get the job done, but that can be overkill when you need to carry a few more essentials for the day. That’s where small but robust pouches like the new Bellroy City Pouch Plus come in handy: it’s a slim sidekick that frees up your pockets; and in a pinch, help organize your larger EDC kit as well.

The Bellroy City Pouch Plus features a slim design with a top zippered main compartment with plenty of internal pockets and dividers that are well suited for organizing a tech-oriented everyday carry loadout. There’s enough space to fit a small e-reader or tablet, as well as a large cell phone and other EDC essentials. For security, there’s a key holder built into the bag that helps prevent your keys from getting lost when you’re away from home.

And while the pouch is slim, expansion gussets built in allow the bag to accommodate more gear when the situation calls for it. The exterior of the bag features a cloth construction that includes HeiQ V-Block, which makes the material antimicrobial for added convenience despite constant handling. And a slim sling built into the bag allows it to be carried over the shoulder or across the body for added versatility.

And the best part about the Bellroy City Pouch Plus is that it can work as a bag within a bag for the times when you are carrying a full size bag or pack. It’s also a great choice for travel EDC, letting you organize your small essentials and tech gear when you’re away from home.  The Bellroy City Pouch Plus is available in three attractive colorways, and with its three-year warranty you can rest assured that you’ll get a quality piece of gear that you’ll be able to take wherever you go. Check it out now at the link below and buy one today.

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