Bellroy Classic Backpack V2

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Plenty of companies that make backpacks aim to do a little bit of everything, and usually end of falling short and being great at anything. Sometimes you don’t need anything too fancy. Bellroy has a solid track record of keeping their products simple and effective, earning them a spot in the pockets of many EDCers. So it should come as no surprise that the team at Bellroy took that same simple approach when updating their Classic Backpack. Like the original, this second iteration of the pack offers only what you might need as a commuter but with the same focus on great build quality and a thoughtful design, all in a familiar, timeless silhouette.

The Classic Backpack V2 isn’t a flashy take on the modern backpack, it’s more of a low-key pack with a few tricks up its sleeve. At first glance it’s fairly simple with minimal branding and a few discreet pockets. The 20L pack is surprisingly light, and when paired with the angled shoulder straps for comfort and the fitted back padding system, it shouldn’t weigh you down while you’re out and about. If it’s too loose, you can adjust the straps for a better fit, tucking away any excess and avoiding dangling straps. Plus, because it’s Bellroy you know the leather is going to age nicely as it’s the same kind used on their wallets.

While it may not appear like an intricate bag on the outside, the Classic Backpack V2 is surprisingly technical with plenty of clever organization. For quick access to your most-used gear, there is a large zippered pocket on the front of the back. It even comes complete with a key loop, so you never have to worry about where they might be. Up top is a water-resistant pocket perfect for stashing your phone or wallet in a rainstorm. Once you open the bag, you’ll see a mesh zippered pocket that makes smaller items like charging cables and battery packs which would otherwise be buried at the bottom of your bag easily visible. There’s also a padded sleeve that fits any standard A5 notebook or even an iPad. Next to that is a thin sleeve for your favorite pen, and behind them both is a dedicated sleeve for a 15” laptop.

The Bellroy Classic Backpack V2 comes in a bunch of different colors ranging from minimal black and gray, to a multicolored desert ochre perfect for summer. The bag’s material comes in various types of nylon and polyester fabrics depending on the colorway, giving you different options for weight, water resistance, texture, structure, and more. However you carry, you’ll likely find one that suits your style. If you think its about time to upgrade your bag to something a little more thoughtful, make sure to click the link below and check this one out for yourself.

Buy on Amazon: $139*

* Price accurate at the time of publication and is subject to change.

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