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When it comes to EDC bags, it’s easy to take a one-size-fits-all approach. But in practice one bag that tries to do it all often falls short in a few key areas. Maybe it’s not comfortable on the go, or doesn’t have enough space for both office and personal essentials, for example. Bellroy’s taken a more focused approach with their Shift backpack. With a sleek design that’s dressed for the office, comfortable for a ride, and convenient for errands around the city, it’s built to change the way you look at commuter EDC backpacks.

One look at the Shift and you can already tell this isn’t your usual laptop or EDC bag. Its minimalist exterior is made from water-resistant Venture-weave polyester and leather. Its roll-top-styled main opening ensures your gear stays snug and dry. This top opening itself has a unique Slide Hook closure that gives you one-handed access, with three closure levels to let you expand or compact the backpack as necessary. For alternative access one side of the Shift has a sealing quick-access zip for grabbing things on the go, and on the opposite side you get another pocket for smaller essentials like your keys or phone.

Its interior has a 22-liter capacity, which includes a roomy main area, a water bottle slot, and padded vertical pockets that fit a tablet and up to a 15” laptop. A thoughtful design choice puts these organization pockets high up closer to the opening, giving you easy access no matter the Shift’s closure level. This also gives you more and deeper room for larger items like a jacket or EDC pouch while still keeping your essentials near the top. The Shift closes everything up nice and tidy with YKK zippers and durable metal hardware, with a 3-year warranty to ensure you carry on no matter where the commute.

It might be time to shift away from the usual EDC backpacks. Pick up the Bellroy Shift backpack from Amazon at the link below.

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