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If you’re tired of cards, loose change, and cash falling out of your wallet, you need an EDC wallet with a bit more security. The new Bellroy Zip Wallet makes a strong case for a more secure wallet with its slim, bifold leather design that also features a zippered closure that prevents your valuables falling out when you least expect it. And unlike a lot of other zippered wallets, the Zip Wallet remains slim enough for front pocket carry, with a sleek aesthetic for more formal settings.

The Bellroy Zip Wallet has room for 3-8 standard-sized payment and ID cards. It has a flat bill section for cash carry, and there’s also a magnetic coin pouch that prevents coins from jiggling around the wallet as you move around. If you’re a frequent traveler, the Zip Wallet features a dedicated slot for an extra SIM card and removal tool, which definitely comes in handy as an uncommon tool to carry. For your most important items, there’s a hidden storage slot built in as well. Plus, the Zip Wallet features a secure RFID lining that helps keep your personal information safe from fraudsters and skimmers.

Of course, the zippered closure adds extra protection against your cards, cash, and coins falling out randomly. The zipper adds a bit of nice contrast to the five different available colorways of the Zip Wallet, ranging from a standard black, to a more natural tan and brown, as well as eye-catching green and blue flavors to add a splash of color to your carry. And each Zip Wallet is made out of beautiful, premium, environmentally-certified leather that’s sustainably produced, with Bellroy standing by the function and craftsmanship of their work with a three-year warranty.

With a rich feature set and the added security brought by the zippered closure and the RFID blocking layer, the Bellroy Zip Wallet is a great option for EDC whether you’re on the way to or from the office or are planning a trip abroad. It’s especially great if you frequently carry coins and cash, but unlike some wallets that accommodate that use-case, it’s not too big and bulky for everyday carry. Click the link below to learn more and pick one out for yourself in your choice of color.

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