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One of the most satisfying pleasures in EDC is finding the exact tool to address your specific needs. But with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, not everyone has the time to put into researching the right gear for them. Not to mention that even the most dedicated EDCers can sometimes miss a great and potentially game-changing release from lesser-known brands. What if you could just skip the research phase and get right to the part where you get the cool tools in your hands? That’s where Bespoke Post comes in with their curated boxes. Each month you get carefully selected and unique items delivered right to your door, saving you hours of research and letting you get right to work.

Bespoke Post vets and tests everything they put into their Boxes of Awesome themselves. This includes gear for everyday carry, style and grooming personal effects, and even specialty interests like barware and cooking tools, among many others. Whatever you’re into, chances are each box will offer a unique and interesting piece of gear you might’ve not known about. Just ticking a few boxes at sign-up will ensure that you never get a piece of gear you’re not interested in. Plus, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s coming each month beforehand, so there’s never any surprises. Skipping a box, swapping it out for another one, or adding even more eye-catching pieces from their online store is hassle-free. That way, you’ll never be charged for anything that you don’t want, and each Box of Awesome is tailor-fit to your preferences.

New boxes get released every month across a ton of categories. Bespoke Post are also adding EDC-centric gear all the time, including new items in their Flip and Gear categories. Past boxes have included everything from slim wallets and pocket knives, to obscure spices and cocktail aging kits and everything in between. So whether you want to step up in the kitchen, dress a little sharper, or replace your aging wallet or knife, a Bespoke subscription might be the easiest way to try out new stuff.

It’s free to join Bespoke Post and you can skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time. Each box comes with over $70 worth of gear, but because of their partnerships with the original makers your monthly subscription will only cost you $45. You get to save money with your Box of Awesome than if you tried to get each of its pieces individually.

If you want more quality gear with less research and for less money, consider checking out Bespoke Post for yourself by clicking the link below. As a special deal for Everyday Carry readers, you can get 20% off your first box with promo code EVERYDAY at checkout.

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