Back to School: The Best Pens to EDC in 2019

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Although laptops in the classroom are quickly becoming the norm, an EDCer stays prepared with a pen in pocket just in case. When it comes time to jot down notes, plan your schedule, or tackle some homework, having a pen you enjoy can help you ease back into the school year a little more smoothly. This year has seen some great updates for popular pens, so in this round-up we’re showcasing the best you can carry in and out of school.

Tactile Turn Bolt Action Pen (2019 Update)

Tactile Turn’s Bolt Action Pen (formerly the Slider and Glider) has undergone some pretty significant updates to both the look and design of the pen, resulting in a refined all-metal pen with a satisfying deployment mechanism. In conjunction with a stronger spring, the new bolt shape is faster, smoother, and more satisfying to click. They come in a variety of durable metals to stand up to EDC, all precision-machined to feature a uniquely tactile ribbed grip section for added control. You can pick one up in a variety of everyday carry-friendly metals in either a long (Pilot G2 style refills) or short size (Parker style refills).

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Zebra F-701 (2019 Update)

The most budget-friendly EDC pen out there is now better than ever. For just around $7, you now get an entirely metal pen. Previously, the F-701 had a few key components made from plastic. Zebra took notice that people would often modify their pens to be entirely metal, and now offer it as the standard option in their line. The knurled grip, durable body, satisfying click mechanism, and low price tag are hard to beat. If you’re on a shoestring student budget, this is probably your best bet.

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Moonman C2 Fountain Pen 

A fountain pen might be a nice upgrade to your writing routine, especially if you find yourself taking page after page of notes. This new offering from Moonman is an eyedropper style pen, meaning you fill the entire body cavity of the pen with ink. When filled, it will hold over 1ml of ink. Paired with a fine nib, you can write for a very long time on a single fill. The clear body of the pen not only looks cool but it also lets you keep track of how much ink you’ve got left. Fountain pens require minimal pressure to write with, so you can help cut down on hand cramps too. The Moonman offers a lot for the price, making it an excellent entry into the fountain pen world.

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Pilot G2 Limited

It’s hard to argue with the classic G2. Pilot’s most popular pen lays down a dark, silky line of gel ink that’s archival and waterproof once dry. We like the G2 Limited version because of the more premium feel of the body. The stock G2 is clear plastic and rubber, and the experience leaves something to be desired. On the Limited model, you’ll find a metallic body, sturdy clip, and beefed up rubber grip to ensure a comfortable writing session.

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Pokka Pens 8-Pack

If you’re the type who shows up to class without a pen, the 8-pack of Pokka Pens might just be the solution for you. These tiny pocket pens extend when uncapped to a comfortable length to write with, but stay small when capped to go unnoticed in a pocket or bag. Since the pack comes with 8, you can leave a few in the bottom of your bag or in the dash of your car and always be prepared to write. Pokka Pens are available in a ton of different colors and patterns, perfect if you want to match the rest of your EDC.

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Zebra Delguard Mechanical Pencil

Whether it be math or chemistry, you might not always want to write in pen. Zebra’s Deguard mechanical pencil is an excellent option if you find yourself reaching for lead instead of ink. This isn’t just a straightforward mechanical pencil though, there’s some interesting engineering that goes into the writing tip to keep your lead from breaking. A system of springs and collars inside of the body cushion the lead from breakage on two separate axis. At the end of the day, it provides a solid writing experience without the annoyance of broken lead.

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Palomino Blackwing 602 12-pack

Palomino’s Blackwing 602 is appreciated far and wide by pencil aficionados (there are literally dozens of us) for its silky smooth writing experience. These pencils feature a smooth and firm graphite core that perfectly balances the darkness of the line on the page without burning through too much lead. Sharpening a wood pencil might not be ideal during class, but if you prepare with a few pre-sharpened Blackwings, the writing experience is hard to match.

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Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto Multi Pen

Bring some color to your notes with Pilot’s Hi-Tec-C Coleto multipen. This slim pen body accepts four of Pilot’s Hi-Tec-C refills—a smooth gel pen that’s achieved a cult-like fandom throughout the stationery world. Having four colors of ink available at the click of a button makes it super easy to organize your notes while adding some visual flair. We like the Coleto since refills are readily available in a ton of different color options.

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There you have it, our favorite pens and pencils for back to school 2019. If we missed your favorite, let us know what it is in the comments below!

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