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10 Dopp Kits to Travel With in 2018

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Mikey Bautista
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10 Dopp Kits to Travel With in 2018

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Of all the packing essentials in a traveler's kit, it's the dopp kit that's often the hardest to organize. After all, unlike tools with uniform sizes like flashlights or rectangular tech objects, your grooming or first aid supplies come in all shapes and sizes. So finding the right dopp kit that's versatile enough to take on the most unconventional gear is key for making the most of your travel EDC. And usually, if your dopp kit is organized enough to stash toiletries and grooming gear, it can double as an EDC pouch for when you're not on the road. In this guide, we're rounding up dopp kits and toiletry bags to help you tackle the task of packing for your next adventure. Below are 10 of our picks for the best dopp kits to EDC this year.

BOND Travel DASH Dopp Kit

BOND's Dash kit comes with USA-made, mil-spec levels of fit and finish, from its 1000D nylon exterior with double-stitched stress points to its autolocking YKK zippers (accented with hi-vis paracord pulls, at that). Inside the Dash are two mesh pockets—one horizontal and one vertical—to organize your kit as needed. One the vertical pocket side, a strip of elastic slots give lets you stow and quickly access tools that would otherwise be loose in a normal, open dopp kit. No more digging for essentials like your toothbrush, razor, nail clipper, or cologne vial when you need them for quick touch-ups. Finally, an included carabiner and hang loop lets the kit hang flat from anywhere, making it even easier to set up and access your supplies wherever and whenever you need them.

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Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer

While other dopp kits often make use of exterior zippered compartments and fold-out sections to get the job done, Osprey instead look towards their hiking and camping heritage for a fresh way to stow your toiletries. Their UltraLight Roll Organizer starts with a hanging hook then unrolls itself to give you access to its 2 mesh compartments and one zippered compartment. It's a creative and functional way to make sure the dopp kit packs tight while still having enough room for all your gear; handy when you're making the most of limited space. Its nylon construction gives it plenty of weather resistance, while thoughtful features like a pull tab doubling as a carry hook and an included mirror give even more value to the kit's utility.

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Timbuk2 Nomad Travel Kit

At first glance the Timbuk2 Nomad looks nothing like a dopp kit. One single piece of 40D nylon ripstop fabric, no external pockets, and a single zipper opening and handle—what gives? Opening up the Nomad's main compartment reveals its secret—that it cleverly hides all its organization under its surface. The clamshell opening reveals two large, transparent mesh compartments, each zippered on two edges to store your essentials. It's a very minimalist take on the usual dopp kit design, but certainly gets the job done in style. If sleek, functional aesthetic is your thing, then the Timbuk2 Nomad won't disappoint.

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DSPTCH's discreet dopp kit is much more than its minimalist exterior lets on. While its ballistic nylon exterior houses access to its 3 zippered compartments, the kit hides a neat feature on the inside in the form of a removable valet tray. This lets the dopp kit double as a place to stow your EDC and keep your essentials all in one place after a long day of pounding the pavement. For organization, the DSPTCH Dopp Kit's main compartment features 3 elastic slots for bottles and other grooming tools, along with a dual-access mesh pocket. It's an all-in-one EDC storage solution for all your travel gear, in DSPTCH's signature minimalist style.

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Hazard4 Reveille

As expected from the tactical-oriented company, Hazard 4's Reveille is all business. From its black or olive color to its mil-spec 1000D Cordura nylon construction and paracord zipper pulls to PAL-compatible loops and D-rings, the Reveille would be at right at home in a duty bag or rucksack, ready for the next mission. This means that everyday excursions or relaxing getaway is no problem for its rugged fit, finish, and features. Its zippered main compartment opens up to (and hangs with, thanks to a suspension hook) 3 organized sections including a transparent window, mesh pocket, and wide bottom bottom with elastic slots to handle your toiletries and other essentials. 2 zippered exterior compartments handle smaller essentials, while its nylon loops and D-rings offer expansion when you need additional attachment points for extra utility. This dopp kit is as mission-ready as it gets.

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Maxpedition LTB

You know Maxpedition for their ultra-rugged, duty-ready bags and apparel, and their Lightweight Toiletry Bag is as ready for action as the rest of their products. Made from dual nylon fabric construction using 420D plain weave and 500D hex ripstop, the LTB comes with a 3-tier system makes use of mesh compartments to separate your essentials. First is a detachable zippered mesh pocket for times when carry-on liquids or other products need additional screening. Its middle compartment is for large and loose toiletries. Finally, a combination mesh and elastic compartment lets you sort and organize your gear. And like most modern dopp kits, the LTB also comes with a stowable hanging hook to keep your essentials off the ground and closer at hand.

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Heimplanet Monolith

This German brand ensured that nothing was lacking from their Monolith dopp kit in terms of quality and organization, and it shows in every corner of the kit's fit and finish. It's constructed from 840D ballistic nylon and TPU-laminated 840D ballistic nylon, ensuring rugged performance and weather resistance. The Monolith's trisection design gives it some width to use standing on its own or can unfold into a hanging system of elastic slots and mesh pockets, with room to spare for its included mirror and  a compartment for your other essentials.

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Arc'teryx Index Toiletries Bag

Arc'teryx's outdoor heritage gives them a unique approach to the standard dopp kit. Rather than the usual rectangle with compartments or a hanging tool roll, they've stripped off the excess, stuck to the basics, and let their Index Dopp Kit's functionality take center stage. The 2-ounce Index features 3 compartments, first of which is a clear compartment sized for 100ml compartments designed to speed up your way through checkpoints. A top mesh pocket stashes away your toothbrush and razor, and a rear pocket handles the smaller stuff. Finally, a top lash lets you grab the Index and go when (un)packing for your next trip.

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Peak Design Wash Pouch

Peak Design's sleek take on the dopp kit puts your essentials front and center in the Wash Pouch's main compartment, organized and divided simply and efficiently by compartments and pouches. The TPU-coated nylon mesh pockets and elastic slots let you organize all your essentials neatly, while neat touches like a magnetic-sealing toothbrush pouch, external razor pocket, and stowable hook give it even more versatility whether sitting on the counter or hanging for better access. And the best part for neat freaks: all the Wash Pouch's pockets turn inside out for ease of cleaning.

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Aer Travel Kit

Aer's Travel Kit is compact while making the most of its interior organization, wrapped in Aer's signature design language of minimalist 1680D ballistic nylon and oversized YKK zippers. The Travel Kit itself comes with a couple of external pockets for smaller essentials, while its interior is home to a large mesh pocket and elastic slots for your grooming kit. Aer have also thrown in a few unique features like a stowaway hanging hook and a vertical toothbrush/razor holder to keep them dry when not in use.

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What dopp kit do you use to organize your travel essentials? Sound off in the comments below!

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Jeffery Wahlgren ·
Muji makes a great minimalist Dopp kit as well
James R. ·
Am I an old fogey because I think "dopp" gained popularity with the rise of trying to make it sound cool? I refer to them as toiletry bag. To be clear: I'm not making fun of anyone that says "dopp kit". I'm making fun of myself for not being hip/cool.
Michael Mutant ·
I'll never call it a 'dopp' kit either. It's a damn toiletry bag, you're right. I'm cool. Everyone else is lame.
Which Dopp kit is in the main article thumbnail? Didn't see it in the list, but love the look.
Bou Chanthavisouk ·
Peak Designs Wash Pouch. You can see the logo on the hook.
My goodness Dopp bags have come a long way. While these are all very nice, I'll stick with my old leather original Dopp Bag that was given to me by my dad back in the early seventies.
Aaron ·
Until this article, I had never heard the term Dopp Kit before.
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