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The Best Metal Wallets for EDC in 2022

Adam Molina
The Best Metal Wallets for EDC in 2022

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Even with new apps like Apple Pay meant to store your cards digitally, you’d be hard-pressed to find a person not carrying a good ol’-fashioned wallet in their pocket.

At the very least you still need to carry your ID and a credit card just in case, like when digital payments aren’t accepted at your favorite lunch spot. And though leather and fabric wallets are still the go-to favorites for many, a metal wallet might be the rugged solution you need.

Not only do you get the obvious durability of metal protecting your essentials, but some of them also come with a few extra useful features like RFID-blocking or discreet tools that add more functionality to your carry.

Whether you're tired of replacing wallets that won't stand up to everyday wear and tear or want to slim down your pockets, these are some of the best metal wallets around.

The Best Metal Wallets

Hayvenhurst Pop Up Metal Wallet

Have your card essentials instantly on hand at the push of a button with the Hayvenhurst Pop Up Metal Wallet, a sleek, minimalist option able to hold 4-5 cards while taking up next to no space in your pocket. Aluminum construction with a carbon fiber pattern lets it stealthily fit in with the rest of your carry while blocking RFID signals, and a multi-purpose cash strap can hang on to folded bills, notes, and other items without bulking up its slim design. And any time you need your cards, one push of its signature button fans them out, ready for use at a moment's notice.

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Ridge Wallet

If you're after a metal wallet for the minimal profile and durable build, check out the Ridge Wallet. These come in a few different materials so whether you want the lightweight properties of carbon fiber or the durability of titanium, the Ridge has you covered. All the offerings also provide RFID blocking for that added peace of mind, as well as either an elastic strap or a money clip for a few folded bills. They also hold up to 12 cards so if there's some cards you can't justify leaving behind you should be able to fit them.

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Trayvax Axis Metal Wallet

Trayvax makes a few great metal wallets, but the Axis is one that strikes a good balance between an affordable price tag and premium features. Stash up to 14 cards in its stainless steel skeleton frame without sacrificing features like durability and RFID protection. You'll also get a money clip, ID window, and a useful hidden pocket for coins or a key. Top it off with MIL-SPEC paracord throughout, and the Axis is a solid option for anyone wanting a wallet that's far from average.

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HuMn Mini Metal Wallet

Keeping your wallet as slim as possible frees up valuable pocket space for more gear, and the HuMn Mini Wallet is about as slim as they come. At only 0.10” the Aircraft grade aluminum plates are only slightly thicker than the credit cards they’re holding. You can carry up to 6 cards with the option for an additional 4-5 if you get the separate expansion plate.

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Dango Tactical Multi-Tool Metal Wallet

A metal build offers the opportunity to add some features that wouldn’t be possible with a wallet made of just leather. Take the Dango Tactical multi-tool wallet for example. As its name implies this is part wallet, part multi-tool. The aluminum chassis gives the wallet its durable structure, while a leather exterior adds a premium feel in hand. A custom-designed removable multi-tool adds a saw, knife, nail pry, and more to round out your EDC. It can carry up to 12 cards that stay protected by its RFID blocking build, all kept together by a silicone band. It may or may not replace your main tool, but having a second option available in a pinch never hurt anyone.

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Grovemade Minimalist Metal Wallet

When it comes to using natural materials in their products, few do it like Grovemade. The company has an eye for modern design that they show off in everything from desktop speakers to their Minimalist Wallet. The wallet is built strong with an aluminum frame tough enough for EDC, but still pleasing to the eye thanks to the use of vegetable tanned leather. Though it’s only 0.34” thick, you’ll be able to carry five cards and a folded bill for good measure. If you want a wallet that's as slim as it is sleek, check out the Grovemade Minimalist.

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Decadent Minimalist DM1 Metal Wallet

If you’re only going to be carrying cards, another minimal option is the Decadent Minimalist DM1. You’ll get a super lightweight and durable frame made from a single piece of your choice of metal: aluminum, nickel, or titanium. No screws or moving parts in the body means you won't have to repair it over time. It may not look like it but the DM1 can securely carry anywhere from 1 - 12 cards thanks to its clever design. It's an impressive option for anyone looking to slim down their pockets.

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Spine Metal Wallet

Sometimes less is more, and the Spine Wallet is as minimal as it gets. A single slim piece of metal with an elastic band for holding your cards is all you’ll get. You won’t find any annoying brand logos or random tools here. Only a metal card only .04” thick with a bottle opener cutout for when you need to crack one open in a pinch. If you like doing more with less, the Spine Wallet might be for you.

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Fireti Omega II Titanium Metal Wallet

If you're a collector of all things titanium, the Fireti Omega II Titanium wallet could be for you. You can carry up to 8 cards between two solid pieces of titanium. Both of which are lined with a smooth Teflon along the inside which eliminates that annoying struggle to get to the card you want. And of course there’s a built-in bottle opener for added versatility.

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Secrid Card Protector Metal Wallet

If you have an eye for design, then the award winning Secrid Card Protector might be for you. This aluminum cardholder has a spring-loaded lever on the bottom that, when deployed, fans out up to 6 cards for easy pickings. When you're done just push it back inside the RFID blocking case and the cards stay hidden from view, electrical or otherwise. The Secrid Card protector is actually one part of a system, so cash carriers can opt for an extra moneyband while minimalists will find it useful as is.

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Obstructures A2 Aluminum Metal Wallet

There’s a reason the Obstructables A2 Aluminum wallet is one of the top carried wallets on the site. This compact wallet has a unique design that’s both eye-catching and practical as it lets you build the configuration that best suits you. Use it as a single slab of metal or opt for a dual-plate design so you can separate your cards into one “pocket” and stash bills in the other.

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Anso Matrix Card Holder Metal Wallet

Renowned knife and toolmaker Jens Anso brings his signature rugged yet elegant design language to this overbuilt card holder. It makes excellent use of its full titanium frame, leveraging the metal's natural strength, light weight, and springiness to hold up to 6 cards under tension. Sleek, compact, and practically indestructible, it's a premium pick for the discerning minimalist EDCer.

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Do you carry a metal wallet? Which do you prefer and why? Sound off in the comments below!

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Barry Allen ·
Very cool list! Got to be honest. It's going to take me a very long time to make the leap from a tradtitional, relatively bulky, no RF-ID blocking leather wallet. I like the way that leather smells when it's new and the way it feels when it breaks in. Leather is like an old friend & metal/carbon fiber feel kind of cold. Always keeping my options open though & I can definitely see the benefits. Thanks for keeping us informed on the new gear!
Omega ·
i like this list, however i believe the best wallet for a minimalist is a MSTRMND Apex 2.0 wallet, with Aircraft-grade billet aluminum it is hard to beat. the construction is fantastic and it is RFID Resistant/Protection
For me, the Decadent Mininalist DM1 rose to the top because it is the only one I found that does not rely on elastic bands or plastic parts, which will eventually fail. The DM1 is all metal.

For those who carry cash and slips of paper, the company makes a clip that docks onto one side. I myself prefer to carry a separate slim magnetic money clip for that purpose.

The DM1 is a "Buy It For Life" product that I will use as long as I ever need to carry plastic and paper cards, unless Decadent Minimalist somehow improves upon this elegant design.
Michael Mutant ·
I'm a big fan of the Naoloop. Fisher space pen fits nicely in mine.
Khürt Louis Williams ·
I work in a building where the state supreme is located. Every entrance has a metal detector. Emptying my pockets and coat of every piece of metal is an annoyance. I prefer a fabric/leather wallet for this reason.
As much as I like metal, leather always wins for me, have the Disc Wallet (everyday carry and travel) and Bellroy (case), both are the best ones in my books and my gotos!
OffMatt ·
I had the secrid wallet, until I lost it on a train... Without a case or elastic strap it is so slippy and just doesn't want to stay in any pockets when sitting down. 9/10 times you have to search for the thing. Having said that, for keeping cards together in a bag or case, it's a fantastic wallet.
Trevis Overocker ·
There's something wrong with something called minimalist that costs over $100. I use a Storus Smart Clip, and it's $35. There's no reason buying a wallet should leave your wallet entirely empty.
Edmundo ·
Good, solid list of a very interesting category. The Grovemade, Anso and Decadent Minimalist are really the standouts here... I need to save my pennies for the Anso. Anyone looking for a metal wallet would be well served in looking at the Industry B billet wallet... really clever, 100% metal construction with a brilliant money clip addition. I need to put together an EDC pic with mine - it's awesome!
Andrew Greiner ·
Trayvax summit ftw
Sketchscape ·
Don’t forget the Minimo Wallet which is one of the best metal wallets I’ve used. Nice slim profile.
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