The 10 Best Mobile Office EDC Essentials for 2022

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When you think of an office, you might picture a shiny wooden desk with a computer and plenty of space. Unfortunately, that’s a luxury not all EDCers have when you’re on the go, so you have to make do with your surroundings. The best desk might be whatever space you can manage, from your lap on the subway to the counter of your local coffee shop. Both can get the job done when you’re finishing up that homework assignment or banging out that work presentation that’s due in 20 minutes, but you can still EDC some gear that’ll make working remotely a little more painless. In this guide we’ll recommend some tools that will make it easier to get things done when you need to, wherever that may be.

DSPTCH Tech Messenger Bag

DSPTCH is no stranger to producing quality, purpose-driven bags for the urban EDCer. Their 20L Tech Messenger is a great option for getting your work essentials from point A to point B, setting up, and getting things done. A single chest-strap makes it easy to swing the bag around and grab what you need while on the go, while its freestanding design lets you conveniently prop it up at your desk for at-a-glance access. A padded laptop compartment for a 15” laptop and multiple storage pockets make it a great bag to hold your mobile workstation.


Anker 4-Port USB Hub

Whether you’re plugging in a USB stick or connecting a smartphone USB ports are insanely useful. Having a few extra in your back pocket never hurt thanks to this USB hub from Anker. It gives you four extra 3.0 ports in a slim, heat-resistant casing perfect for when you need a little extra functionality on the go.

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Native Union SMART Charger Set

Smartphones and tablets are an important part of how people work, but keeping them charged can be a hassle especially when the only outlet is hidden in a hard-to-reach spot. The Native Union SMART Charger Set is a charging cable and power brick that has two smart charging USB ports. Each port can auto-detect how much power your device needs to charge efficiently. Most importantly it’s less than 12mm thick, so you can get to those hard-to-reach outlets without taking up too much space in your bag.

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Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse

Anyone can tell you their favorite keyboard shortcut, but what about a favorite mouse shortcut? The Logitech MX Master is a wireless mouse that offers customizable buttons and two ergonomic scroll wheels in a form factor small enough to fit in your bag. If you don’t use shortcuts and only need a way to get around using your trackpad, you can also opt for the smaller and less expensive M325.

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Cocoon Grid-it Organizer

When you don’t have a desk or drawers to put things in, staying organized is key. The Cocoon Grid-it is an EDC classic if you’re looking to take your organization skills to the next level. Elastic straps keep everything securely place and the criss-crossing pattern lets you find the configuration that works best for ysou. Your mobile office needs to be versatile, and the Grid-It is as versatile as it gets.

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AUKEY 12,000mAh External battery

When you’re low on battery and a wall outlet is nowhere to be found, a quality external battery could save the day. This one from Aukey has a 12,000mAh capacity which is enough to revive your phone a few times over. It has two USB outputs with adaptive charging, safeguards against overheating, and even an LED flashlight all built into a slim casing only 0.7″ thick.

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This Is Ground Bandito Lifestyle Roll

When you’re carrying books and laptops, smaller items like charging cables and earbuds can get lost in your bag. Enter the Bandito Lifestyle Roll by This Is Ground. This leather tool-roll was designed to securely carry your smaller essentials while keeping them organized and easily accessible. When you’re done just roll it up, toss it in your bag, and keep it moving.


ADV.Sound Model 3 In-Ear Monitors

Staying focused is key when it comes to getting work done and a good pair of in-ears can help you make sure your surroundings don’t distract you. The ADV.Sound Model 3 in-ears are small enough to fit in your pocket and have memory foam ear tips to help block outside noise. Best of all you can ditch the wires when they’re getting in the way thanks to their quick-detach MMCX connectors. Just pop off the earbuds and attach them to the included wireless adapter for a tangle-free, Bluetooth listening experience.


Bluelounge 13-inch MacBook Stand

Good posture is probably not something you think about when you’re working in an unfamiliar environment, but it’s especially important for those longer work sessions. The Bluelounge kickstand attaches discreetly to the bottom of your MacBook, letting you prop it up whenever you need to with no extra setup involved. It’s not only a cool little lifehack, but better ergonomics can make your mobile workstation more comfortable.

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Portable Hotspot

Internet access is one of the most important features of a versatile mobile office. With a good hotspot you don’t have to rely on local coffee shops or libraries for internet, both of which usually have flaky internet anyway. This prepaid 4G hotspot lets you connect wherever you are, making your mobile office truly mobile.

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What’s an absolute essential for your mobile office setup? Leave a tip in the comments for your fellow EDCers.

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