10 Best Pocket Notebooks in 2022

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If you’re already carrying a good pen, a pocket notebook is the next logical step. It’s often harder to find something to write on than it is to find something to write with. Whether you’re planning out you to-do list for the day, jotting down a great idea before you forget it, or even sketching up your next great design, a pocket notebook is sure to come in handy. Yes, you can take notes on your phone, but there are plenty of reasons to use a good old fashioned pocket notebook that justify carrying one. Today, we’re taking a closer look at ten of the best and newest pocket notebooks for 2019 that are sure to complement your everyday carry.

Muji A6 Pocket Notebook

Simple, plain, and affordable—the Muji A6 pocket notebooks come highly recommended by readers of this site. A pack of five books will run you just over 12 bucks. Each book contains 30 pages, which you can write on both sides of. At 4.1 x 5.8”, they’re a little bigger than your standard 3.5 x 5.5” notebook, but some may appreciate the extra page real estate. The books are covered with a heavy card stock cover and fabric covered stitched binding to be extra durable for every day use.

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Leuchtturm Soft Cover A6 Notebook

The Leuchtturm 1917 pocket notebook is more like a traditional premium notebook, only shrunk down. Inside you’ll find 121 pages of premium paper. There are 8 perforated pages in the back that tear out easily, in case you have to write something down for someone else. You can keep track of your notes with the numbered pages and included book mark. There’s even an expandable pocket in the back cover to store business cards, a couple dollars, or more. At 4.1 x 5.8 in., it’s on the larger side, but it’s a welcome tradeoff considering all the features it packs inside.

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Word. Notebooks

If you’re looking for a stylish notebook with a unique cover to make a statement, Word. Notebooks might just be your best bet. They’re 3.5 x 5.5” in size with a special ruling designed to be used as a bullet journaling system. It makes your lists neater and easier to keep track of and comes with a handy guide on how to use the system printed inside the front cover. Word. Notebooks are available in a ton of awesome options including duck camo, bright orange, and several unique geometric patterns that add some flair to your everyday carry.

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Scout Books 10 Pack

If all you want from your notebook is a small footprint and solid colors, then look no further than these no-frills notebooks from Scout Books. Available in packs of 10, they’re a little smaller than the standard pocket notebook, measuring in at 3.5 x 5”. The extra half inch makes them easier to pocket and smaller to slip into a bag or sling without taking up too much room. All of their books are made in the USA with 100% recycled papers and vegetable-based inks. They’re available in 9 appealing colors with blank, lined, or dot grid ruling.

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Bond Travel Gear Tomoe River Pocket Notebook

Fountain pen and rollerball fans will love the Bond Travel Gear notebooks for their unique paper inside. At first glance, the paper shouldn’t work well with such ink-heavy pens because it’s so thin, but it does. The finish on this impossibly light and thin paper doesn’t let ink seep through, so you can use both sides of the page no matter what pen suits your preference. Worth noting, it does take some additional dry time, but the silky smooth writing experience is definitely worth the wait (Pro tip: slip a piece of printer paper in between pages to use as a blotter if you’re in a hurry). They’re a good value at nine bucks for a three pack, especially given the premium paper inside.

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Rite in the Rain Memo Book Flex Cover

Just as the name of the brand implies, these pocket notebooks allow you to write in the rain. Inside, there’s a special paper that repels water, grease, mud, and more. Even if you don’t find yourself out in the field all that much, it’s nice to know that it’ll survive an accidental trip through the wash. This new offering from RITR has a bright blaze orange cover made from their most flexible material – ideal for pocket carry. They’re also “Perfect Bound,” which means that each page is sanded down and glued into the spine for an ultra durable hold.

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Field Notes Quarterly Editions

Field Notes are seen all over the site in a huge variety everyday carry options. Their universal appeal and simple design make them a no-brainer to add to your collection. Outside of their core offering of Kraft paper 3.5 x 5.5” pocket notebooks, are their Quarterly Editions. The folks at Field Notes go all out on these limited releases, experimenting with different papers, rulings, materials, and designs. The result is a fresh and fun notebook every quarter. For example, the winter 2018 release featured a “Clandestine” notebook with a secret code that had to be cracked and a 3-part history of cryptography. Last spring’s release featured beautiful holographic topographical maps of America’s coastlines. Keep your eyes open, as the 2019 Spring release is just around the corner.

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DOTSPLUS Pocket Notebook from Rickshaw Bags

The ruling inside the DOTSPLUS notebook is definitely for those who need some extra organization in their life. On the pages, you’ll find a mix of dots and reticles. While it may seem like a lot at first, the ruling helps keep your words and sketches nicely spaced out. There are also some subtle features like numbered pages, a table of contents, title and date blocks on each page, and a set of stickers to differentiate each book in the set.

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Doane Paper Utility Books

This 6-pack of pocket notebooks features 100lb heavy card stock in a variety of pleasant colors. These rugged little notebooks don’t appear too distinct from the outside, but take a look inside and you’ll notice a proprietary ruling that comes in handy for both notes and sketches. Doane Paper is known for their very own grid+lines ruling. It combines the best of both worlds: graph and standard lined ruling. The page is covered in a 0.25” grid with a heavier line every three boxes. If you want to try it out before buying a pack, Doane lets you print out a sheet of their ruling on regular printer paper to get a feel for it.

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Mil-Spec Memoranda Notebooks

Issued by the military, these little books are made to last. They’ve been in use by the US military for decades, showing a long history of working just the way they’re supposed to. The sewn binding is done to exacting military specifications and the cover is coated with vinyl for extra resistance to wear and tear. There are 72 sheets in each notebook, making these one of the thicker options in the guide. At just under 10 bucks for three notebooks, they represent an excellent value too.

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Do you have a favorite everyday carry notebook? Let us know what it is in the comments below. 

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