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A dedicated lantern is always a useful tool, whether you’re outside the house camping or on a hike, in your backyard watching the stars, cooking at home, or simply relaxing in bed with a good book. While a dedicated flashlight offers all the illumination you need for targeted tasks, a lamp and its area lighting is the right tool for the job when it comes to specific activities, especially when you need your hands free. BioLite’s new AlpenGlow lanterns offer you two sizes of versatile 360-degree lighting, with plenty of features that make them more than a simple light source.

The AlpenGlow lantern is available in two different sizes/maximum outputs: 500 and 250 lumens. Both will give you up to 5 hours on high mode or you can switch them to a 2.5 lumen low for 200 hours of runtime. You also get a number of useful modes and features fit for almost any situation you can think of.

Starting off, it features a highly accurate color rendition on its warm white setting, making colors pop out with the use of broad spectrum light. You’ll appreciate this feature as it approximates the color of natural sunlight, making it easier on the eyes, and also lets you take better, warmer photos if you feel the need to save a few memories.

Not only do you get to choose between dimmable cool and warm light, but the AlpenGlow lantern also comes with color LEDs, allowing you to choose from the entire color spectrum. You can also choose a blend of colors to help set a specific mood, like a sunset or sunrise-inspired palette. If you don’t feel like choosing, you can also give it a shake and it will cycle through different colors for you. And if you want amp up the mood for your evening, there’s even a warm candle flicker mode, giving you all of the benefits and none of the fire hazards.

This lantern is powered by a 6400 mAh battery, rechargeable via micro USB for convenience. If you want to conserve battery life for longer use though, you can take advantage of its double-panel design which allows you to turn on only one of the AlpenGlow’s halves. But the utility doesn’t stop there, whenever you’re not using it for lighting your environment, it can pull double duty as a power bank, allowing you to recharge your devices in a pinch.

If these thoughtful features and aesthetically pleasing design caught your eye, you can pick up one (or both) BioLite AlpenGlow lanterns at the link below.

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