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A packing cube is one of the most convenient items you can take with you when you travel, whether for short trips or extended vacations away from home. Bluffworks has innovated on the design of the everyday packing cube with the ability to compress to the size that you need so that it’s always “just right.” And with its transparent window you can always see what’s inside without having to unpack completely. It’s the best way to dial in your packing perfectly, just like the rest of your EDC.

If you’re not familiar with what they do, the idea is simple: they allow you to organize what you pack into a bag so things like clothes and other small items don’t lie loose inside making it hard for you to find what you need when you get to your destination. But that simplicity can be a downside too: if your packing needs fall between sizes, you’ll have to mix and match, which isn’t always the best option. The cinching strap built into the Bluffworks Packing Cube makes it unique in the market. You can either use the whole capacity of the cube or you can cinch things down and compress it to a much more compact size suitable for the gear you place inside.

There are two sizes to start from: a large 10.5 liter bag for bigger items like shirts and pants, and a smaller 3.9 liter that’s great for intimates and toiletries. There’s also two models available for the bags: a Pro design that integrates more structure into the design, and a more unstructured Sport that increases packing capacity. Both options are made out of lightweight and durable ripstop nylon polyester, and they’ll stand up to more than a few trips and a life on the go.

The unique design of the Bluffworks Pro and Sport Packing Cubes makes them a compelling option for those of you frequent travelers out there who need a bit more versatility out of your gear. You can secure one (or more) of these packing cubes today by making a pledge on Bluffworks’s Kickstarter campaign at the link below.

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