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When it comes to choosing an EDC bag, there’s a lot more to consider than you might think. Besides how big it is or how many pockets it has, it’s important to keep its construction and materials in mind, too. A well-constructed bag should have all the design features that make it a bag that you can take with you for years to come, and its materials should ensure it holds up for just as long. It’s even better if it uses sustainable materials that are either reused or recycled, minimizing long-term damage to the environment. That’s where smartly designed bags and pouches like the Rennen Collection from Boundary Supply come in and flex their muscles. With serious attention to detail, superior build quality, and versatile modularity, the Rennen Collection accomplishes this all while being made almost entirely out of recycled plastic bottles.

Rennen Daypack

The Rennen Daypack is the flagship of the collection, offering 22 liters of storage in a technical design. Its classic silhouette is both familiar and subtle, perfect for traveling and carrying around town. The bag is Bluesign certified and made out of 50% RE-3 recycled materials (including 40 plastic bottles), resulting in a bag that’s durable and  highly water-resistant. It’s even padded for comfortable wear and protecting up to a 15″ laptop in its dedicated tech sleeve. Aside from the YKK Stormguard zipper helping keep the elements out, the bag features magnetic closures and locks designed to work with Boundary Supply’s other modular gear, letting you customize the loadout of the bag without the overtly tactical-looking MOLLE/PALS webbing that other bags have.

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Rennen Sling

The Rennen Recycled Sling Bag is designed for shorter trips or when traveling light. Its slim design works well whether you wear it crossbody or over the shoulder. With a 3-liter capacity it can carry essentials and small tech gear while keeping water out thanks to the RE-3 recycled materials featured throughout the collection. And at 0.56 pounds, the Sling won’t weigh you down much more than the gear you can place inside. To help keep things organized, the Sling features internal zippered and sleeve pockets to prevent your smallest items from getting jolted around while on the go, and it makes it easy to locate those essential items quickly too. There’s an interior tech loop that pairs well with the HT Key Clip sold separately, letting you attach your keys (or a spare set if you’re away from home). On those kinds of trips you’ll also appreciate the discreet padded pocket near the rear padding of the sling bag meant to secure a phone and your passport from getting lost.

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Rennen Pouch

Whether you use it to round off packing your gear into a full set of Boundary Supply’s collection or if you use it to augment gear you already have, the Rennen Recycled Pouch’s solid build quality and sustainable construction make it a great choice for any everyday carry situation. Unlike other pouches on the market that function as dump bags with a zipper, the Rennen Pouch features robust internal organization. It even has an internal divider that helps segregate gear for easier retrieval of important items. Whether you use it to carry spare batteries, a small compact camera, or your pen and notebook, the Rennen Pouch can handle it all. Its eco-friendly design serves us all well in helping keep the planet we all live in together safe for years to come too.

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You can check out the entire Rennen Collection from Boundary Supply at their website linked below. And if you want even more technical performance, the entire collection also comes in a stealthy X-Pac option.

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