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Few knife companies have had the history and legacy as Buck. They’ve made their mark in the industry making some of the most iconic and popular traditional knives you can carry. But while they continue to be known for their heritage models, Buck stays in the game with modern additions like the Paradigm, a fresh, modern, and quick knife to consider for your next EDC.

The Paradigm combines high-end materials with innovative features to give you all the trappings of a modern everyday knife. Despite being a more modern take on Buck’s usual design, you can still see traces of Buck’s traditional design language all over, giving you a sleek combination of old and new.

The blade features a drop point shape with a sweeping belly to maximize slicing potential for day to day tasks, with a sufficient point for piercing needs, too. This blade sits at a comfortable 3“ with a 3.125” cutting edge that’s not too big to become cumbersome but not too small as to lose utility. It’s made out of premium CPM-S35VN stainless steel for top-tier edge retention and corrosion resistance.

For security during use, the Paradigm uses a new “Shift Mechanism” bolster lock system that uses part of the handle near the pivot to help lock the blade in place even during rough use. While this prevents the blade from closing down on you during work, it also prevents the blade from accidentally opening up inside your pockets, locking the blade when folded or unfolded, which is important for this knife’s two specific types of deployment in each model.

You have your choice of Paradigm in the 590 and 591 models, with the 590 being a spring assisted flipper and the 591 an automatic which deploys by pushing on the textured bolster. The handle color designates the Paradigm’s model: black (590) and light brown (591). Both colorways come in G-10, a resin laminate that’s resistant to temperature, impact, chemicals and abrasions. Not only is it resistant, but it will also help you maximize grip, this way you can have a secure operation even if your hands (or the knife) are wet. It does all of this while remaining lightweight at 4.8 oz. These handles also contain a reversible, black stainless steel pocket clip that’s been coated with Cerakote for an extra layer of protection.

Whichever knife you choose, both options give you a sleek and speedy knife depending on your needs and local laws. Pick out your choice of made in the USA Paradigm at the link below.

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