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When you think of a Case knife, chances are you have a traditional gent’s folding knife in mind. But make no mistake, Case is no one trick pony. One look at their new CG01 knife and you’ll see it’s not your grandfather’s knife. A collaboration with Southern Grind breathes a modern life into the traditional design, with premium materials to boot. Whether used for traditional work or carried for modern utility, the CG01 is an attractive carry for every occasion.

Unlike the older gents knives in the Case line, the CG01 features a respectable and modern S35VN stainless steel on its blade. It’s orders of magnitude harder and more durable than the old time knives, and it takes a wicked edge that’ll stay sharp and stand up to constant daily use. The 3.42” blade is available in a drop-point shape that’s great for cutting and slicing; and if you do more piercing tasks, the CG01 is also available in a tanto variant.

And unlike traditional Case knives, with their two-handed nail nick deployment, opening the CG01 is easy thanks to its quick index flipper tab. The modern design notes extend to the 5” anodized aluminum handle, with a streamlined silhouette that’s long enough for you to get a full grip on the knife while you work. Gone is the lockback mechanism you find in older Case knives, and in its place you get a secure frame lock that’ll stand up to hard use.

With the CG01, you get a Case knife that’s relevant for modern EDC with its performance and features while keeping a design that evokes its traditional roots. Check it out and pick one up for yourself at the link below.

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