CIVIVI Elementum Dessert Warrior

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When you carry a Dessert Warrior, you go beyond the practicality of EDCing a knife. This line of collaboration knives sold by BladeHQ has made its mark on the community, and you can see why with just one glance. With its deliciously-beautiful handle and playful pink and blue colors, the  CIVIVI Elementum Dessert Warrior is sure to stand out in your hand and give the rest of your EDC a tasty pop. And the fact that the Elementum is one of the best everyday carry knives you can pick out for yourself is just icing on the cake.

The CIVIVI Elementum comes with a donut-pink G-10 handle with playful sparkles in its Dessert Warrior edition. The 2.96″ D2 tool steel blade has also been given a frosted-blue finish to contrast the handles’ colorful scales and tasty “bread” liners. This adds a striking aesthetic to the knife and improves the blade’s rust resistance because D2 is not stainless steel.

And aside from the unique colorway, everything that has made the CIVIVI Elementum such a popular everyday carry flipper folding blade remains the same. You get solid specs at an affordable price point, a sleek profile, snappy flipper opening, and a skeletonized clip (also in a frosted-blue finish) to take care of pocket carry.

We’ll be straight with you: if you want your hands on the CIVIVI Elementum Dessert Warrior, you have to be hungry for it. This limited edition collaborative knife will be available on Tuesday, August 16, at 10AM Mountain Daylight Time in the United States. You can only purchase it at BladeHQ. So, mark your calendar, have a nice breakfast, and get ready to pick up this sweet knife. You won’t regret it.

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