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update for january 2016. most of my gear rides in one of my many bags, but this is what i keep on my person for running the site, managing a remote team, creating content, staying connected, and working hard on the go.

lately, i've been experimenting with carrying much of my EDC on my wrist, or attached externally using straps, carabiners, gated hardware, etc. it leaves my pockets open for rotating in gear as needed (like business cards, a OPMT, pen and notebook, and so on). it also keeps frequently used but important gear like my phone, camera, and keys both secure from drops and accessible at the same time.

future updates would be my light, knife, and keyring next. looking at the new spyderco rassenti nirvana, an olight or eagletac with a nichia LED, and the handgrey knox.

more of what my camera and phone capture on instagram:

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