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Ever since its introduction, the CEO has been one of CRKT’s most sought-after everyday carry knives. And even if you aren’t a CEO, the way you can get things done with this sleek gentleman’s knife might make you feel like one. It’s all thanks to its practical cutting power combined with its streamlined design that make it a great choice for daily carry and special occasions alike. In case you haven’t picked up a CEO in hopes of a more premium blade steel or an even pocket-friendlier design, CRKT has you covered. The new CRKT Compact CEO features a premium CPM-S35VN stainless steel blade, upgraded carbon fiber handles, and a more proportional blade length befitting its namesake.

CRKT Compact CEO

The Compact CEO vastly improves on the original knife with an S35VN stainless steel blade that offers superior hardness and cutting power. With S35VN stainless steel, you can achieve a sharper edge that will last for longer when compared to the original blade’s 8Cr13MoV composition. This makes for a smaller knife and it’s especially compelling if you have to abide by a blade length restriction as well. It also means that you get better cutting performance despite the blade being sized down to 2.62″ compared to the original blade’s 3.11″ length. 

Original CEO vs Compact CEO size comparison

The flipper action also makes for an easy one handed opening compared to the original manual thumbstud, and the low-profile index flipper tab doesn’t break up the streamlined look of the blade and there’s a strong bias towards closure that helps ensure the blade doesn’t open while it’s in your pockets. But once you pull it out of its deep carry position, the IKBS ball bearings in the pivot make for a clean and crisp action that’s a joy to use. Another big improvement that the new Compact CEO brings to the table is the use of carbon fiber in the scales which lends the Compact CEO a vastly improved modern gent’s knife aesthetic. 

Compact CEO features carbon fiber scales with contrasting liners.

With the CRKT Compact CEO, you have the ultimate version of this community-favorite knife. CRKT managed to take something great and improve upon the formula even more, with looks as sharp as it can cut. If the new Compact CEO interests you, make sure to click the link below to buy one today direct from CRKT’s web store.

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