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Dango has made a name for themselves in the everyday carry community with their line of unique modular wallets that elevate the experience to do far more than just hold your cards and cash. And now they’ve updated their A10 line of customizable minimalist wallets with a premium touch by making them out of Grade 2 titanium, giving them a quality touch that offers great looks as well as immense durability without being too heavy in your pockets. Each wallet is precision CNC-machined, hand-finished, and hand-assembled in the USA, and they’ve put special care and attention to getting the details just right.

The heart of the Dango A10 Titanium collection is the Adapt Wallet, updated to the EDC favorite titanium. The A10 Titanium Adapt Wallet sets itself apart with its unique patent-pending quick release rail mechanism on both sides of the wallet that give you easy access to your cards while keeping them securely in place when it’s not in use. One side features an RFID-protected cavity that accommodates up to four payment cards, and the backside has a special unshielded holder for one payment, access, or public transit card of your choice for hands-free convenience when you’re on the go.

For the prepper who cares about the details, you should know that the A10 Titanium works with Dango’s modular wallet system, which offers tool-free configurability into the mix letting you turn this minimalist wallet into a spacious carrier when needed. Whether you want an additional pocket for cash, a bifold for maximum space while keeping things slim and portable, and a pen holder for always having a writing tool on hand, Dango has you covered with the Titanium Adapt Wallet system.

To sweeten the deal, the A10 Titanium Bifold Pen wallet comes with a newly-designed Dango P01 Titanium Pen, which is compatible with both Schmidt 4889M gel ink refills and the ever-ready Fisher Space Ink refills, too. It’s designed to slow into the built-in attachment point in the wallet, with a paracord lanyard for easy retention. Plus, you get a 48 page notebook as part of the deal, perfectly sized to fit in the wallet so you always have the ability to jot notes and important ideas whenever they come to you.

The new Dango A10 Titanium Wallet Collection is more than a refresh of their community-favorite offerings: it’s the ultimate edition of this wallet. If you’ve been on the fence about picking up a Dango Adapt wallet, the Titanium edition is the one to spring for. And even if you have one already, the premium build quality is worth the upgrade. Click the link below to make one yours today.

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